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Online Magazines

Fall 2014 Magazine Fall/Winter 2014     Download PDF
Feature — Don't Limit God
Destiny Story — Granted A True And Lasting Asylum
Article — Healing Is Here: Rewind...
Power Of Partnership — What Does Partnership Accomplish?
Spring 2014 Magazine Spring/Summer 2014     Download PDF
Feature — Lessons From David
Healing Journey — Right Believing Changes Everything
Article — On The Road with Andrew, Gold Coast, Australia - October 2013
The Effects Of Partnership — What Does Partnership Accomplish?
Fall 2013 Magazine Fall/Winter 2013     Download PDF
Feature — Lessons From Elijah
Healing Journey — Healed By Grace
Charis — Healing School
Power Of Partnership — A Website That Changes Lives
Spring 2013 Magazine Spring/Summer 2013     Download PDF
Feature — How To Find, Follow & Fulfill God's Will
Healing Journey — The New Normal: From Autism To Awesome
Article — On The Road with Andrew, Uganda - October 2012
Power Of Partnership — Building The Barn
Fall 2012 Magazine Fall/Winter 2012     Download PDF
Feature — Christian Philosophy
Healing Journey — Age is Just a Number The Story Continues
A Day for Celebration
Should Christians Get Involved?
Spring 2012 Magazine Spring/Summer 2012     Download PDF
Feature — Financial Stewardship
Financial Breakthrough — According to Your Faith
Financial Breakthrough — Single Mom Find Success Through God's Word
Charis — Charis Shatters the Grip of Legalism
Article — On The Road with Andrew, Europe & Uganda - October 2011
Fall 2011 Magazine Fall/Winter 2011     Download PDF
Feature — Living in the Balance of Grace & Faith
Healing Journey — Free Indeed
Charis — In Memory of Leland Shores
Article — On The Road with Andrew, Europe - May & June 2011
Article — Off the Streets by the Grace of God
Spring 2011 Magazine Spring/Summer 2011     Download PDF
Feature — Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword
Healing Journey — A Perfect Heart
Healing Journey — Second Chance
On the Road with Andrew — China October 2010
Outreach Journal — He Cares Prison Ministry
Fall 2010 Magazine Fall/Winter 2010     Download PDF
Feature — Effortless Change
Healing Journey — Doctor Can't Explain It
On the Road with Andrew — England and Uganda June 2010
Article — Cast Your Vote For Righteousness
Spring/Summer 2010 Spring/Summer 2010     Download PDF
Feature — God Wants You Well
Healing Journey — Diagnosis Canceled
Special Feature — Past, Present, & Future
Story — It's The Fruit That Counts
Fall/Winter 2009 Fall/Winter 2009     Download PDF
Feature — Living in the Balance of Grace & Faith
Healing Journey — Had She Gone Too Far?
Outreach Journal — Like Father, Like Son
Story — A Tribute to Lavelle Wommack
Spring/Summer 2009 Spring/Summer 2009     Download PDF
Feature — Who Made Satan?
Healing Journey — Aids: No Match for God
Outreach Journal — Uganda Update
Story — A Wake-Up Call
Fall/Winter 2008 Fall/Winter 2008 — Anniversary Issue     Download PDF
Feature — The War is Over
Feature — The Rest of the Story
Healing Journey — A Decision Would Determine His Future
Outreach Journal — Ordinary People Supernatural Results
Spring/Summer 2008 Spring/Summer 2008     Download PDF
Feature — Staying Full of God
Healing Journey — Hannah's Amazing Story
Outreach Journal — Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Fall/Winter 2007 Fall/Winter 2007     Download PDF
Feature — Grace The Power of the Gospel
Healing Journey — Long Term Illness Defeated
Outreach Journal — Ashley Chooses Life
Article — 33 Cents A Day
Spring/Summer 2007 Spring/Summer 2007     Download PDF
Feature — A Better Way to Pray
Healing Journey — Jason's Miracle
Outreach Journal — Discipleship Evangelism is Changing Uganda
Article — Reaching Europe with the Good News

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