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Neil MacLachlan
Geraldton Western Australia
November 15, 2015 Encouragement
Acts 26:18, so grateful for this Ministry!
In 2005 my world, my marriage and my life was in turmoil.
I had run out of answers and I was in despair.
My mother shared several of Andrews teachings with me; one of them was "you've already got it", and another was "The War is over".
It was like I had been living life in darkness trying to find my way just using the fragile flickering flame of matchlight, striving everyday to find another box just to keep going.
After listening to Andrews messages, it was like someone turned on the floodlights.
The impact on my heart and my life was transforming. My whole outlook was shaken to the core. Its been 10 years and, I am... I am, glad to say that I am, in Christ; in His Kingdom today because of the faithfulness and genuine heart of this ministry's faithful call.
My words can never sufficiently express the gratitude I feel toward Andrew, Jamie and all the people who have served this ministry. Thankyou. Neil, Andrea and family.
erik erik
los angeles
November 14, 2015 Encouragement
AW teaching in prison
i went to prison and was there for 3 years. i've been a bible believing believer in Grace for over 20 years. Andrew, my words here, in this message box, can not describe how your teaching on Grace and hope helped me then and now as I "reintegrate" into society. tears of joy filled my eyes and mind both then and now. i've been born-again, again with His message of Hope. Thanks ..please keep teaching the Word. Less about property and more about Hope and Grace. respectfully, Erik (ps. a divorce gone wrong landed me not just in family court but criminal court. i'm not allowed to see my children. my ex married my friend ..and now i'm out of the picture entirely. hell hath no furry is acurate. but God is bigger. more tears. praise the Lord :)
Patty Desmarais
La Jolla, CA
November 14, 2015 Healing
Mold Free
Praise God, I called the prayer line and spoke to someone named Car (I think). I told him about the mold that we had in our apartment, and how certain I was that this mold would leave right away, I just needed someone to agree with me. He prayed about every aspect of mold, I thought, there was no way that it could survive after that. The mold smell was immediately gone and my mold infested shoes no longer have mold in them. Praise God, you all have the most awesome pray line!
Gracie Alu
Deltona, Florida
November 12, 2015
At first I was upset that I could no longer watch your show at 8:30 a.m. Then I found it again at 10:30 p.m. On the Good Life Channel 45 WTGL in my area on AT & T Cable TV. I am so grateful foryour teachings and the blessings I have received. God Bless You and your staff.
Glenn & Meredith Richards
Harrisburg, PA
November 12, 2015
Thank you
Thank you Andrew for serving for our freedom! We love you!
Lourdes Reyes
November 11, 2015 Healing
Healing is here
Shalom AWM.i have been listening to your messages thru You Tube as well as i am one of your followers thru FB. Being blessed.Thank you.God bless your Christ. Lourdes Reyes.
Vanessa LaVonne King
Richmond, Virginia
November 10, 2015 Encouragement
Special Gift of Encouragement
Blessings! Want to take time to personally encourage you for all of your strong teaching/ life is made so much better because of it! Please look for a 'Special Gift' from my heart to you in this rich Harvest Season!
Lorie Smith
Lagrange NC
November 10, 2015 Encouragement
Glorifying God
I can not thank you enough for the teaching on Glorifying God! I have tried to not miss a show on it because 3 weeks ago I asked God why I was basking in His love one minute and soon as I was faced with a problem I forgot God existed in my life! Your teaching on Glorifying God has helped me to understand this. Thank you so much .
Paula Perkins
November 10, 2015 Encouragement
Ruth Gann
Bonney Lake WA
November 7, 2015 Encouragement
Love the new web sight....very easy to use and get around...thank you.
theresa bowman
North Carolina
November 7, 2015 Healing
Jesus is my savior, Lord and Husband
I love your messages they are true to the Gospel, I have seen the Lord do miracles in my life and also raise my mom from a death bed and I praise Him with a full heart, I learn mostly from the Holy Ghost because He cannot lie, man will tell untruths and lead you astray. I am thankful and full of gratitude to my Father and Lord Jesus Christ........May the Lord Bless you in Jesus name Ahmein <3
Paula Perkins
November 6, 2015 Encouragement
Thanks!!! Andrew.
Thank You, for your daily devotionals. They are always encouraging and full of revelation. Also thank you for building the new Bible School. I have always wanted to go away to school and live on campus. This is a Dream coming true. Praise God, for all He has done through you With Love in Jesus Name, Prosperous Paula