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Regale Knox
February 16, 2018
Cancer free
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 1/2 years ago . I just Left the doctors office and he told me I was cancer free ,glory to God . thank you Andrew for opening up my eyes and speaking to my issues . I commanded cancer to leave my body and thanks to God and my faith I am cancer free
Roy Mercer
Long Creek, Oregon
February 16, 2018 Encouragement
Praying in the Spirit
Hello Andrew...
For many years now I have been struggling with basically a broken heart. I moved to this very small town 10 years ago with my girlfriend and my daughter. I/ we were not serving the Lord at all at that time. Shortly after the move I began to realize that I was a long ways away from where the Lord wanted me to be. I had been to two years of Bible college in 1971 and 72. I heard God calling me all those years ago, but due to a lot of sheer brokenness in my life... I fell back into promiscuity, drugs, alcohol etc., I walked away from the Lord. When my girlfriend, my daughter's mother saw where I was heading... returning to the Lord... she took my daughter and left me alone in this small town. Long story short... I have been alone for nearly 10 years... with no contact with my daughter or my ex... none that was positive anyway. I have been in a very depressing and debilitating cycle of loneliness and depression for many years. Just recently, and I really don't know why... the Holy Spirit, through your teaching materials and ministry... I have begun praying in the Spirit as never before in my life. I still have very dark and lonely days... yet I have begun to pray in the Spirit, in tongues every time the "darkness" invades my heart. Just recently as I called in for prayer ( your prayer ministers have been a lifeline and an encouragement in some of my darkest moments) two of them, a man named Roberto, and a woman named Patricia... somehow spoke into my life in a Spirit directed manner which has helped me to heal in very significant ways... I just wanted to thank you Personally, Andrew... for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit... and for having such gifted and loving prayer ministers on your team! The battle is not over... but each time I am under a heavy load of brokenness... I pray in tongues. You, your teachings, your prayer ministers... you have helped me to return to the "shadow of His wings", more fully each day. Thank You... and I love You... thank you!
Always and Forever,
Your Roy
Karl Kuhne
February 16, 2018 Healing
Healing Trigeminal neuralgia
We called last night for prayer after three days of severe pain. Howard counselled and prayed with us, and I experienced significant relief. Later in the evening the pain returned, but, we have been standing on the victory we had experienced, and Jesus' resurrection power is manifesting itself as the pain is receding.
Thank you Jesus for your love and grace!
February 16, 2018 Encouragement
Congratulations on 50 Years!
Dear Andrew,
I don't do any of the social media silliness so I'm sending my congrats via your guestbook. I want you to know that I have been listening to and learning from you for about 25 years! Father God has used you mightily in my life. I praise Him for that and I thank you so very much for your diligence and loyalty to teaching His matter what! :-) CONGRATULATIONS to you and your faithful bride for 50 YEARS OF MINISTRY! To God be the Glory! Hallelujah!
Jessie Glover
Jackson Ca
February 15, 2018 Encouragement
Your ministry has helped me over and over again. Your teaching is the best. I love Berry Bennett, Greg Moore, Duane Sheriff and others. Clarance and other prayer partners are wonderful. Thank you all of you for being regular people and teaching clear and plain.
Deborah Jones
Angier NC
February 15, 2018 Financial
Praise The Lord. We have been really down & broke. I have stood steadfast & trusted & believed that God would provide and he just did he has opened the flood gate to see that we have the finances needed to pay our bills & have food on the table. My husbands work has been very slow & I’m waiting on my disability decision from the judge & unable to work in need of surgery. I know that he will also have my disability approved very soon & I will have the finances to pay the deductible for my much needed surgery on my neck & back. Thank you for always sending me encouraging literature to read. It keeps my mind & spirit fixed on the lord & what he has in store for me & my family. God Bless You !!!!
Lisa Persall
February 15, 2018 Healing
I can see and understand
I have been one that can't comprehend what I read. It goes in and out and doesn't stick in my head. I have been praying, and just recently today watched the TCT channel and came across Andrew Wommack today. I was awe inspired by what he was saying. It's like God is speaking to me thru him. I am able to understand what I am reading now. Understanding Gods word is so exciting!. I just finished reading online one of his teachings, (The Christians survival kit) I just want to read more. Recently I purchased an audible bible, so i can hear and read along with the bible to more absorb it. Everything is making sense to me now. I feel joyful and free. What I am suffering from seems minor to what God's promise to us is. Thank you God for using Andrew in helping me see and understand the word. I feel inspired. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Kufre Green
February 15, 2018 Financial
I bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness and love
Sir i have really been blessed by your teaching. God bless you.
Kara Stahley
Lakeland, FL
February 15, 2018 Healing
Holy Spirit Baptism
I spoke with Shelby yesterday. I watch Andrew as often as I can, both on TV and youtube. I love his scriptural teachings. As I was watching last night, he offered a Holy Spirit Baptism if we were to call the number on the screen. The Holy Spirit took over and I just grabbed my phone and dialed. I got Shelby, quite possibly the sweetest girl I've ever spoken with. We talked, she gave me a bit of her testimony. I told her about mine. She prayed in me in Tongues, baptizing me. It was peaceful, beautiful, quiet, and I feel so blessed. I now want to learn how to pray in tongues myself. What a spiritual, close connection that was. Thank you!
Gary Welch
USA /Michigan
February 15, 2018
Would love to use you Romans study Guild and power of the gospel (teaching) one for my friend Rick Tompkins who was just told he has cancer an no hope was saved in the hospital and now home to die. an one for me. Thank you love your teaching programs you do very good. God Bless, Gary Welch Sand Lake Michigan
Natalia Massawe
February 15, 2018 Encouragement
God`s Love
I have been listening to most preachers on youtube and never gets it .Until one day i was trying to find out how to pray and i happen to listen to Andrew Wommack A better way to pray.
It changed my life and i listen to Him all the time.
Andrew has been a Blessing to me since then.
Thank you so much
Asante sana
David Land
February 14, 2018 Encouragement
Familiar with Andrew from the days when he was in Seagoville Texas and he would come to bring me to church. It was the mid 1970 s. I'm 61 years old now and wanted to explore what is online via this ministry.