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James Kimani
Nairobi, Kenya
March 5, 2018 Encouragement
The Message of Grace Has Opened My Eyes
I started watching Andrew Wommack on TV some months ago here in Kenya and i must say it was timely! in my country a lot of what is preached is the law and performance. I have been a christian on and off for years because i never really felt like i measured up or was cut out for "this christian thing" . After some mistakes i would always feel like i'm wasting my time and that God is disappointed in me and doesn't love me as much because of it. BUT watching Andrew Wommack has been like a veil has been lifted off my face. The Gospel of Grace has changed my life and how i see myself, and most importantly, the knowledge of how God sees me. Knowing that i don't have to perform for God to attract his acceptance and love is life changing. Because i have been taught wrong for so long, there are times my mind will be tempted to cling to the old teachings of performance and law but then i remember the teaching of Andrew Wommack and i quickly counter those thoughts out loud with the True Gospel of Grace. Thank you so much Man of God. JM Kimani Nairobi, Kenya
Rebecca Samuel
Surrey, UK
March 4, 2018 Encouragement
Thank you Andrew!
Thank you Andrew for all that you do and for your wonderful teachings. They are so helpful and I am so so so glad and grateful that I was introduced to you. You have literally helped to change the way I think. The way you teach topics, even though you may be quite blunt sometimes, is great because it challenges my thinking. I just want to you thank you for being such a blessing. You said in your TV broadcast not so long ago that if we are blessed by what we're hearing, to let you know, and so this is what I'm doing! Oh and thank you for starting Charis, I have just started distance online learning and I'm just loving it. One day I know I will make it to your new facility in Colorado! Amen.
Sean Dames
Cape Town
March 3, 2018 Encouragement
Hi Andrew, Minister here from Cape Town. Wanted to thank you for your christian survival guide. Really helped me during a difficult time. Thank you. Your servant in Christ, Sean
John Skidmore
Powell, Ohio
March 3, 2018 Encouragement
Andrew, you said you wanted to hear from those of us who are "getting it" in regard to your teaching on Romans. Brother, I am getting it and I am being "freed" from the bondage of performance under which I was laboring and didn't even know it. In regard to our obedience to the law, I agree we need to obey in order to stop Satan in his tracks. Once truly free, it's not about "what" we do or "when " we do it, it's about "WHY" we do it. Appreciate you, Brother, keep it coming.
Susan Petrunic
March 2, 2018
God’s Grace coming alive!
Andrew, We want to thank you for allowing God to use you so mightily!!! I was raised a Baptist and my husband of 48 years was raised in the Catholic Church so condemnations were a stronghold in our lives. God has used you more than words can express in allowing us to see His Grace over us!!! This is the second time we ordered the Grace series but the first time we are really beginning to understand His Grace! The troubles in our children and grandchildren’s lives are many; Satan in working hard but our Faith is strong for our family! Thank you and Bless your ministry richly as you allow God to use you to reach the World!!! We are Blessed beyond measure from your teachings from God’s Precious Bible!!! I became a Christian Believer at 10 after the loss of my father from a sudden heart attack at the age of 49. I love the stories from your life as my life was so similar in situations. Grace was hard to believe and I couldn’t work enough to measure up. Thank you so much for helping us realize God Loves Us and His Grace has covered all of our sins!!!! Susan Petrunic
Tim Dickey
Prosper, TX
March 1, 2018 Encouragement
Transformed by the Word
My wife began a journey a number of months ago to discover the power of the spoken word. She encouraged me to begin my own journey and I was not receptive at first. I became receptive when I encountered a crisis in January 2018 which ultimate led to my termination from my job. The beauty was that God used that to show me how important my words are and the I need to completely change how I speak about life and challenges. As a result, I now speak life into my life and I have Andrew Wommack to thank for helping me discover the promises that are apart of the new covenant I have with the Father through Jesus Christ.
Lynette McColl
West Virginia
March 1, 2018 Encouragement
Grace Awakening
After listening to Andrew, I don't think, after 30 years, that I have really read the bible. It was a shocker to realize how much of the law my husband and I have been living under. We are now in the process of renewing our minds (especially along the lines of healing) so that both of us can release that which we already have!! Wrong teaching dies hard, but die it will. THANK YOU! We are alive in all aspects today, getting ready for retirement and looking forward for all He has for us and its because we "happened" across your TV show. Praise God!! We are grateful.
Rodney Crump
March 1, 2018 Healing
Pain free
Greetings ! Many years ago X-ray showed that i had degenerate disc disease , bulging disc which was very painful. I went to doctors for years because of it. Last year when Andrew taught on the subject of the Believers Authority , the word seem to explode inside my body then I said to myself , why am I living with pain, then I closed my notebook and stood up and put my fingers on that pain in my back then spoke directly to the pain in Jesus Name telling it to leave my body. Praise God , immediately that severe pain was removed! After that severe pain was gone , I could feel 5 or 6 less severe areas of pain that had surrounded the severe pain I had. 3 days later I again spoke directly to those areas of pain telling them to leave in Jesus Name and immediately all pain was removed ! I had been watching Andrew 5 days a week (and still do) . His program is very exciting and life changing for me ...the word of God and the truth in it explained plainly as Andrew does is exciting! Rodney
Sherri Stevens
Newport Beach
February 28, 2018
Hello Andrew. My name is Sherri Stevens. I am a long time listener and very grateful for your teaching ministry. I wanted to particularly encourage you regarding this latest series throuth Romans 6-7. WOW!!! Excellent! The Lord has also revealed to me that sin is a NOUN most of the time it is discribed in these chapters. OUR SIN NATURE IS CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST! We are now a new creation - created righteous and holy IN HIM!!! I don't know why it seems like you and I are the only 2 people on the planet to get that FREEING TRUTH of the gospel! Great job Andrew! Keep preaching TRUTH brother!!! GRACE to YOU! Sherri Stevens
Tebogo Kenneth Mofurutshe
South Africa
February 28, 2018 Encouragement
Preaching grace
Before I encountered Andrew on Gospel truth on tv I used to struggle to prepare sermon because I was still under the law unaware.
Now I don't struggle to prepare. I'm preaching grace and I feel very light and confidence on the pulpit.
Thanks to the gospel of grace. I'm watching Andrew everyday now.
Evans Sinkala
February 27, 2018 Encouragement
Andrew you the first preacher ever in my life that av heard say tithe is not a requirement for one to receive Gods blessings and I agree with you. What a radical message and I am sure u have stepped on toes of every other preacher but your message is correct. Please continue breaking these myths fought to us and be a pioneer of the true gospel. I feel compelled even to give support to your ministry.

Best regards
Connie LuHellier
Traverse City
February 27, 2018 Healing
The inside story
I watched Andrew's teaching on Romans about faith and God's amazing Grace. I had only watched three shows out of the series when I started reading my Bible, prayed about healing for my back..."by my stripes you are healed"...believed it had already been done, and it was gone. I was born again through Andrew's TV teachings. That was a little over 2 weeks ago. Since my back was healed, I wanted to thank God. So, I gave up smoking cigarettes after 37 years of smoking. God took away my urge to smoke within a day of me quitting for him. My faith has grown so much in such a short time from reading my Bible, watching Andrew's Romans series and listening to Christian music. I am now in a church that the holy spirit led me to, and so many more exciting things all in a few short weeks. I thank God and Jesus many times a day. I now want to say, "Thank you, Andrew!! I am 56 years old and that 'wilderness mentality' would have kept me dead had I not seen and heard you teaching from Romans. You have literally saved my life. Thank you seems so inadequate. May God continue to bless you, your family and everyone who hears your messages!!!"