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Miguel Miranda
February 26, 2017 Encouragement
When the Righteous Rule
HI, Love your ministry, will continue to support it, but I must say that I really think you are making a mistake by continuing to support Trump. I can understand when you are given to bad choices you have to go with the least worse, and I believe that is what has happen. There was no other choice, unfortunately, but I encourage you to speak out the truth and call it out whoever is in office. Trump is going after immigration and other populist agendas. But the really issue we, as Christians prefered him he has coward avoided, such as restoring the protection from the gay agenda. He did issue some transgender bathroom executive order. But he supposedly throught the influence of his daughter avoided going full force against the gay agenda. Frankly, I think Trump has fooled the evangelicals. He throws a few bones at us. But in reality the true man is emerging. The bible warns us against pride and arrogance, which he is full of, it warns us against using unjust balances, and yet this man is at every opportunity saying false hoods and we are not calling them out. Why? He is full of him self, don't allow your ministry to participate in promoting an antichrist, Jesus is our only savior and hope. God help America and only he can make it great again. "Cursed is the man that trust in man, Blessed is the man that trust in God"
Janine Cartwright
February 25, 2017
Living in Gods Best
Good morning, I just wanted to write to say thank you for your teachings. I feel so encouraged and I am definitely going to purchase your new book. I am going to purchase a Kindle to download it on. I watch you every morning before work to help me get through my day!! Bless Janine
Karimah Id-Deen
February 24, 2017
Its hard to pick a title for my testimony as GOD has been faithful in every area of my life. I came across your ministry about 3-4yrs ago. I was and still am a new born again christian, Praise GOD. Your TV program is succinct, direct and so easy to understand the Bible. I can relate to your style of delivering the Gospel. Thank You Andrew. I would like to be a monthly partner and also do intend to order your book. GOD Bless your ministry. Your new sister in C.hrist
Teresa Boisvert
February 24, 2017 Encouragement
Thank You Andrew
Dear Andrew, This morning as I was listening to your program I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. I was saved as a child but recently have been feeling so condemned that I couldn't see how the Lord could stand to be around me at all. Your words changed all that this morning. God bless you and thank you so very much. Sincerely, Your sister in Christ, Teresa
Joseph Mancuso
February 24, 2017 Encouragement
Your messages have helped me to better understand God's blessing in my life. I've been learning more from Him with your help. A small catalyst to keep up the eternal flame burning in me by His Spirit. I will continue to study what Our Father has revealed to you to better understand the Great Friend we have in Jesus. Simply put, thank you for sharing what you have been given.
Philip Pogue
Harahan, LA.
February 22, 2017 Healing
Andrew I think you and your accent are awesome for all my family and relatives are from North central Miss. and they have waht I call a country accent and they say I talk in a Brogue. I get a kick out of that.
Victoria Kithuka
February 22, 2017
Hi pastor I was listening to you on daystar recently and was shocked at you saying you had people with AIDS cough and spit on you but you didn't get AIDS! Goodness do you think its transmitted through coughing? if AIDS was tramitted through coughing in Africa, we would all be dead. Thank God He is God. He has been merciful to us its not that bad.
Johnny Pilgrim
February 22, 2017 Encouragement
sound doctrine
I want to thank Andrew Wommack, Barry Bennett, Greg Mohr and Carlie Terradez for their wonderful teachings. I've never heard anyone teach like you all. It has been a great blessing to my wife and I. We are believing for healing and I know if God has healed as many people as I've seen in your school through the internet then He will heal me also! Thank you!
Ronald Kyeyune
February 22, 2017 Encouragement
Thanks Andrew wommack
Hello,praise Jesus.
i got saved in 2004 at 22 years,a second yr student at a university in kampala. i had grown up knowing God but my relationship wasn't good with him. i used to watch John Osteen, moses cerullo and charles stanley through these men got sought me everyday showing me love and mercy available to me.

After 8 years of being saved,i began to feel a great void in my heart and the desire to know God through His word grew stronger and stronger and the church i was attending didn't fill it.

i gave God an ultimatum ,i told God to find me a word based church or i would leave the church i was attending for two prominent kampala pentecostal churches i thought would feed me the word i craved for.

At that time i would watch all these televangelists on TBN (light house television kampala) there i also used to see Andrew wommack but he was a strange preacher to me,teaching things that i couldn't really grasp. i used to wait him out so i watch the next preacher.

God really responded to my ultimantum (hahahaha thank God for his mercy),God responded to my request through a person i met in public transport (a taxi). she invited me to her church and also recommended a bible school they had at their church.

it was only two miles from where i stayed,i felt the conviction of the holyspirit to go.

At the bible school after my first week of lectures,i realized God had answered me. i begun enjoying watching Andrew wommack, i sort of begun to understand what he was teaching,the war is over was my first favourite. i went to the web site and found all these resources for free. i would download to my phone and listen everyday Andrew's teachings from and to work. it was a blessing ever since now 8 years later God has blessed me through His word with andrew's teaching.

God changed my life,i am so grateful for andrew's teachings;how to find,follow and fulfill God's will,you've already got it,Spirit Soul and Body...etc

Am getting married June 10th 2017 to a lady i met at that bible school,we both love Andrew wommack dearly now. we share what we have learnt from Andrew with workmates,church mates... anyone.

i thank you Andrew wommack and i thank God for you.
Andrew,Jenny and I love you. GBU
Belinda McElroy
Harlem, Georgia
February 22, 2017
Ordained Minister
Precious Andrew Sir, Thank you for your obedience and sticktoativeness. Your television show is almost always a part of my mornings. This morning blessed me beyond words. You talked about the 6'7" biker looking guy working in your gathering to rid folks of demonic torment. Your ability to speak so down to earth and stay real is just priceless! I am a redeemed biker chick with tattoos and i have a heart for the tormented. Thank you for sharing the message of this big guy, i am so encouraged. I just know my GOD has a troop of these kinds of angels on assignment when HE sends me out. I feel a courage when i head out to the front lines of darkness that comes from my spirit man who knows and sees and this morning when you spoke of the "big guy" our LORD allowed me a glimpse of the regime. I pray the blessings continue to pour out over you, your family and your vision. I thank GOD for you and what you do. Thanks again for keeping it real.
Pastor Jim & Samantha Price
February 22, 2017 Encouragement
Enjoyed tue bible study
Andrew we enjoyed seeing you live fb bible study
Appreciate you so much
From Pastor Jim & Samantha Price
God bless you & Jamie
Gary Miller
Minonk Illinois
February 22, 2017 Financial
Thank you Andrew for helping me learn how to live God's best. I am sowing seed into your ministry.. I praise God for you!
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