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October 20, 2016 Healing
Finally I got mad!
3 weeks ago my hand got infected. I couldn't believe something so small could cause so much pain. A portion of my hand had turned purple and I was warned that the infection could spread through out my body "so I had better get some antibiotics in me." Prayer had always worked for me so I kept cleaning it with peroxide and using neosporine on it. I would drain the pus several times a day but it wasn't getting any better. Yesterday my employer came in and asked how was my hand, they took one look at it and gasped. He offered to take me to urgent care and pay for, I thanked him but he kept pressing me -insisting that the infection could spread to other parts of my body. It was then that I got mad, the devil doesn't get to tell me my future, the superior Word tells me that I will live and not die. He made me promise that if it wasn't better in a week I would go to urgent care, I agreed and spoke to my hand and said, "it's gonna be better today.'' On my way home I was still mad, mad that I had let it go on so long, and mad that an unbeliever was trying to tell me what was going to happen to me (He is a really good guy but I was not giving him authority to speak over me-don't take counsel from and unbeliever. I might let him tell me about my car but not "my" body.) I was mad as I headed home, I called Andrew Wommack ministry to get somebody to agree with me, my prayer partner was Jonsie or Johnsie(? ) -I told her what the problem was and she echoed what I had spoken to my hand earlier, "it's going to change today" Hallelujah! She spoke to my hand and commanded the infection to go and for the hand to be made whole, I wholeheartedly agreed. A little while after I got off the phone with Johnsie the sore started to drain by itself. Once we had agreed I didn't try to treat my hand anymore, it just started draining and kept on draining into the night. Remember before this, all day long I was having to drain the pus but after prayer it started to drain on it's own. I was in awe. As I type this now my hand is probably 95% whole. Hallelujah!! I could have avoided all of this agony if I had not been so slow to believe and take authority over the situation...take heed.
Brenda Groves
Angleton Texas
October 20, 2016 Healing
Dead At The Root!
Andrew and Jamie- through your ministry the Lord has opened up my eyes to the word of God and revelation of Him. Especially in the area of healing. ...The Lord has healed/delivered me from many things ... MS... 34 year smoking addiction ... 20 year drug addiction ... gambling addiction- yep I was a messs!:))
But what I want to focus on today is a time when the Lord healed me from a cancer on my leg- the spot just appeared as a harmless brown freckle on my leg many years ago (I am 52), then about 5 years ago- it began to enlarge rapidly in diameter and it changed in shape & dimensions- I showed it to several people in my office who had cancers removed recently and they all pointed to it and said - go see a doctor now!!!
A fear came at me and I had thought of looking it up on the internet but the Lord said "No, do not do that- go to My word instead." So I did- now I had been reading about when Jesus cursed the fig and by then I had been exercising my faith in many areas and seeing powerful results (as I stated before) but I had started small in the area of healing (stopped taking aspirin for headaches, etc. and acted on the word of God).
So I remember looking at that place on my leg and saying, "Father God, thank-you that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed so freckle, whatever you are- cancer or precancerous cells- I curse you and command you to die at the root in Jesus name! You are nothing and you will be nothing!"
That was it. Now it did not go away right then. But in my heart I used my imagination and saw beneath the layer of my skin that root drying up and withering.
And the devil kept throwing thoughts at me like - "it's not working," it's still there!!" But I would just counter him with these words, "Nope! Dead at the root." That's all I would say to him. But I kept thanking Jesus for His love for me and for healing me !!
The devil also influenced (well meaning) people to try and tell me all their cancer stories but I would politely just stop them and begin to talk about how awesome God is and all the healing testimonies pouring in!!
The spot on my leg actually got bigger and looked worse. Every day when I got out of the shower I would tell it, "You are nothing!!! You are dead at the root."
At the end of the 2nd week I stepped out of the shower, nothing seemed different about the spot but as I dried off my leg- that "thing" just fell off of my leg ... and a smooth small light brown spot was the only thing left. Dead at the root!!!
And that's how it looks to this day. Praise Jesus!!!
Thank-you again Andrew for sticking out like a healed thumb and discipling others like myself, so we can grow up in the knowledge of the Lord and His goodness and help other's to receive the goodness of God and love Him back!!
Frederick Vincent
Verno, B. C. CANADA
October 19, 2016 Financial
Thank You and Praise God
Cindi Fredericks
Albany NY
October 19, 2016 Encouragement
A better way to pray!
I just want to praise and glorify our awesome, kind loving and gracious Abba for giving this world Andrew Wommack! If I don't get to meet you this side of heaven, then surely I will be fellowshipping with you there!
You so bless me with your style of teaching. Over the past several years I have gained so much revelation and freedom in Christ because of your faithfulness to the call of God in your life!
I am just about finished with reading "A Better Way to Pray" and can't thank God enough for showing me the truth of how we find EVERYTHING we need simply by placing ourselves in His presence, with all praise and adoration, and He provides every answer. He knows our need even before we ask, so there's no need to come to Him and tell him. We just need to come and thank Him for providing the answer! Praise precedes the victory! He did that so often for the Israelites and that was before Grace! How much more under the New Covenant!!! HALLELUJAH!! Man I love God!! Thank you Andrew! May you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers!!!
Kathryn Hale
Franklin Square
October 19, 2016 Encouragement
learned the bible more
I work at night. I get home just when Andrew Wommack comes on the TV. I came upon his TV show by accident back in 2009. I like his straight forward approach to teaching the gospel and his knowledge of the old testament. I usually jot down notes as I watch the show. I have a couple of his books and CDs. His books are written well and are eye-opening. I plan on buying more of his books. After a hectic shift at work, the TV show is uplifting and has got me reading the bible more (I try to read everyday). Thanks for being there.
Mary sue Krier
Greeley Co.
October 19, 2016 Encouragement
Time is Short! Pass it forward!
Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your broadcast "Christians & Politics", with David Barton and Mark Cowart. What a powerful message! Time is short~ this broadcast needs to go viral! Thank you,
Mary S.
JoAnna Dipastena
South Carolina
October 18, 2016 Healing
God is Good
When looking at the teaching The Believers Authority God told me he has given me the authority! My son was in North Carolina and fell off a ladder! But my God took care of him! He watched over him! He is well and is walking!
Wilfredo Rosado
Lowell Massachusetts
October 18, 2016 Encouragement
Lost Sheap
I thank God that he allowed me to find your teaching on the word! that is what the churches alround here are lacking! i have been been searching for some one that teach the way you do! from minister and chaplain Wilfredo Rosado
Mary Ruehle
October 17, 2016 Encouragement
Airplane demoniac
Hi Andrew, last Thursday you told my favorite story about the satan worshiper on the airplane. Cracks me up every time... this is one of my favorite things you say...
"You're a sorry example for the devil..your god is stupid..." lol
Timothy Stanley
October 17, 2016 Encouragement
Good for you!
Good for you! It's great to have convictions, and even better to declare them to the world! You seem passionate and committed - great! Just remember, this being a secular state with religious freedom, you can't use laws to require other people to act according to your beliefs. Isn't religious freedom GREAT?! Enjoy your religion, but remember to believe me out of it. Peace and Love!
Mary Jersild
Westminster Maryland
October 17, 2016 Encouragement
Political word
This political season is somewhat similar to the story of the good Samaritan. A man from Jerusalem had been beaten and robbed. He lay on the side of the road watching as a priest and Levite passed him by. These were men who had been called to serve others. Yet they walked on indifferent to this man's state. However soon a much hated Samaritan (hated by the Jews) saw his plight and went above and beyond duty to help him. Right now the church lay beaten on the side of the road by a progressive government that has been robbing us of our freedoms. We lay there as our elected servants pass us by indifferent to our plight. Suddenly a crude, unclean "Samaritan" has walked by and offered us the help we have been crying out for. Are we going to let our chance for help pass us by because of an allegiance to pious principles? Or are we going to face the fact that this is the only one who has promised us help in our beaten up state? Jesus told this parable and he did not end it by saying "the man should've just lay there, refused the help and trusted God for a good Jewish man to help him". No He commended the Samaritan for his compassion.
Nona Koivula
St. Charles
October 16, 2016
I learned about your ministry by reading the full page advertisement in the Chicago Tribune today. The ad made my soul sing. Christians need to "come out of the closet" and stand up for Christian beliefs, show our faith and love. I will sign in at
DependenceOnGod Praise our Lord and Savior
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