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Luke 19:4
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And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycomore tree to see him: for he was to pass that [way].

Note 2 at Lu 19:4: Zacchaeus' actions here show that he was at least curious about Jesus. This, coupled with the fact that he gladly received Jesus into his home (Lu 19:6), shows it is probable that he was really seeking God in his heart.

Note 3 at Lu 19:4: The "sycomore tree" of the Bible is actually a fig tree that grew abundantly in the lowlands of Judah and should not be confused with the sycamore tree of North America, which is a totally different tree. Its wood was widely used for building, although it was not as durable as cedar. The fruit grew in clusters on branches springing from the trunk of the tree.

The tree grew to a height of twenty-five to fifty feet and sometimes spread horizontally to about sixty feet. It was commonly planted along roads or highways because of its aesthetically pleasing shape. Old Testament references to the "sycomore" tree are 1Ki 10:27; 1Ch 27:28; 2Ch 1:15, 9:27; Ps 78:47; Isa 9:10; and Am 7:14.

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