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Romans 10

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Romans 10:17
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Romans 10:17
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So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Audio commentary on this verse

Note 5 at Ro 10:17: Faith comes by hearing God's Word because God's Word is His faith (see note 4 at Ro 3:3). People cannot be born again (see note 2 at Joh 3:3) through human faith. They have to use God's supernatural faith (see note 2 at Mt 8:10, note 4 at Joh 20:29, and note 6 at Ro 4:17) to receive God's supernatural gift of salvation.

The only place to obtain God's kind of faith is from God's Word. Therefore, we cannot compromise God's Word. It must be proclaimed boldly to make God's faith available to those who choose to believe.

Note 6 at Ro 10:17: Notice that this verse says faith comes by "hearing," not by "having heard." People cannot rest on revelation they received from God years ago, unless they are still hearing the Lord speak those same truths to them now.

The Lord doesn't fail to speak; we fail to hear. Therefore, we can keep our faith in the present tense if we will open our spiritual ears to hear what God's Word is saying (Pr 4:20-22, see note 10 at Mr 6:52 and note 3 at Mr 8:17).

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