Dear Partners and Friends,

I want to invite you to a special one hour live video broadcast on April 26, 2017, at 6:00 PM (MT) During that time, Paul Milligan (CEO for Andrew Wommack Ministries) and I will be sharing the details of an exciting opportunity that I believe God has given us. During this live broadcast, we will be answering your questions in real time. When the Lord laid this on my heart, I immediately reached out to our top tier partners and in just a couple weeks received fifty percent of the amount needed. However, there were those that may not have received my letter that said they wanted to have the opportunity to be part of this, too! It was not my intention to leave anyone out.

Although you may already know about our opportunity to purchase additional property, here are some of the details we will be sharing during this live broadcast.

We are in negotiations with the Sturmans, the owners of this particular property, for the purchase of 336 acres adjacent to The Sanctuary. This property includes a 60,000­ square foot building that would allow us to move the remainder of our staff up to Woodland Park.

We've been offered a deal where we would put $2 million down and pay $133,333.33 per month for 2.5 years as a lease with an option to buy. We could lower our monthly payment if we paid it out over 30 years, but we would pay approximately an additional $13 million in interest! Doing it the way we've planned means we are getting the property interest free; I feel that is a God thing!

But I will not slow down or delay construction at The Sanctuary to take advantage of this. So, I'm asking for special gifts to come in for the $2 million down payment and monthly gifts of $133.33 to make the monthly payments. I believe the Lord told me that there would be 1,000 people who would give this $133.33 per month to make this happen.

Of course, we will rejoice for whatever the Lord leads you to do; everything you give is seed that the Lord can multiply. However, these specific monthly pledges are what I'm believing for.

This is such a great deal, but it is time ­sensitive. So, if you are interested in helping us take advantage of this special opportunity, watch the live broadcast and please respond. I would need to know of your pledge by the middle of April, but if you would like to give now, you can do that by clicking the link below.

This is such an exciting time for our ministry. Jamie and I and the entire staff are thankful for your friendship and support. I hope to hear from you during our live broadcast on April 26, 2017, at 6:00 PM (MT)

God bless you,

Andrew & Jamie

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