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Philippians 4

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Philippians 4:19
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But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Note 16 at Php 4:19: This verse is often taken out of context to say that the Lord will meet our every need. That is not exactly what Paul was saying. He was speaking to the Philippians who had given to him on more than one occasion (Php 4:16). They had, in a sense, made a deposit into a spiritual account (see note 13 at Php 4:17), and God would use their generosity to multiply their giving toward the meeting of their own needs.

It is God's will to supply all our needs, but it doesn't work without us believing. How is it that we express our faith in the area of finances? It is through giving. It takes faith to give away a portion of what we have and trust that we will have enough. If there were no God and if His promises of multiplying our gifts back to us were not true, it would be stupid to give. If what we have isn't enough, then giving part of that away will leave us with even less.

But there is a God who is true to His promises, and when we give, we express that faith. People who are not giving, because they don't have enough, are people who don't believe. They can say what they want, but that is the bottom line.

The Philippians had proved their faith through their gifts, and Paul was confident that the Lord would meet their every need. Those who are not walking in faith through giving cannot claim this scripture.

Note 17 at Php 4:19: Some people have used the word "need" to say that only the bare necessities are covered in this promise. The primary definition of the word "need," according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is "a lack of something required or desirable."

The word "supply" in this verse came from the Greek word "PLEROO," and this Greek word means "to make replete, i.e. (literally) to cram (a net)...satisfy" (Strong's Concordance). It is the same word that was used in Php 4:18 and translated, "I am full." The Lord is speaking of abundance.

The Lord doesn't want us to just barely get along. We can see what the Lord's standard of abundance is when Jesus turned the water into wine (see note 6 at Joh 2:6), and when He fed the 5,000 (see note 4 at Joh 6:12) and the 4,000 (Mr 8:8). See note 8 at 2Co 9:8.

Note 18 at Php 4:19: Our needs will be supplied "according to his riches in glory," not according to the current economic status. Sometimes people fear how their needs will be supplied, because of recession, layoffs, or small-town economies. But God uses His resources in glory to meet our needs. We can be assured that there is no shortage there. God's economy is not affected by man's problems.

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