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Fasika Babbesso
March 29, 2018 Encouragement
Bless You
I bless Andrew wommack ministry, in the name of Jesus.
Pamela Martin
Albany, Ga
March 29, 2018 Healing
God Loves Me!
Dear Andrew, I have a very long testimony but will shorten it. I am registered for your upcoming conference in Atlanta April 12-14 looking so forward to it. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. I went thru chemo and radiation then 2 major surgeries back thru chemo and another major surgery. No one thought I would live even my doctors that absolutely gave up on me 3 times. I am cancer free. From the moment I was told I never feared, I had a peace come over me that I was in Gods hands. Then because of the radiation damage my kidneys shut down and my bladder collapsed. I had to go on dialysis and still am on it. During this time my husband of 30 years left me. I know God has a very special destiny for me. Taking the word of God and Believing with all my Heart and Faith and speaking it out of my mouth I know it is the way to success in having my complete healing manifest here on the physical realm but have encountered much conterversary with many folks I know because of their teaching or flat out unbelief. I hope I can meet you and have you pray the prayer of faith with me for I know where 2 or more gather in MY NAME I WILL BE THERE ALSO! I know God never leaves or forsakes me. I thank you for your ministry and teaching it has opened my eyes to a very different way to see the word of God. There is much more to my testimony but I know God Loves Me and has a great destiny for me and in my heart I know it has something to do with getting the word of his healing to many many others. It’s been a long journey and only God knows what we have been through for he has been the one holding and carrying me when no one else was there. I pray all the Blessing God can pour out on you so you can continue to share the True Gospel! Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta.
Dorothy Haymond
Bungoma Kenya
March 29, 2018 Encouragement
Thank you
Happy 50 Anniversary from the Haymond Family. We love you and Jamie. God has blessed us by letting us know you two. You save babies life's by giving me a helping hand. Hugs from us all.
Dorothea Proctor
March 28, 2018 Encouragement
My understanding of the scriptures have increased. I watch the 6:30 am telecast and have been blessed.
Shannon Willey
March 28, 2018 Encouragement
Dear Andrew Wommack and Family, I just wanted to write you and tell you how grateful I am to this ministry. I have walked with the Lord for many years and have been involved in ministry and leadership. Fours years ago I had a surgery and left the church I was at for thirteen years. I went into a very difficult season of life and there just seemed to be no breakthrough. Between body pain and anxiety.....I despaired of life. I know how to pray....I have heard everyone from everywhere! But a month ago my twin sister told me ....about your teaching of the word. It has only been a month of listening but my sisters life and my life are changing. When I see that I was preaching and did not really understand the word of God - nor was I aligned with it properly for healing...nor was I living in faith in this word.....this revelation is changing my life. Your teaching and ability to describe how to walk in this the right truly remarkable. Two mornings now I have woke up speaking the word. My sister and I are radical we are watching you and studying everyday. I have had the benefit of being around many ministries in Canada and around the world.....yours is so different, so amazing!!! Love you and bless you forever.....I will continue to share our testimony......
Rochelle Holsinger
March 28, 2018 Encouragement
Blessed by Andrew
I work in Communication Services and I had a gentleman call in so thankful for Andrew's free CD policy! He wanted me to let Andrew know he is so thankful and that the Roman teaching is changing his life!
Gert Roux
South Africa
March 28, 2018
Thank You
I know it has been said a lot, all I can utter is thank you God.
Sue Hernandez
Mesquite, Texas
March 28, 2018
I was first attracted to Andrew's teachings a couple of years ago and have steadily increased the interest in those teachings since then. I was amazed when I found out that he originally started just down the road from where I live. That left a special place in my heart...also his down home comments that make me laugh and I love repeating to people. It is now a priority for me to listen to him every morning when I get up (even though I could watch it on my laptop anytime). God has been placing in my heart for me to become a partner for awhile now. I have a daughter that got married to a man in Uganda and they live in Kampala. I told her, "Andrew Wommack has an office there!" Just recently when I was still letting God prod me about partnership, she told me one day that she had met a woman that works at his office there and she told her how much I love Andrew. I thought that was a definite sign and then when I watched the 50th anniversary broadcast that was on all week it pretty much cinched the deal for me. What a blessing Andrew and Jamie are to God's ministry and so is everyone that works there! God bless you all!
Charmaine Gondo
March 28, 2018 Encouragement
Proverbs book
Dear Andrew. I wanted to thank you for the Proverbs book. I am using it as a study book, I am almost halfway. So every weekday i come from work get my Proverbs book, pen and notebook and just soak in God's truths. During the weekends I am in "school" full time. Honestly I am not even thinking the same, I can already see the results that's this book produces and I'm not even half way! it's almost like I am now seeing life through Proverbs tinted glasses:) Honestly i am being blessed by this book. God has used you in a powerful way where this book is concerned. Thank you so so much, after the Proverbs book i plan on studying the Life for today book on the Gospels. The Christian life is exciting i tell you:)
patricia dejohn
united states
March 27, 2018
Thank you
I am thanking God for your ministry. A year ago I had came back from Africa to the United States to prepare for full time ministry in Africa. All of a sudden I had an accident that cause me to lose my job , have surgery and has affected my health and so many other things. I still would seek God and pray but it was like I was stuck and could not move forward in my health and fiances. Then one day I had a dream or vision were a voice said" we wrestle not against flesh and blood". I looked up the verse prayed for understanding but no revelation came until, Holy Spirit led me to your teaching on youtube the believers authority. This teaching has begun to change my life. For a whole year I was stuck because of ignorance to Gods word on this subject. I wanted you to know how important that you do these study on youtube.
March 27, 2018
Thank you
thank you for continuing your study on proverbs as we found out when we had to call you when it was discontinued..we are somewhat disturbed that you now interrupt IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SESSION to solicit donations...we have been partners since 2006 and have honored you because you never asked for money and said God told you money was not a problem..We give exclusively to AWI now because we believe in what God has given you to you said a seed of $100,000 was planted and you were expecting hundred fold..that's what you have taught us to believe and we do also. Why do we as partners feel intimidated and offended that you now and even last year ask for special would seem that if God gave you the dream of completion and KC dedication that we could all trust Him to be faithful as Jesus said we are going to the other side!!!l..we will continue to support AWM but thought it important for you to know that we do it willingly and from our heart and do not have to be prodded..Please read this with an open is not the Andrew we know and love and trust. Thank you
Betty Shamley
River Forest Illinois
March 27, 2018
I am have been a partner with AWM for over 15 years. I am so blessed and grateful for the prayer ministry. I called in for prayer for my brother and I believe he is already healed. Rachel prayed with me for him. I am encouraged and excited about what GOD has already done. Thank the Lord for AWM!