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Hugh Williams
November 27, 2017 Encouragement
Great speaker James Brown glad to see such excellence for all.
Carol Montgomery
Metter, Georgia
November 25, 2017 Encouragement
Growing in faith
Had never listened to the TV broadcasts until one day I heard Andrew say, "Why are we asking God to be with us (or bless us) when He already has?" I had recently asked myself the same question. So Andrew had my attention! I ordered You've Already Got It and have received revelation after revelation! I am currently teaching it to my Bible Study group on Monday Nights! Thank you, Andrew, for your obedience to God...
Bingileki Lwezaula
November 24, 2017 Financial
Watching Andrew Wommack
Watching Andrew Wommack teachings have transformed my life. I thank JESUS, his love and grace have touched me to accept him as my LORD and saviour After accepting JESUS as my LORD and SAVIOUR my life has changed. I have peace and I wake up each day looking forward to fulfil my calling.
HEIDELBERG, South Africa
November 24, 2017 Encouragement
You are leading the evolution of TV! This time the BEST wine is served FIRST! Congratulations. I believe this is EXCELLENT use of partner contributions. We salute you from Africa and thank you for your faithfulness.
Tola Adaramola
November 23, 2017 Financial
Deeper Knowledge about God
Being exposed to Gospel Truth by Andrew Wommack since the last six years has totally revolutionised my whole walk with God. Its my earnest desire that the whole world grab hold of this truth.
John Micknal
Campwood, Tx.
November 23, 2017 Encouragement
I am thankful this Thanksgiving, for being able to know and partner with you and the ministry. It has given me a way to do something for the Lord.

Leslie Towe Jr
Lafayette, Tn
November 20, 2017 Healing
Faith building
I live each day feeding my faith with the Word of God I receive each time I call in for prayer and encouragement. The devil has attacked my health and my family on many levels. But I praise God for the Truth. Thank you each and every one who helps the ministry. It is a literal lifeline to the world. Thank you for your obedience to God.
Shirley John
Sugar Land,Texas
November 18, 2017
Thank you for the podcasts.
I listen to it everyday.
It is a blessing!
God will bless you, your family and ministry.
Larry Dowden
November 18, 2017 Financial
Originally from Austin, love being a Charis Business School student.
Micheal Berry
York, England
November 18, 2017
Andrew's teachings have really changed mine and my wife's lives, especially "God Wants You Well" and "The Believer's Authority". We had been Christians for a long time but had been living somewhat in a spiritual darkness. Andrew's teachings have opened up truths in God's Word that we never perceived before, and have revolutionized our life together as believers. We have learned to love God's Word as much as we love God, that in Christ is true freedom and peace and joy; and that with God all things are possible. We especially admire the way Andrew makes bold statements on contentious issues affecting the world today, like homosexuality and abortion, that people really see what God's Word has to say about them. Thank you Andrew, and may God bless you in your work of making disciples of all nations.
Marcea Patterson
November 17, 2017 Encouragement
I am so thankful for this week TV broadcast. I was tremendously blessed by the scope of this ministry and most of all to know that I am a part of that. My prayer is that God will strengthen my hands to continue giving into this ministry. What an awesome way to say thank you to God by giving into this ministry that has given so much to me. Thank you so much.
What a love.
Joyce Teh
November 17, 2017 Healing
Inside story 44
This testimony is so powerful. How she diligently resist the sicknesses , the pain, even before she had the Healing Truth. And determine to study even though for two years still no manifestation yet. Finally she starting seeing the manifestation, and how she overcame the attack with ridiculous faith in actions, but it worked!!! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for this extraordinary young lady !