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Lucia Dagdagan
Chicago, Illinois
August 13, 2015 Encouragement
It came to me had it not been for all your effort, I would not have known the grace message
I was watching inside edition #9 and I was so blessed watching the beginning of your ministry. So blessed with Larry Yonker being interviewed. It came to me had it not been for all your effort, I would not have known the grace message.Now I graduated from Charis Bible College-Chicago and leading a Charis Bible Studies here. I thank God for you.
Ken Macpherson
Red deer Alberta
August 12, 2015 Encouragement
God is working wonders in my life
Bless you For all the helpful videos,God is working wonders in my life and the wife.I think the best book and video a person need to start with is the nature of God!Again thank you May you and your staff have the Blessing of the Lord!
Mrs Johnnie Lary
August 11, 2015
She watched the conference from Englandand she is still feeling the presenceof the Lord and wants you to know how much she appreciates you Andrew.
Sandi Hutchins
Battle Ground, Washington
August 11, 2015
Thank you
Both Mike and I wish to thank you, once more, for your written teachings and daily programs! It was especially a great blessing to personally meet you at the rally in Portland Oregon and be able to directly say this. (Thank you for coming to the west coast). Your message on THE WORD (as always) is our most important factor in our Christian walk and enjoyed the entire evening immensely. Your gracious manner and spiritual calmness is as meeting Christ Himself. Mike and I together gave Christ our hearts and spirits 45 years ago and ask the Holy Spirit to come unto us just this last year thru your teaching web site. Not until our re-accepting Him with you personally, had the gift of speaking in tongues graced my mouth. Thank you Andrew...thank you Father, my sweet Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for centering me in all aspects in my life. We look forward to meeting with you again Andre in the future here or in eternity. God continue to bless you and be with and in and around you.
Washington State
August 11, 2015
A “glow” about you
Pastor , I meet you August7th in Seattle. It was great to finely see the man that God sent to me to teach me the word. I wanted to say thank you again, and are you aware that you have a "glow" about you? In some people, you can actually see an aura of God around them. You are a blessed man Pastor. Thank you for loving God. Your testimony and teachings have changed my life. You are"my" Paul. In Christ,Shannon Rarig
Christina C. Keimig
Leon, Gto, Mexico
August 11, 2015 Financial
I had been awarded a pay increase of over 4%
I wanted to share a testimony that I believe stems greatly from seed sown during the Summer Family Bible Conference last month. I returned to Mexico on Sunday, July 5th, after having spent an utterly amazing, blessed week at the new campus. Tuesday morning my boss sent me a message that he needed to speak with me about something important. He called, and then proceeded to inform me that I had been awarded a pay increase of over 4% (after three years with no cost-of-living updates or any other sort of raise)! God is so AWESOME!!!
kenneth hass
August 11, 2015 Encouragement
I’ve never been happier in my life
Dear friend in Christ, We (my wife&I) are from Colorado, but while working as a mental health therapist & addictions counselor in KS we were devastated by an EF-5 tornado on 04/05/2007 in Greensburg, KS. Its documented. Anyway, we lost most of our worldly goods & I am unable to work using my degrees to help & witness. But, God kept us alive & as depressed as I was after the tornado, it became a new beginning for us.As an aside, I want to say that my witness involves a testimony that even Oprah would not believe. I went to church for the 1st time when I was 25. We learned a lot during the next 17 years, but I remained tormented by my past (it was a very legalistic church), to the point I could not read my Bible without feeling condemned. After 12 years at this church, I attended a retreat where the speaker talked about Grace 7 Faith. I was so happy, but did not hear these truths for another 30 0r more years. It was while I was so depressed that I saw one of your programs in which you taught the truths of Grace & Faith from Romans.I cried like a baby, but they were tears of Joy. I can read my Bible again, & in spite of the hardships of being disabled I've never been happier in my life! I would love to share with you sometime when we visit Colorado. NOW, to pass onto to you. You often say "It's almost to good to be true news." Hope that was close! My point is: It is too good to be true, BUT IT IS! Not criticizing, just passing forward. Thanks for being obedient, and we love you & pray for you & yours.
August 10, 2015
Good ground
I just want you to know, Andrew, Jamie, and all the staff and teachers at Charis Bible College and Andrew Wommack Ministries, how much this ministry has blessed and encouraged me. I've had several turnarounds that have completely changed my life and it was all from hearing the truth taught here. I'm totally on board with all the plans you have for the Bible College buildings at Woodland Park and I'm enthusiastically supporting it financially. I believe it will impact the United States and the world and I'm praying and believing for a similar impact in Canada. I had my first visit there recently and attended the Family Bible Conference and it was awesome! I also love the website with all the free Bible teaching and access to conference videos and testimonies. I'm on the website everyday and watch your program online. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, if you've benefited from this ministry and haven't yet supported it financially, please consider doing so. It's very good ground to sow your seed into! I heard the Healing is Here Conference is already booked solid so there is already a need for a bigger building. God bless you all and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! :-)
Jo Jean Knard
Wichita, Kansas
August 10, 2015
THANK YOU for the Facebook page! There is so much "Christian clutter" everywhere and for me, if I just go to that Facebook page, there is always some quick Word that will clear that clutter right up. Yay, God! Thanks, Andrew!
Walter Niederberger
New Ipswich NH
August 10, 2015
No pain
This is really amazing !!One year ago a had bad pain started on my left knee and fatique in my legs, lower back pain, I used to be a mountain climber, climbed some major Fourtousender in the Swiss Alps and climbed here in the US and cross country skied, Alpine skied etcThese pains would not allow me to climb anymore, I prayed and believed and it was painful, prayed with everybody I could find who knows how to pray...until beginning of July this year, I said, there must be more, I cannot live like that, this is not Gods will for me...there must be more...I remembered I had called a few times awmi prayer lines, and this I said to myself is only one phone call away...I made a promise to me, I am going to call them every wow wowmy spiritiual life was transformed immediateley after I started praying with awmi's prayer ministers, my life came alive, fatique and lethargie started to leave me..I started to break through financially, amazing, what we prayed was touched in one way or another...Last week I was an vacation and hoped to be able to climb again. The week before I had climbed a short climb of about 45 min.We kept on praying, there were amazing breakthroughs, and on Thursday morning, I heard the Holy spirit impressed upon me, to climb Mount Kersarge in NH, I was happy and also went with expectations, it went very well, with very little pain and I walked and climbed up one hour trail, and down one hour, praying and quoting healing scriptures, and lo and behold there was no pain on the way up and very little on the way down, I said that is new and thanked the Lord for this...the next Morning, the Holy spirit impressed upon me again to climb up to the Greenleaf Hut on Mount Lafayette, now this is a four hour hike up and down, I said this is new, one mountain climb after another in the same week. When I was on top, I said to myself this is healing, I am healed in my legs, in my left knee, in my lower back, I said I can't believe it that I am here and this was my second day joy of the Lord hit me...wy wife was wondering, " do you have any pain" I said no and explained to her, that healing prayers work and God has healed my legs and lower back, she said nothing Haaa !The next morning, on Saturday, I felt the Lord telling me, you are climbing Mount Sunapee, this was a two hour climb up and down and absolutely no pain.This is to the Glory of God, He healed me from these multiple pains, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,Hallelujah, How awesome is Our God ??And awesome are the prayer ministers of awmi and Andrew's teaching I listen to every day on my commute to Boston and Jammie Wommack sings to me in my car. Praise God, Praise God all the Glory and Honor goes to Him, this is Working !!!
Anish Paul
Bangalore, India
August 10, 2015
Blessed by your teachings
Pastor Andrew, I've been blessed by your teachings from Bible for last 9 years which is clear and accurate. I'm eagerly waiting for your teaching on the Book of Revelation and second coming of Christ. Many have doubts on this part of scripture which would be cleared by your clear teaching on this part.
mike & linda gurganious
willard nc 28478
August 9, 2015
Thank God
I thank GOD for using you Andrew! Thru you GOD has showed me the true GOSPEL!