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Galatians 6

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Galatians 6:7
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Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Note 9 at Ga 6:7: Anyone who does not believe and practice this spiritual law of sowing and reaping is deceived. It is an absolute law that works, whether or not people believe it. Those who agree with it and sow to the Spirit reap everlasting life. Those who sow to their carnal desires reap corruption.

Note 10 at Ga 6:7: The word "mock" in Greek literally means "to turn up the nose or sneer at" (Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon). The American Heritage Dictionary defines "mock" as "to treat with ridicule or contempt."

In context, Paul was speaking about supporting ministers (see note 8 at Ga 6:6). Those who fail to follow the instructions of the Lord about giving back financially to those who instruct them in the Word of God are mocking God. He will not allow that. There is a spiritual law that all reap what they sow (see note 11 at this verse). Those who fail to sow finances into the Gospel will fail to reap finances in their personal lives. Those who give liberally will receive liberally (see note 2 at 2Co 9:6).

This truth applies not only to those who support ministers but also to the ministers themselves. Those who give of their time and effort to share the Word of God with others will reap a financial harvest from their ministries (see note 1 at 1Co 9:7).

Note 11 at Ga 6:7: This is one of the spiritual laws of God that controls people's lives (see note 12 at Ro 3:27). It does not have to be believed to work. Those who fail to believe this law and conduct their lives against God's instructions reap the negative harvest of corruption. Those who submit to this law through compliance reap the positive harvest of life everlasting (Ga 6:8).

Just as surely as the natural law of reaping exactly what is sown and only what is sown, so it is in the spiritual realm. We would think people to be fools if they were complaining that they didn't have any crop to harvest if they had never sown any seed. But in the spiritual world, people complain all the time about not receiving from God when they have not sown any seed. We have to sow to reap.

In context, Paul was speaking of sowing money into ministers' lives (see note 8 at Ga 6:6). Those who don't give financially to the work of the Gospel will not have God's financial blessings in their personal lives. On the other hand, those who do give to the work of the Lord will have an abundant harvest of finances.

However, this law of sowing and reaping applies to much more than just finances. If we want friends, we must be friends (Pr 18:24). If we want life and peace, we must think on the things that produce life and peace (God's Word, see Ro 8:6 and Isa 26:3). Whatever we need can be acquired through giving those same things to others.

It's also important to remember that just as natural seed doesn't produce overnight, spiritual seeds take time to produce after their own kind. We shouldn't wait until we are in need to start sowing seeds. We have to do that in advance, because there is a period of time between seedtime and harvest.

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