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Eva Granzow
Phoenix Az
December 5, 2015 Encouragement
Thank you for your work.
Louisa Settlemire
December 4, 2015 Healing
Just want to give God glory. It is five years ago this month that my wonderful Father supernaturally healed me from an 11 year addiction to crystal meth. I have been meth free for five years, no desire what so ever for that horrible drug. And that was a bonus miracle because I originally sought the Lord to heal my marriage, which has been wonderfully restored, HALILUIJAIA! Also since that time my husband has become a Christian as well! What a Awesome father and wonderful friend in Jesus we have. God used AWM teachings to make the Word come alive for me and I have never been the same. Thank you Andrew, Jamie, and AWMI staff for all that you have done and continue to do.
johnny chao
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Thank you for today’s teaching on Baptism of the Holy Spirit as part of your 16 core revelations. We love your Texan English, although we are not native but came to Texas as soon as possible. Back in 2012, first time attended your local Gospel Truth seminar in Irving, Texas. It was filled with Holy Spirit never been experienced before as opposed to typical religion style without turbo-charged dynamics during Worship singing. Charis Praise and Worship team sets an example to be spirit filled. Holy Spirit upon us to draw out the joy (fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22) already deposited inside of us by naturally lifting our hands high to praise the Lord regardless of our emotions or circumstances, let the spirit to control over our mind. We are certain that your ministry will be led to enlarge around every corner of the world. Hallelujah!
John Galavan
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Andrew, because of your 12-4-15 Baptism in Holy Ghost message I am now baptized! I walk and pray to God and this morning I said that I want to be like that man... like you Andrew! May God continue to bless you because it all rolls downhill to me! Glory to God.
Claire Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
Dear Andrew, I'm a baptized Catholic. I believe I got reborn recently. Ever since, I felt dissatisfied within. I wanted to grow. Around 10 November 2015, I spoke to God, telling Him I needed to know His Words. I read the Bible, but I could not learn from it. I was frustrated. I searched the Web and your ministry website appeared at the top of the list. I started listening to your Faith Series. I could not believe that there is such a ministry like yours, giving free teaching materials. I had to pay for classes and I didn't learn the meaning of the Word of God from those. But when I heard your audio lessons, I couldn't stop listening. I listen on the way to work, on the way back home, and before I fall asleep. I thank God for you, Andrew. For your generosity. For doing what you do. Claire
Robert Hynderick
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
God gives more than we ask
My wife and myself are following the 1st year course of Charis bible college by correspondence. We were praying a week ago for a relative of my wife, a student from a poor family who was residing in our house and studying in college in Kathmandu. He went for holidays to his village in India in November and over there was cought up in various influences and decided not to continue his studies. My wife and myself prayed in agreement with explicit reference to the scripture as we learned during the course, that he may come across somebody that would change his mind, so that his future would not be ruined. A few days later, not only he had changed his mind, but his father, who since 18 years says he has no children and has not provided anything for them, completely changed, said he was sorry for everything and promised to start working and give evrything he earns to pay for his studies. God not only answered our prayer, but miraculously healed the deep wound in the heart of this boy rejected by his father. He not only healed the boy, he changed the heart of his father. God, you are fantastic....! And thanks to Andrew for his teachings.
cassandra hoechstenbach
st. louis
December 4, 2015
God bless you Andrew, you continue to be my light and guide and prophet in the dark. I am watching big names meeting w trump and am glad to see your name is not among them. I have been learning from your televised revelations this week. I never imagined you would have been corrected and brought to another level, yet that is refreshing. I love your honesty and humility, it makes me feel ok. Ok w all my flaws and struggles. You are my spiritual father for sure. Btw for the record i have been a faithful follower since 2002 and my husband and i have been a faithful contributor for 2 yrs. Keep on keeping on, you saved me through the word. I love and your people. Your sister in Jesus Christ, Cassandra Hoechstenbach St. Louis, Mo
Cherie Hammers
Rockvale, Tennessee
December 4, 2015 Encouragement
How You Have Impacted My Life
Dear Andrew, I have been meaning to write to you for a long time. (I will try to keep this as short as possible.) I was raised in a home with no Bible & no knowledge of salvation. I got saved in 1986 @ the age of 21 & found you on the radio in Kansas City, MO in 1988 when you were doing 15 min. radio programs. I have listened to you ever since. I consider you my spiritual father. I have led many Bible studies & created a youth group in my home using Discipleship Evangelism. I have also created my own Bible Study material. At age 23, Satan attacked me with cancer symptoms. Instead of going to the doctor, I began to fill my heart with any scripture that was related to healing. I did this for 10 mos. & told the Lord, "Either Your Word is true or it's not. I am staking my life on it. But even though my faith is strong, my body is getting weaker. So I need a word from You." You see, when I was 6 years old, my 12-year-old brother had had surgery for Hodgkin's Disease. I now had similar symptoms. My lymph nodes were swelling on my left side, both arm & leg, & moles were becoming 3 times their size, turning black with red lines shooting out of them. During this time, the Lord had shown me to only ask a few trusted friends to believe with me. I had a time of fasting & prayer & the word from God came to me, "Receive." That's it? I thought. One of those trusted friends then called to tell me that Lester Sumrall was going to hold a healing meeting 2 hours away & they took me. When I went up for prayer along with the other 150 people, I wasn't sure what to say to him. I knew he didn't have time for a long explanation, so when he came to me, I was speechless. He simply laid hands on me & said, "Receive"--the same word that the Holy Spirit had given me! I was hit with the power of God, but the symptoms were still there: my left arm was numb & my left leg was numb to the point that I was dragging my foot. I sat down & thought, "It didn't work." The Lord replied, "So you have been believing My Word for 10 months, but now you are believing your symptoms?" I acknowledged that He was right & I repented. Three days later every symptom was gone! I won't go into detail, but through believing the Word, I was also delivered of a serious blood disorder. More recently, I wanted to tell you about how God has used your teaching to impact my life. I have been listening over & over again to your teaching about staying full of God based on Romans 1:21. I really wanted to grasp it & watch God use it in my life. Here is what happened. We live out in the country & have lots of animals. We also have bobcats & coyotes that have picked off a few of our cats. We noticed that Oreo, our black & white tomcat, had been missing for 3 days. So I decided to glorify & thank God, & use my imagination in a positive way to allow God to release His power in this situation. I first had to bind fear & dread because Satan was painting pictures of the worst outcome of Oreo. I glorified God & thanked Him for bringing Oreo back. Then I asked God to show me how to use my imagination to bring hope to bear. That's when I saw it--I saw in my mind that Oreo was coming out of the woods near our neighbor's house. I proclaimed, "And I will see this today!" 3 hours later I was visiting with a friend who had come by & when she tried to leave, her battery was dead. So her husband was on the way over. As I stood talking, waiting with her, I looked up to see Oreo coming out of the woods by the neighbor's just as I had seen 3 hours before in my imagination! God is good! This past week, I was rejoicing when I heard your 1st installment of "Build the Vision". You see, last year I published my 1st devotional which was quite a milestone & struggle. When I presented it to a small group of trusted fellow believers we host in our home, I wasn't prepared when an older man in our group looked me right in the eye & said,"Are you trying to get rich?" I felt like he had punched me in the stomach! I couldn't believe it! I was hoping for encouragement. I thought we were all on the same team! Needless to say, I was greatly impacted by Monday's broadcast, but I also see God's warning for what's ahead. I have just completed the 2nd book in my devotional series!
Andre Du Toit
Rep of SA
December 3, 2015 Encouragement
Dear Andrew and the AWMI Team
I was so blessed by Andrew's 2020 vision and his message on 30 Nov and 1-2 Dec 15. "Andrew, thank you for your faithfulness and fixed heart to honour and obey Father God with the commission He has given you". We love and appreciate the AWMI Team and I and my family feel so honoured to be a AWMI Partner. Together we will build the Kingdom of God here on earth and spread the GOOD NEWS of the true Gospel (Nehemia 3).
Prophetess DyAnne Dempsey
New Rochelle, NY
December 3, 2015 Encouragement
Understanding Grace Better
Pastor Wommack, thank you for explaining grace the proper way. I had been struggling with how grace is being taught by many churches and it has been troubling my mind so I went to God burdened because the people are being led to believe that they can live any kind of way and still go to heaven. You showed me that grace is given to everyone one who believes, not just to those who say they believe but shows no evidence of change. I had it right, but you confirmed it today. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.
Mary Smith
December 3, 2015
Concerned for you
Abortion is never God's idea. No excuses now. No other document or substitute for the Holy Bible (NKJV) & no petition with new ideas to sign. No excuses now. Just as your partners expressed concern for you, I am concerned too. I am born again and you should know truth when you hear it. No excuses now. I am also concerned for James Dobson going along with you and the "Declaration of Dependence". I have the Holy Bible (NKJV). I don't need your bible/document that approves abortion with conditions, as demons would make those excuses to allow abortion. I have concern for all that you say. A woman teacher at your college? Are all of your pastors, leaders, staff and speakers born again? It may be time for you to meet with the concerned partners and really hear what they have to say. These are the last days. The falling away happens before 1 Thessalonians 4:17 happens. Seek the Lord. PRAY.
cassie munn
December 2, 2015 Encouragement
god save me
Thanks you for the hearing of the word of god it has been food for my soul I have believe it and received it in my heart thank you for being a true man of god.