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James Odom
south Hadley MA
January 9, 2016 Encouragement
Associate Minister
Enjoyed your discussion this morning on TBN you were so down to earth in explaining how we have to wait for god to answer our prayers.
Adane Getachew
January 8, 2016 Financial
God bless you
Linda Dees
Mobile, Alabama
January 7, 2016 Healing
Healing of Arthritis
My husband and I want to thank both of you, Andrew and Jaime, and all your staff for the life-transforming teachings you so freely share for the Glory of Our Father! Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day God healed me from arthritis after watching "The Believer's Authority" teaching on TV.....was considering double-knee replacement the pain was so bad! Now I play racquetball and swim! Thank You, Jesus!! I strongly encourage each reader to soak in Andrew's teachings of the Word of God and then participate in the life-changing Power of the Holy Spirit!! Mark 11:22-24. Rick and Linda
Salvador Munoz
El Salvador
January 7, 2016 Encouragement
Self Education in the Holy Gospel
I am reading a letter of love about the Holy Gospel, entitled: " Complete Course of Evangelism for Disciples", written by Don W Krow and Andrew Wommack, in doing so, it give me the Knowledge and the strength to talk with non believers about the eternal love of our lord Jesus Christ and also to ask him for the coming of the Holy Ghost in my life...Thank to the authors for the most wonderful letter of love I have ever read in my life. Good bless you! Salvador Munoz Pastor applicant to the Ministry of HOVAPAC in Niquinohomo, Masaya, Nicaragua
theresa condon
Ayer, MA
January 7, 2016 Encouragement
Thank you!
Thank you for this wonderful commentary page. I have gleaned so much from it. I do also watch you on TBN at 6:30 am. This is simply a thank you and all praise and glory to God.
Fredrick Kareri
January 7, 2016 Encouragement
The LORD will surely bless this ministry for the wonderful work. Thank you so much for the free audio tapes.
Sue Wiley
Weiser, ID
January 7, 2016 Encouragement
Being Thankful
Thank you for the Gospel Truth Conference in Phoenix, AZ. We so appreciate the teaching, fellowship, healing and people ministering to people. We traveled 1000 miles to get there and it was so worth the effort. It was a joy to attend. God bless you as you all serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We are taking back a lot of truth and abundant joy that we experienced in Phoenix. Thank you again. We watch a lot on live streaming. Thank you for making that possible. Praise the Lord.
Emmanuel Adebayo
January 7, 2016
Thank God for all His blessings flowing through AWMI. About 6 months ago, I called the help line of AWMI when my wife began to experience what the doctors called threatened abortion. On three or four occasions we saw blood discharge from my pregnant wife. A prayer minister agreed in prayer with me. We had a beautiful girl added to our family on Christmas day. Such an awesome God!!!
Tammy Wulf
January 6, 2016 Encouragement
I love watching the show. Mr. Womack speaks what I need to hear. I love his teaching on healing and the testimonies. I am praying and believing that I will be able to attend your on line classes for Charis College. God bless all of you and thank you.
Tammy Wulf
January 6, 2016 Encouragement
I love watching the show. Mr. Womack speaks what I need to hear. I love his teaching on healing and the testimonies. I am praying and believing that I will be able to attend your on line classes for Charis College. God bless all of you and thank you.
Karen Riddle
Chatham, Virginia
January 6, 2016 Encouragement
From Surviving to Thriving
On March 1, 2012, I determined I would be successful when I attempted suicide for the third time in my 48 years. On that night I determined I did not have in me what I needed to be the wife, mother, and care giver that I imagined everyone thought I should be. God worked a miracle that night. He saved my life. Two days later, as I found myself rejected by my husband and three children, my sister visited me at the hospital where I voluntarily agreed to seek help for depression for the first time. When I attempted suicide each time, I believed if I died I would automatically go to hell. My sister brought me a paraphrased Living Bible and told me that God loves me, and He wouldn't have sent me to hell for killing myself. I took her words to heart, I repented, and accepted His forgiveness for my suicide attempt. I had a head knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit from years of going to church, but I didn't have a relationship with my Father in heaven. On March 3, 2012 I had an encounter with Jesus as I began to read that paraphrased version of His Word. I think He knew I would've been overwhelmed by any other version. As I held that paraphrased Bible, I asked God, "OK, so what now?" He spoke into my heart to start with the book of Proverbs. I read through the book of Proverbs three times over the next few days as I transitioned from the hospital to, Foundation House, a local voluntary community services residential crisis facility . In June 2014 God's plan for my life brought me back to Foundation House, but not as an individual seeking services. This time He provided employment and placed me there as a Peer Support Specialist to help others through their crisis. I began a friendship with a co-employee who introduced me to Andrew Wommack Ministries. Through my friendship with her and the countless hours of Andrew's teachings I have listened to over the past year and a half, my faith is off the charts from where I started March 3, 2012. On January 11, I will be beginning my sixth and final semester at Danville Community College here in Danville, Virginia. I have a cumulative grade point average of 3.849 going into this semester. I have my sights set on graduating in May 2016 with an Associate degree in Administrative Support Technology ( in other words Office Administration) and with a Certificate in Medical Coding. Restored relationships with my husband and children have not yet manifested, but God has restored them in the spiritual realm. He is still at work in me and also in them. When he has prepared us these relationships will come to pass in the physical. I used to hate my yesterdays and dread my tomorrow, until I had my encounter with the Lord on March 3, 2012. He has taught me my yesterdays are gifts already unwrapped. Some were wonderful and just what I wanted, while others I damaged because I did not follow His instructions. He has also taught me He holds my tomorrow, and He has already provided everything I will need; therefore, I know tomorrow is filled with His blessing. I feel more loved today than ever because I have a relationship with God. He loves me unconditionally, and He shows me every day. I used to see myself as one who was surviving, and I can remember stating over and over when I was asked how I was, "I'm surviving." That was a victim mentality and as long as I saw myself that way I was stuck. God came into my heart, and I became a new creature just as His Word clearly stated I would. Today I am THRIVING!
January 5, 2016 Healing
Healing is here
Hello, glad to be here