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Galatians 1

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Galatians 1:2
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And all the brethren which are with me, unto the churches of Galatia:

Note 5 at Ga 1:2: In Paul's greeting, he mentioned "all the brethren which are with me." Although Paul was the composer of this letter, he was relating the fact that he was not alone in stating the doctrinal truths set forth in this letter. There was an "amen" from many concerning what Paul shared with the Galatians.

Note 6 at Ga 1:2: Notice that Paul used the plural "churches" in addressing the Galatians. This was a circular letter that went not to a city but rather to a region. There were four major cities in this area: Pisidian Antioch (in Pisidia at one time but incorporated into Galatia, see note 1 at Ac 13:14), Iconium (see note 3 at Ac 13:51), Lystra (in Lycaonia at one time but incorporated into Galatia, see note 4 at Ac 14:6), and Derbe (also in Lycaonia at one time but incorporated into Galatia, see note 5 at Ac 14:6). (See Life for Today Study Bible Notes, Introduction to Galatians, The Recipients of Paul's Epistle "Galatians.")

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