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Alan & Lori
August 20, 2015 Encouragement
We are excited to partner with you
Hi Andrew, the construction update is awesome!! We are excited to partner with you. Thank you for keeping everyone updated!4C31
Johnny Ray
North Carolina
August 19, 2015
Your Roku channel is awesome!
D. J.
August 19, 2015 Financial
I am believing God to supply the money to pay the house off completely…
Hi, brother Andrew! God’s continued blessings on you and Jamie and your household, in Jesus’ name. I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing because you are changing lives for people like me, whom you have never met-to the degree that I retired in October, left my home in South Bend, Indiana, and gave it to my ex-wife. I am now helping her pay the mortgage until she gets monies from my retirement, which is about six or seven months away. I am believing God to supply the money to pay the house off completely and present it to her as a gift. No way would I have done this without the love of God working through me with tangible evidence. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with only a third of my retirement money, but God has been supplying everything I need since them. I will attend Charis Atlanta when the money comes in for me, but Andrew, it is a done deal, as far as I am concerned. I do not know why God sent me down here, but I do not care as long as I am where He wants me to be. The provision has been here, praise God. You, sir, are such a blessing in my life, and I thank you for doing what God told you to do. You are changing lives!
August 19, 2015
Hi Andrew sorry I couldn't make it to see you when you cam to England in the summer. Would love it if you came to Walsall for longer this time so we could come to see you. I have been watching healing school all last week wishing I was there, so amazing. (Vera England)
August 19, 2015 Encouragement
It sure shed light on some areas I’d been struggling with
Praise the Lord! All the Earth bless His name!Brother Andrew thank you for talking about "faith like a pry bar" on this morning's broadcast. It sure shed light on some areas I'd been struggling with, and I'm sure it blesses many, many others.We love you, God bless you this day.
August 19, 2015 Healing
My unborn baby’s heart had and irregular heart beat that has been healed
I just became a partner with AWMI!! I have been listening to the free downloads for months now. During that time I learned how to command/receive healing. My unborn baby's heart had and irregular heart beat that has been healed as well as the baby's spine has been straigtened. My 2 year old son has a speech delay that is resolving and he gets sty's on his eyes often that has been healed. I have decided to give back so that others can continue to be taught through the free downloads.
Paragould, Ar
August 18, 2015
Love this ministry
I love this ministry and CBC online courses and I pray you create an app with all your teachings and commentary together that ppl can download free on Google play. I wish it was already created. We use our phones more than we use pcs and I love having study plans and all tools on my phone so I can keep my nose and eyes in the word day and night. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country and our Lord!
Valerie Redding
New Oxford, Pa.
August 17, 2015 Encouragement
I have appreciated your teaching so very much
Humble servants of God with a beautiful message of faith and healing. I have appreciated your teaching so very much. There is no place where I can go to learn and grow in knowledge and faith as this ministry has provided . From the bottom of my heart I thank you. This ministry is blessing the earth.
James H Galbraith
Baxter Springs, Kansas
August 17, 2015 Encouragement
My self condemnation is melting away
I have been downloading the free MP3 teachings on healing and grace and I am gaining an whole new understanding. My self condemnation is melting away and for the first time I am truly able to see what Jesus took with him to the cross that day. Thank you Father!!! God bless Andrew and his staff, hope to see the school in Colorado some day. What a beautiful place to learn Gods' Word.
August 17, 2015 Encouragement
I was so blessed the way God is using this ministry not to exalt a man but Himself
Watching the Healing is Here Conference Online was such a blessing for me. I was so blessed the way God is using this ministry not to exalt a man but Himself. It is such a blessing that the ministers are out to glorify Jesus. Thank you for making yourselves available and encouraging me to also do the same.
August 16, 2015 Encouragement
I believe this is the best teaching in the Body today
I first heard about Andrew and his program in early 2014. I was very skeptical due to being repeatedly hurt deeply by 'ministers'. my faith was shipwrecked for many years. I scrutinized this ministry with a magnifying glass. 18 months later, I fully stand and support the work. I just returned from the 2015 healing conference to get 'boots on the ground'-I will be a student. I believe this is the best teaching in the Body today. too many faith and prosperity ministers have went in the ditch or went out of balance. too many of them are bragging about their Bentleys and private jets and that just makes me want to vomit. Andrew is rightly dividing the Word and the people who love Truth will be attracted to the teachings. it is your mission statement -'God has raised me up to change man's opinion of Him"...that I identify with. that is exactly what you did; you preached the true Gospel and my life was forever changed. I never knew who He was all of these years. God, through you changed the course of my life and may have even saved it. God Bless you Andrew and stay the course-this is the final push and the last act of this age and the disciples you are raising up are the ones who are going to fill the nets.
August 15, 2015 Encouragement
Thanks to the teachings I’ve received, I’ve been able to speak life into other people’s situations as well
Thank you soo much for all you do Andrew Wommack ministries! I am fifteen years old and instead of filling my self up with silly worldly stuff, I am able to watch The Gospel Truth on my computer! God has done amazing stuff in my life, including stretching out my back. For most of my life I had been unable to touch my toes, but one day I finally took authority over it and within seconds I could not only touch my toes, I could touch the floor! Praise God! He cares about the little things to! Thanks to the teachings I've received, I've been able to speak life into other people's situations as well. Anyway, I am soo grateful for this ministry. Even my parakeets love Charis Bible College praise and worship; they start singing loudly when I turn it on. :-) I think all teenagers should listen to Andrew Wommack; He's super easy to understand. May I suggest an online pre-Charis Bible college for those of us who are highschoolers? I don't want to have to wait to join Charis until I graduate!