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Kemi Njunwa
Kigali, Rwanda
August 17, 2017 Financial
Changed by your teachings
Dear Pastor, i am not sure where to start but ever since i started listening to your teachings 3 years ago my life was really changed. the topic of Spirit, Soul and Body made me to see myself in a different perspective and even understood it more deeper.
i had always prayed for God to open door for me to be able to attend your bible college because it is where i feel to be the right place for me to get to learn the Word of God more deeper.
God bless you alot and next time you come to Uganda please consider coming to Rwanda as well.
Ida Butlet
Olney Maryland
August 17, 2017 Encouragement
Praise report
Thank you for praying with me when I was taking a series of classes and needed to pass to receive my certification to english as a second language. I passed and received my certification.
Thank you so much for agreeing with me in prayer.
Dyan Fielding
Billerica Mass
August 16, 2017 Encouragement
Power of the Cross
My sister was over for a visit, I took this opportunity to leave my new Cd Series The POWER of the CROSS by Andrew Womack, on her car. I tucked it on drivers door behind rear view mirror thought for sure she could see it when entering her car!? I went out later that day when I see in the middle of the road in front of my driveway that CD Series was flattened by being driven over by my sisters van who didn't notice my surprise on her car and took off sent the set of CD s flying she drove over them. GOD kept them from damage! Who else! The power is I opened the new box expecting to see my cd s broken to pieces, NOT ONE SCRATCH or damage was done as I opened I couldn't believe how GOD SAVED my new CD s perfect with just a flattened cover!!!! I called my sister told her she felt terrible. She offered to pay you for them saidI'm sorry, I said the power of the cross saved every cd from any flaws, just a little sign to show us Gods power never fails. I listen to these CDs every night I was thankful I still could without buying them twice!!!! True story, I can't go to bed without Andrews Voice teaching me. It's been 6 years now, I couldn't go to rest without my fill of Gods teachings spoken so easy to relate to by Andrew! Thank you for your ongoing studies perseverance has shown you trust God he reveals his love, till you experience his love!!! Dyan Fielding
August 15, 2017 Encouragement
Thank you for using a REAL Bible!
Blessed Greetings, Andrew! I want to thank you for using a REAL Bible (paper, ink, leather) when you teach and for not using some silly electronic device. They are a distraction and will never be able to replace the real thing which has notes written in INK, smears, tear stains, a history, and wear and tear from its owner. What a blessing to see and hear those pages turning!
John & Nancy Kruger
Missoula, MT
August 15, 2017 Healing
Healing journey update
December of 2015 - just a mere 20 months ago! He officially started on his own healing journey I believe, August 25,2016, after hearing Mike Hoesch's latest Healing School sermon not quite a year ago.

John still is very hard to engage in a conversation most typically, but whenever he engages, he's ALL in!! As with Connie who is generally the most successful in engaging him in conversation, when it comes to going out, it HAS to be with a REASON. She obviously didn't have one. No known explanation, beyond the remaining 20%.
Marilyn McKibben
Garland tx
August 13, 2017 Encouragement
I'm trying to locate Bible Studies in my area that are led by graduates of Charis. Andrew Wommack "popped up" on my iPad and revolution alias my life! I've listened to 60+ of his teaching and am so glad to learn I wasn't a heretic after all! I'm no longer willing to sit under false teaching. Please let me know if you have resources in Garland Tx. Thank you so very much .
Adam Barnes
St Mary
August 13, 2017 Encouragement
I love all of your teachings. Continue speaking the word and setting people free from traditional man made religion
Tori Mitchell
August 13, 2017 Encouragement
Thanks to the teaching of Andrew my prayers are being answered, I'm seeing and experiencing miracles it's awesome! Every prayer prepares me for the next situation. Faith is the only way to please God Amen!!!
Leslie Naucke
Corinth, MS
August 12, 2017 Financial
I had seen your update on the project and offered a partnership of $30 a month in December and I was impressed to partner with you in your “house building” project as seed into the house purchase next door. I could not find it on your website so called. They told me where to look. I had to find it and give my husband time to agree. We started in February 2016. It was the seed that gave us the favor to get the owners to vacate, which finally took place the middle of March. We had purchased it in December of 2015. The five thousand dollars I thought was for her car ended up paying for her back taxes and closing cost, the rent the courts agreed she should have paid for the time she had stayed after closing, and the layer we had to get to represent us in court. Since I was sown to use the refund as seed into this project I was confident that you would get the backing to show you were to accept this proposal.
We seeded for the completion of the expansion project of our own house house. We are claiming that our home and the “to be” guesthouse next door are being completely paid off very quickly through the seed being sown into the family and our monthly partnership we have with you. It is all tied into your ministries projects.
It is so exciting to see God work. He is faithful to do what he has promised to do and to provide what we need to be a blessing to others.
Brenda Medaugh
August 11, 2017 Encouragement
I watch as much as i can. I caught most of your faith series and have learned lots. I am claiming my healing. I have a feeling that i was one of those who had faith but didn't have hope in my faith. If i can say it that way. Thank you very much and may God bless you!
Augustine Webster
New york
August 10, 2017 Healing
Speak to your symptoms
Thank you Andrew for the book God wants you well I have proof that speaking to your symptoms works the doctor said there was arthritis on my spine and I speak to that symtom and it went so now I am sending this book to my grand daughter who has crowns disease
Eleanor Lock
Bella Vista
August 9, 2017 Encouragement
summer bible conference
Please let John and Abbey (leaders of the youth) know how much they are influencing our 14 yr old grandson Joey for the good. He now wants to be full time in the ministry. He literally cannot wait for next year and wished it was a two week conference. If anyone is having problems with a teen, this conference will turn their lives around!