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Debby Kindrat
July 21, 2017 Financial
Unanswered prayers message
I was on a 74 day consecration for financial breakthrough. I needed my rent & bills paid because my State Disability had ended and was too sick to go back to work. On day 74 nothing came & I was devastated & mad at God. I decided to see if anyone on Yahoo spoke about unanswered prayers & came across your teachings after listening to 7 Other teachings. yours Was The ONLY TEACHING WHICH WAS ANOINTED! I was No longer Mad At God and Devastated! The YOLK of the Enemy Was Broken Off Of me. I Learned I Had been praying incorrectly and Was In FEAR! Thank you Andrew....
Karen Morgan-Gamble
July 20, 2017 Encouragement
Wide awake
I have learned so much through your teachings, thank you! I'm currently watching the Sacred cow and it's contradicting my own revelation. Could it be that God is sovereign because He designed the world the way that it is? God created the laws that govern ALL creation. He doesn't will us to disobey and He may not will us to be sifted but He did create the sifting through Satan. I love my children and so I correct them! I'm not saying God wills illness, we bring that upon ourselves through blindness of what Jesus did but did He not create even the laws that Satan uses to kill us through our freewill? God created our freewill when He gave us a choice of who to follow! Anyway, I've learned so much and I thank you for your obedience! May God bless you and your beautiful wife, ministry and family! In Jesus Name, amen.
tammy myers
south fork
July 20, 2017
thanks for explaining to us about the Holy Spirit, to tell you the truth, i've never heard anyone ever explain exactly who the Holy Spirit is or what's the benefits of knowing the Holy Spirit. We sing songs that include the name, but how many of us don't know the real meaning or where ever told or taught about the Holy Spirit, thanks for sharing this with us. You have opened me up to so much more knowledge of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing it with us. i know God has led me to your ministries for a reason.
Tim & Angie Ross
Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada
July 19, 2017 Encouragement
Such a Blessing
We attended the 2017 Family Bible Conference for the first time. We had such a wonderful time, and met many new friends from the USA. Went forward to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. This conference really opened up our eyes as to whom we want to be in Christ.
Our commitment and our passion for discipleship was re-ignited as we partook in all the teachings of that week.
Thank Charis Bible College!
Our hopes and plans are to return next year for the family conference or the healing conference later on. We are already sharing Mr. Wommacks teachings with folks at home.
These people are excited about learning about God's word.
charles prince
July 18, 2017 Encouragement
I have listened to Mr. Wommack for 14 years and I just wanted to thank him. I am starting to get what he is saying. The renewing of the mind is in relation to the amount of effort I make. I think I am very thick headed, but I am so glad you did not just throw up your hands, but thank you. I feel like I am just starting
United Kingdom
July 18, 2017 Encouragement
Word Became Flesh
I just love Andrew Wommack's teachings in particular on the "Word Became Flesh". I am so inspired by this website of Andrew Wommack's because I can download so many of his wonderful shows. I love the "Word Became Flesh" series because I am currently trying to practice exactly the same teachings as in this TV show series. I don't know of anyone else apart from Andrew Wommack whom I can obtain such practical and useful information in my life as a Christian thank you Andrew Wommack!
randy blount
santa fe
July 18, 2017 Encouragement
I really enjoy and have benefited from the enhanced teachings Andrew has offered. So far i've listened to 3 series and would highly recommend them...the true nature of God, the positive ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the Word became flesh. these teachings have confirmed to me that I actually heard the Spirit correctly on some areas I was in doubt of--especially how Satan became so powerful (we allowed, and through our actions and words gave support and strengthened Satan). I believe that disease entered and still exists in a temptation/acceptance mode. At the first symptom we should reject and command it to leave our body. it works for me, residual pain I liken to a scab on a wound. The wound is healed, but we need restoration. The teaching Andrew gave on Satan and his authority also answers--and I was always confused by this--why Satan had access to God and why Jesus had to sprinkle his blood in the Heavenly Temple. It might also be part of the mechanism Satan uses to tempt us with ungodly thoughts. Science has proven t, hat our brain begins activity up to 7 seconds before our thought/action/choice is made. is it God or the enemy suggesting to us. Sorry for the soapbox words. I intended to just thank, profusely, Andrew Wommack for being so dedicated for us.
Dixon Nyirongo
July 17, 2017 Encouragement
I thank AWMinistries for the encouraging Word of GOD preached to me today
Vera Staley
July 17, 2017 Financial
Thank you!
Esther Rush
Ardmore, OK
July 16, 2017
Two friends and I are studying your new book "Living In God's Best". After just two chapters, I'm determined to apply this teaching to MY life. I can not be a hearer of the word only, but actually DO something! Thanks so much for not sugar-coating Bible Truth!
Diane Phillips
Kansas City Kansas
July 16, 2017 Encouragement
A Need To Grow
I watch The Gospel Truth every morning before I go to work. Your teachings have transform my life in so many way.
I am looking for a bible study here in my area that will help keep me focus on the word of God. I want to meet people who are teaching the words of Jesus.
July 16, 2017
Word Became Flesh
What a wonderful message! Life enlightening! Disappointed that the study book isn't still available, but thankful to get the CD's. God Bless you for sharing the teachings the Lord has shown you. Jackie & Judy Roberts
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