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Nancy Jones
Danville, Ky
July 31, 2017
Debbie Moore
Hi Friend at Awmi! I have been so helped by the Word through Andrew since last Thanksgiving, 2016! and two days ago I "happened " to watch the healing testimony of Debbie and Alan, of his massive stroke! Wow, wow, wow! And Debbie's Word of Romans 8:6 has rung over and over in my mind, as I have meditated on these Scriptures(to make them my own beliefs, as Andrew teaches us to do! So, since she mentioned Harnessing your emotions, I have listened to video 1 and 2 of Andrea's 2017 teaching g of this, and sadly heard that Alan died, of injuries from a car wreck in April of 2016. How much Debbie's ongoing love and trust in God cheers and motivates me! Are you allowed to share her FB page or email, or perhaps website she has created!? If God sllowws, I would love to contact and thank her?! And thanks so much to Andrew! It has been life transforming for me! Love to you, too, my friend in Christ!
Linda Dearman
Lansing MI
July 29, 2017 Encouragement
Walking on water
Wow, wow, wow!!!! I am in the midst of a big crisis with my daughter, and as I was praying in the spirit this morning, I just kept losing focus and thinking about the book that had been sitting on my night stand for months - "how to become a water walker". So I finally got up and decided to start reading it. Wow, wow, wow! Thank u so much for this book!!! I am only thru the first 3 chapters, but my outlook has changed and I am rejoicing for the outcome that God is about to show me. I was totally waiting to rejoice when I saw the outcome, but now I know to rejoice because God is good and I can trust Him for an incredible outcome. I am learning so much and it is helping to set me free in so many ways!!! Thank u, also, for sharing your personal experiences - it really helps!!! Can't express what a lifeline your teachings have been and continue to be to my husband and me! Here I was, bummed that it was a Saturday which meant that there wasn't a new tv episode of yours to watch, but you managed to teach me through one of your books! Thank you just doesn't seem enough!!!
Linda Dearman
Lansing MI
July 28, 2017 Healing
Help to fight
I can't thank you enough, Andrew, for your teachings. My daughter has been so attacked for years now -her teen years - with dyslexia, which has led to low self esteem, and anxiety and terrible depression. She hit rock bottom last fall and we almost lost her, but we used your teachings to help us get back on track with speaking out the word of God for her and not giving the enemy power. She was getting better, and in January went on a missions trip to the DR and came back on fire to be a missionary, but was still battling the how's and where's, etc. Then she unexpectedly agreed to go to Charis campus days with my husband, and finally on the last night, heard God tell her that that was where she was supposed to go. She came back and was a changed person (or should I saw the person that God has always intended her to be when she is free of all the strongholds), and we were all amazed. She said she was healed of dyslexia and was looking forward to seeking God's plan in her life. But then, it was like the attacks began to increase, until now we r one month from school, and she is back at rock bottom. We have been declaring the word of God over her and thanking God for what He has already done for and in her. I have to admit, though, that my husband and I struggle almost daily to hold fast to God and His word and to not focus on the darkness that is trying to destroy her. The lies that she can't sit in a classroom without incredible anxiety r trying to destroy God's plan for her. So every time we start to lose our focus on God, we have called the AW prayer line, or should I say life line. Each time, the people have lifted us up, renewed our hope, and have given us powerful scripture to stand by and have prayed powerful prayers. I have called them in tears, and have hung up with new determination that I have nothing to cry about bc my God has already won the battle and the war! The love of God is breaking through every stronghold the enemy has been trying to put in her way! If God wants her to go to Charis, then He will make a way to get her there! We r stepping out in faith and have secured housing for her bc we want to do everything we're supposed to do to prepare the way for God's plan. Thank you for the daily support your prayer line has given us! Even the Charis office - when I called about academic help availability - ended the call with "I hope your daughter ends up attending Charis, bc here the focus is on finding your identity in Christ ." When we have begun to doubt if this IS God's plan for her, we look at all of the support we have already received from everyone there and the outpouring of God's love for her thru them, and conclude with how could He want her anywhere else! Thank you! Thank you!
Brenda Hahn
July 28, 2017
I am the person you were talking about that has not been speaking in tongues. I have been cursed with the most evil thing the devil has put upon me. Thank you for reminding me of the benefits of how powerful speaking in tongues can deliver me. Speaking "The wonderful works of God!"
Becky Hansen
Savannah, GA
July 28, 2017 Financial
In April, my husband and I received IRS notification of an audit. They informed us we owed them $4000 by May 10, 2017, which is approximately our family's budget in coming out to the Summer Family Bible Conference. I didn't know where I was going to find $4000 but I was determined that I wasn't going to allow Satan to have victory over us and any intentions he had of stealing the seed that I knew would be planted in the children's hearts, as well as ours. So I prayed over it and we filed an appeal.

A month later, I received a call from Debbie Moore asking if there was anything she could be praying for us. I explained things were great. Told her about the IRS audit but that I prayed about it and knew things would be ok. She said, "Well, why don't we just seal the deal on that!" So we prayed and I thanked her.

Right before we came to out to Colorado, we received a letter from the IRS. All I could hear as I stared at that envelope was Debbie saying, "Why don't we seal the deal on that!" I opened the letter and it stated "Inquiry is closed. Amount due: $0.00"!!!

I was glad to meet Debbie in person at the conference and told her about the letter. The reason I am writing today is to let Debbie know that yesterday we received a check from the IRS for $7.05!

I'm trying to determine whether we will cash that check or FRAME IT! lol

Thank you, Andrew, for all that you and your ministry provide to your partners. And a special thank you to Debbie Moore - I still smile when I think about our phone conversation!

Praise the Lord!
calvin carter
Littleton N.C. 27850
July 28, 2017 Encouragement
I recieved the Holy Spiriy
Thank you for your daily teaching trues
Pam Murphy
South St. Paul, MN
July 28, 2017 Healing
I am now 54 years old. In 2007, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia set in. I ended up losing my job of 20 years, engaging in self-injurious behavior, and was sent in 2010 to live in an adult foster care because I was unable to live on my own safely. From June 2015-June 2016 I had been hospitalized over 140 days for mental health reasons, and tried to commit suicide several times. In June 2016 I was sent to a state run IRTC facility in Willmar, MN. I ended up attending a church there and saw an ad in the bulletin for a womens' bible study on Wednesday mornings. The ladies there were very nice. I didn't tell them my situation or anything about me. I just said I was in Willmar for a few months. We were doing a study called The Believer's Authority by Andrew Wommack. In late July, I decided to tell the ladies everything about me. They were very accepting and caring. The study leader and another lady took me into a room at the end of the study that day, anointed me with oil, and prayed over me. They took authority over the mental illness. two days later I was laying in my bed at the facility, anxious as could be, depressed and crying, I was my usual mess when I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I said "Yes Lord!" And this peace filled me from head to toe! The place that I was staying noticed the change immediately and said that I was now thriving and started looking for a place for me to live. (Still in supportive housing though because of my history). I had been prayed for for years in the United Pentecostal Church but nothing happened. But in this Non-denominational bible study God used them for His glory. And it doesn't stop there. Where I couldn't function at all before. Even getting dressed or getting out of bed was a chore, I now volunteer at my new church in the twin cities, I am enrolled in a Christian college, and the list goes on. Praise God!
And I still have contact with the ladies in Willmar!
Joshua Grube
Pfafftown, NC
July 28, 2017 Encouragement
Life Changing
God has used AWMI to completely transform my marriage and my entire life. I am a completely different husband and a completely different father. The Lord has really blown me away! I look forward to growing deeper and deeper into this great life that God has blessed me with!
Clifford McCaa
July 28, 2017 Encouragement
We love Andrew Wommack and his ministry. We went to the Ministers Conference in Woodland Park in 2014. We loved it. God Bless, Cliff
sumit joshi
July 27, 2017 Encouragement
i m blessed to read your article

Sherri Cager
July 27, 2017 Encouragement
Flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Wow, Andrew . On your show, The present day ministry of the Holy Spirit Tuesday 7/25 2017. Before you talked to the ppl watching, about compassion a word of knowledge in a word of wisdom . My girlfriend Lydia called me , as I was watching you I paused where I was and begin ministering to her about God's love to her . Andrew, the Holy Spirit gave me a word of wisdom and knowledge, just for her she began crying I begin crying speaking in tongues God gave me the interpretation of my tongue's about the love that God has for Lydia Shackle Ford . It was powerful . After ministering to her I went back listening to you, you started talking to the people stating I know that God has put someone on your heart to minister to. Andrew, I was thankful about how the Holy Spirit spoke.. What timing, "I said thank you Holy Spirit for speaking to me for Lydia ". Before, you Andrew could even say anything I was already there!!!!!!! thank you Holy Spirit . Thank you Andrew for allowing yourself to be lead and living your life through the Holy Spirit . You are right by saying, if it wasn't for the Holy Spirit I would not have known anything about you and I am so elated . You always have my support, oh yeah by the way, I am healed the manifestation of my healing came forth I no longer have type two diabetes yes !!!!!!! I stood on 1 Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5.
Brian & Sherry Christian
Northport, Al
July 27, 2017 Encouragement
Blessed, Blessed Blessed
My husband and I attended the 2017 Summer Family Bible Conference. I knew God wanted us to come. I felt like we would receive answers once we attended. We did!! My husband had never been to services like the ones you held. The very first night his leg was healed! Praise God and right after the service a man financially blessed us. We had not ever seen this man before. All I can say is God knows where you are and knows who to send to you. Never fret again!
The next day we were financially blessed again and the last day our wonderful neighbors at camp also financially blessed us. We so needed the money to get home. We went on a shoestring budget and returned home with ease.
Turning lots of folks on to Andrew Wommack and his awesome teachings!!
Thanks for your obedience to Christ Andrew Wommack!!