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Barbara Dorr
Lancaster, MA
October 13, 2015 Financial
Thank You for CBC Corresp. Tool
I wanted to thank you kindly for sending to me the additional complimentary CBC Correspondence program on a flash drive which will help to streamline the flow of taking the bible classes. My best regards to Andrew & Jamie and the entire AWM Ministry team. In His Great Love, Bonnie D.
October 13, 2015 Healing
A friend gave me a USB of downloaded teaching from Andrew Wommach which I have listened to constantly all day for a week. I had pain in my legs because of Diabetes and on one of the teachings Andrew mentioned a few years ago he had, had terrible shoulder pain. But because he refused to give into the pain and stood on the word , he was healed in a very short time. I was encouraged to stand on the word in the same way and my legs were instantly healed. PTL I Thank God for this truth and now want to see God heal me of my Diabetes and my Manic Depression. Ara Neumann, Waterloo, Canada
Susan G.
October 12, 2015
Janet Boynes
Dear Andrew, I recently watched your program w Janet Boynes. I can see that you have a genuine heart re: wanting to help gay people. I was very pleased that you allowed Janet to talk about her childhood: lack of love from her mother-abandonment feelings, sexual abuse, not having a close relationship with a mother so she could identify with the more "female" aspect of herself as it pertained to clothing, etc. I was so struck how it seems Janet & you have seen over time how gay people often have very painful childhoods which perhaps lead them toward homosexuality. From a christian perspective & as a leader in your field, would it make sense to also add in your future teachings/discussions; ways to prevent it or adding other key features. I know Joyce Meyer has mentioned how the church has failed women & men by not standing up against child abuse, spousal abuse. Boys suffer too bc when they watch a man abuse his wife he may become a perpetrator or rebels & in some case refuses to identify w the man & wants to become a woman. Perhaps you could also start a campaign against child abuse, domestic abuse-which seem to be two of the prevalent ""causes" or end result of children who are not loved as God intended. I ask you to include these factors going forward because I fear that gay individuals who are raised in such traumatic environments where they weren't loved, have such shame at their core as it is; bc all children blame themselves when they are abused & we wouldn't want them to feel even more condemned or shamed. We can teach people that we understand how they came to be gay but, that God wants to give them what is missing: his pure love.
I understand your concerns about the homosexual lifestyle, I just want these individuals to experience the full picture of who you are as a compassionate, grace filled man who has helped me so much. I have had to learn myself over the years that how we present an issue will determine the maximum benefit & we want to be sure the people that need Gods love the most can hear us. We could say we understand why they have a movement" bc some of their fellow brothers were murdered & bullied & we get that. However, if they see there is a ministry such as yours that wants to love them & teach them about Gods love, it would be such a blessing. I have noticed that when you sat there embracing Janets story w love & compassion it was love in action.
I wondered if you could create a new teaching that focuses specifically on how God can be the parent of those (gay people, etc) who were never loved & are seeking love in all the wrong places..I think the gay people could at least receive your message if it were focused more on love.
I know you love them but they don't believe it- just as you felt the Baptist church condemned you for beliefs that were different from theirs. I know the sit. is different but, we all listen better if the focus is on love, regardless of the issue.
My experience is that people with terrible childhoods are very fragile & anything that triggers that core shame, rejection, abandonment can potentially cause more wounds if not expressed in more loving terms. If you find loving ways to bring them in to your ministry & back home to the love of God, you can trust & have faith that God will convict their hearts just @ the "right" time as he does for all of us. God won't convict people from any place other than love.
I know you do love the gay people in your heart & you are trying to help them but, just as we all at times need to consider perhaps, that our approach or the churches approach over the centuries is not working & is causing people to become more alienated from God. You mentioned how you hated the condemnation of the Baptist church which is why you rebelled against it and left. The gay community will rebel against you if they don't experience all your love teachings first. Otherwise, they will continue to tune you out if they don't first hear your love/grace message.
Janet herself was only open to change after a family had taken her in a showed her what "real" unconditional love looks like. Had that same family started out condemning her life style & movement, she never would have agreed to stay with them. In some ways the gay community/movement was her family & she would have fought for it if she felt it was being attacked.
Imagine too how less frustrated you'll be if you create a new approach. The gay community doesn't know you well enough or what you stand for take in the love you have in your heart. I fear they just think it's one more condemning christian leader who is judgmental & condemning & just like you rebelled against the baptist church, they too will continue to rebel. I am a very liberal democrat & had I first not heard you love/grace messages, I would have tuned you out had I listened to your political views first. I almost walked away from you myself once I heard that your political views are very different than mine. The holy spirit told me to have compassion for your differences & focus on your love/grace teachings & ignore the rest. I could only do that bc I sensed your genuine heart-it took me a long time to trust you.
I wondered if you could also include in your statistics that throughout history gay people have been murdered, bullied & shamed to the point in some cases resulting in suicide, because I have sadly witnessed it myself & not sure what the statistics are but, if you look you should be able to find them. I think if you could always mention that when you quote other statistics, you wouldn't be leaving a piece of truth out & the gay community & those that support them would think your information is credible.
I have a friend who is gay who started to follow you closely who was terribly abused & she was beginning to see you as a loving, symbolic spiritual father until she said she felt devastated & cried bc she said why does he lump us in the same category as murderers. I understand what you are trying to say but, again I would be careful re: this approach. I'm trying to get her to listen to you again bc I could see her life changing for the better as she listened to your teachings. I think a way to get her back & bring more gay people to you so they can experience the love & grace of God is to include: the above referenced suggestions. That you can understand why they started a "movement," but say they can come join a new movement: movement of the love of God; their "true" family. Then you could teach them that God can be their loving father & can also meet the needs of those who weren't mothered properly as your guest so clearly & courageously illustrated.
Sometimes in life all we need is a different approach to the same issue. I have been so grateful for the people who took the time to teach me that if I were open & considered a new approach, I would get more accomplished; perhaps I can bless you with this same gift. The devil would love to keep the same approach going where both sides are attacking each other & work toward unity. I think the church is the parent force here & must first take the high road & learn to use language that doesn't incite the "other" side to rebel..
I appreciate all you've done to help me over the years through your grace & love teaching & hope we can all stay open to learning new ways of deepening our love & compassion for all.
Blessings to you and Jamie
October 12, 2015 Encouragement
Love the God Wants you Well Series
Hello, I love the ministry & started watching the TV series on God Wants You Well that was done in 2014. WOW!! I hope you will turn this into a yearly thing. People desperately need to hear these truths. Thank You Andrew for your willingness to suffer persecution that always comes when presenting the uncompromised truth. God knows how many lives have been saved from hearing this truth. Wishing you all many blessings Julia
Bukola Wright
Palm Coast
October 11, 2015
Christian Survival Kit
I am so thankful for the wisdom that God has given Bro Wommack. I listened to the whole series of the Christian Survival Kit and it was just revelation upon revelation for everyday life, no matter what it seems to be it will pass and to not panic but to grab hold of your emotions instead of them grabbing a hold on you and to believe in GOD. Thank you Father and thank you AWMI ministries!!
linda bynum
Lithonia GA
October 11, 2015 Encouragement
Life is precious and full of surprises. If you give your heart to God He will never leave you nor forsake you! Remember God is love and no matter what circumstances arise God will turn it for your good! Only believe and allow your story to be written by God! And all Glory and honor belongs to Him!!
wallace myles
Elk Grove,Ca
October 10, 2015 Financial
I have been drug free for 13yrs I am a pastor just starting to move in my calling
I just have been really transform by your teachings love how God reveal it to you threw the word of God, just as plan a baby could understand. I thank God for you
Kristi Rubio
New Mexico
October 10, 2015 Encouragement
I have a nightmare of a past because of being sexually abused as a 12 yr old child by a family member to being physically and psychologically abused as a teenager by my ex husband I became angry jealous full of strife and hate and an alcoholic and homeless to having a wonderful marriage ordained by God I am so blessed and when I heard God's love to me it totally set me free...Thankyou Lord and thankyou Andrew..I LOVE this ministry though I don't know any of you personally I just feel so much love toward you..TRULY You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.. I never understood that before but now it is reality in my life
Cindy Nelson
West Palm Beach, Fl
October 9, 2015
Thank you
hi I just wanted to thank Andrewfor the book he wrote self centeredness the source of all grief, it is absolutely on point.I'm not a new Christian I've been a Christian a long time but I am so self centered and I didn't even know it. thank you for bringing it into the light Andrew so now I can see who really was God of my life. I am so very thankful for your teachings I thank God for you!
Emily Doyle
Colorado springs
October 8, 2015 Financial
Mp3 teaching WOW
Just listened to Andrew's mp3 teaching on deut 2:24. Wow! He should have name it "Everything You Need To Know About Life In Christ In This World." I encourage everyone to listen to this teaching. I do not see it anywhere else except on mp3 teachings by Andrew. Praise God for Andrew Wommack Ministries.
Bill and Eleanor Lock
Bella Vista, AR
October 8, 2015 Encouragement
Behind You All the Way!
Dear Andrew and Jamie,
Listened to your chapel service this morning. Andrew, we are long time partners, our first donation of five dollars (!) was given in December of 1993, so I guess that would make us long time partners,
and in no way do we think that all you are doing in Woodland Park is building some sort of a kingdom for yourself! We are behind all your dreams, aspirations and goals 100%.

The Lord laid you on my heart about 2 weeks ago, to intercede for you and this project. I just prayed in tongues, not knowing what was the problem, but I knew by the Spirit of God that there must be something.

You are in our prayers. I was visiting with my oldest, dearest friend in the ministry, and asked her what she thought of your ministry, and she said, "Eleanor, the word that comes to me is excellence!"
Another friend of mine said, when I asked the same question, answered, "Humility" Two pretty good assessments from two people I respect highly!

I know this much, we serve a good God who can back any dream we have, He loves it when we dream big dreams!

I think what has disturbed people in the past in the lavish living from some on television who heaped it on themselves. You're not raising this money to add another luxury car to your stable of cars, or foolishness like that! I can't imagine anyone thinking that of you! I am glad to hear that you are not letting the 'nattering nabobs of negativity' get to you any longer!

This is for Kingdom Living!! Every dollar put into this ministry is good seed into good ground and with faith, will produce one hundred fold in this life and in the life to come!

kelvin david
October 8, 2015 Encouragement
Great Grace
It was great watching your programme on tv