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Melissa Miller
Germantown, Ohio
March 17, 2016 Healing
Autistic son
6 months ago Griffin was diagnosed with Autism. Around 12-14 months old, he not only stopped progressing, he started moving backwards.. The "ma-ma's", the waves goodbye, the eye contact, all of that stopped. He seemed to be in a fog, you had to call his name 15 times to get his attention, he was doing ritualistic, obsessive motions..rocking, covering his ears, clapping his hands. It started to look textbook autism, and I knew what they would say when I took him to be evaluated. I didn't tell a lot of people. Not because I was embarrassed, but I didn't want to label him. I didn't want autism to be his identity. I didn't want to admit he wasn't like all the other kids.. And I didn't want people to feel sorry for him. I was mad at God. I shook my fist at him and cried and said "really??!! You give me ONE son, and he may never talk?? Never be successful, never be able to live on his own, or start a family..REALLY?!" I blamed God. I felt like he was punishing me. I was wrong..really, really wrong. I started listening to Andrew Wommack. Then I started reading my bible. I started seeing Gods love for me and Griffin, and I decided I wasn't going to accept his diagnoses. God loves Griffin even more than I do..I knew if I put my trust in him, He was going to bring us through.. And he has. He doesn't punish us. He doesn't curse us with bad situations to teach us lessons. Pain, Sickness, Grief, Worry, hardships..that is the devil. NONE of those things come from God. I laid my hands on griffin, and I didn't ask God to heal him, I started thanking him for ALREADY healing him. I just accepted the gift God died to give us.The bible tells us to lay hands on the sick.. Gods not healing anymore..he gave us that power when he died on the cross, and we accept him as our savior. Today was Griffins 6 Month evaluation. I was worry free today! I wasn't my typical "just give it to me straight,doc" anxious self that I normally am. I turned up my praise and worship music in the car on the way there, and the words hit me right in the chest..."I am for you, I'm not against you, If you want to know how far my love can go, just how deep, just how wide, If you want to see how much you mean to me, look at my hands, look at my side" I felt so loved, so optimistic, so blessed, I literally felt like I was going to burst. "By his stripes we WERE healed." He gave that power to us, thousands of years ago when he took a beating like no one else has ever taken. He took it for me, and for every other unworthy person who ever was, or will be born. Even the unbelievers. Even the ones who hate him...I have ZERO doubt in my mind that Griffin will be undiagnosed with autism. His appointment today went SOOO good. the Dr. said "I could not be more impressed with his progress, he's amazing" GOD IS AMAZING. Griffin is starting to say words, that veil of incoherence is being lifted. He's more alert, more engaging.. He's beginning to understand simple commands, and thoughts. It's not me. I work with him, I teach him, but this isn't me. This isn't his therapists, its not his diet change,,its prayer, Its God. My car was full of him today on the way to the Dr..I KNOW God has spectacular plans for him. He is going to have one amazing testimony when he grows up. He's going to prove them all wrong, and wipe his feet with the devil in the process. We put so much importance into what dr's say. Not saying their reports don't matter, I'm just saying Gods report is the one I'm choosing to put my faith in. I am BEAMING with blessings and optimism today.. We don't deserve it, but God just keeps blessing us..I am SOOOO thankful for that:)
Fredrick Kareri
March 17, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you!
Thank you Andrew, you are transforming my life through God's word.Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
Clarence Cochran
Hutchinson kansas
March 15, 2016 Encouragement
My wife passed away and I took a hard fall back into drugs now I'm standing with Jesus as my saving grace and I am stronger then ever thank you Andrew
Lesley Wallace
March 14, 2016 Encouragement
Joseph in Genesis
Thanks for your message about presentation and how to carry yourself and sharing about Joseph. I am thinking about your message today about the I.T. guy that applied for a job at your location. He may have been homeless and just needed an opportunity and someone to talk to find out why? There but for the grace of God go any one of us. We never know what a persons situation is and again how God can truly use us to help people as Jesus did. But sometimes when we have never been there, we cannot expect others to understand. God Bless You.
Leonard Donovan
Tigard Oregon
March 14, 2016 Encouragement
I'm ill and it is holding me back from being of service to the Lord!
Walter Niederberger
Switzerland, New Hampshire
March 14, 2016 Healing
Praise God, this is so amazing...a few weeks ago I entered a testimony how effective my Christian life became after only eight month of studing Andrews CD and praying with a prayer minister every morning.... Two days later I woke up with my right shoulder blade practically paralized, it was three in the morning and I had to go to work...I said no, this is not for me, took the authority Jesus is giving us and cast this devil out...I then went to work , a one hour commute, I came out of my truck, hours later, I was unloading a large delivery with up to 80 lb cases.... The same week, on Friday we had prayed for a brother , who had life long severe back pains from an old injury, he received healing... you should see his grin on his face... and on Sunday I was told that a young couple who had thee miscarriages, whom I had prayed with last summer, and prophesied that there will be a baby within one year, that a healthy baby is on the way and mom is in the 5th month of her pregnancy. How awesome is our God and the truth of His word, that comes thru Andrews teaching...the word of God is powerful and effective, sharper then a double edged sword, it will not return void and is accomplishing what it promises... Oh Hallelujah...celebrate with me, sing with me over these wonderful victorys....We are masters over circumstances, sickness, demons, diseases and poverty in the mighty name of Jesus.....oh how good is He to us, praise His Name....
Jennifer Northern
March 13, 2016 Healing
My heart was healed
I had heart failure for 8 years, two leaky valves, ejection fraction of 20%, and diastolic dysfunction. I was signing up for hospice care as my daughter could no longer take care of me and go to high school. The doctors gave me 2 months to live. A friend encouraged me to pray for healing. I had been a very spiritual person all my life and a ministers to one point, but I didnt understand about healing. But I did pray, and asked the lord if it was time to comes omen r if he wanted to heal me iwuld accept that to. I left my life in his hands and the choice to liven or die. I woke up then next morning completely healed I walked a half a mile, cleaned my house and my car, groomed a dog when then way before I was unable to feed myself. Then i tours ran the test and came back to tell me that they dont understands ust my heart was perfectly normal. Here were no leaky valves, my heart was not using the pacemaker, and my ejection fraction was 65-85%! Over the next couple of days my daughter and I went hiking 3 1/2 miles with hills. This is actually a long story as more things continued to happen.
March 13, 2016 Encouragement
Your teaching on spirit, soul, body is such a blessing, It applies to me all the time to walk in the Spirit, the spiritual world is become more real to me than the reality of the natural. Andrew Wommack Ministry is a great place to sow where lives are transformed, Amen
Prince Obasi
March 13, 2016 Encouragement
Getting to know God
I want to thank God for Andrew Wommack ministries and for Andrew. God bless you for your heart and faithfulness in sharing to truth of God's word. I grew up in a religious home and i am born again but there have been subjects that scared me, for instance in my Church, we were always taught the importance of the Holy Spirit, but it always seemed like I had to be perfect to have Him. I don't know, for whatever reason i feared him more than i wanted to receive him & it has always bothered and affected me. I felt uneasy on any subject about Holy Spirit because I knew I needed Him but I feared if I could recieve Him and ever since I received Him and have been speaking in tongues, I still do doubt if my tongue was genuine. Andrew's teaching on the Holy Spirit is the most profound i have ever heard. The day i listened to it, I was so blessed. I am being changed, am not there yet, but i have left. Thank God for awmi, thank you for making your teachings free. I donwload them with my mobile. God bless your partners too. Glory to Jesus!!
Vera Ward
March 12, 2016 Healing
Hi Andrew thank you and everyone for praying for the young man who had a stroke. He is now back in church and recovering really well. Thank you, Vera.
March 11, 2016 Encouragement
A very big and heartfelt thankyou to Brother Andrew and the entire family of AWMI for the amazing work they are doing for the lord JESUS CHRIST. Brother Andrew you have taught me to treasure the word of GOD above all else, your teachings have positively shaped my mental attitudes and consequently brought alot of transformation in my life. I can honestly say that I am the minister I am today thanks to your ministry. Thank you so much Brother Andrew for being such a positive influence to the body of Christ, I celebrate you and the entire AWMI family.
Pastor Chris
March 10, 2016 Encouragement
Andrew, Thanks for your current message on the life of Joseph. It has been right on time for me. It has encouraged me to not lose sight of the dreams that God has given us for our life and ministry. Thank you for bolding proclaiming God's truth with grace. God bless you!