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Tigistu Girma
March 25, 2018 Healing
delivered from religion
I thank God for this ministry because it's touching millions around the world and transforming every individual at a time.
Christina Powers
Tampa fl.
March 24, 2018 Healing
Effortless change
Thank you Andrew for teaching the Gospel Truth , it is THE ONLY thing on this planet that has helped me have a sound mind ( Proverbs 4:22 ) a few years ago I was in a mental hospital 2x because of mental breakdowns "bipolar ". But my husband and I have after those breakdowns in the last 4 years submerged ourselves in the truth of Gods Word by watching your Gospel Truth teaching on Roku (in a systematic way ) = What Jesus PROMISED In ( John 8:31-32 ) 31 "...If ye CONTINUE in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall KNOW the truth, and the truth SHALL make you free. And SELF condemnation & the looser (the devils) condemnation is what is THE biggest reason for mental illness But Jesus took the chastisement of MY peace on him so I don't EVER have to ~ ( Isaiah 53:4-5 ) Amen thank you Jesus & now 4 years later the Phycologist that I am seeing is so impressed with my mental stability he has never in 4 years had to adjust my medicine and now he is in the process of weening me down and he ask what am I doing , we tell him it's #1 Jesus as our savior and #2 abiding in His Word and our baptism in the HolySpirit has made Gods Word come to life like a 3-D movie , my husband says that Gods Word is like the Atlantic Ocean it looks so massive from the air but what many do not know is the depth goes for many miles . 4 years ago some well meaning people said you and your husband need to study everything about " mental illness " but we saw Connie wise coughs healing from cancer testimony and praise God we DECIDED to BELIEVE Jesus over the world system (Romans 8:6) thank you Andrew and all the partners and we are now partners to praise Jesus . effortless change is one of all of your powerful teachings Andrew , praise Jesus Thank you Andrew for your obedience to God ; Love in Christ Jesus Christina and Buddy Powers ( Col.2:6-7 )
David & Lindy Sweet
March 24, 2018 Healing
People healed on purpose
Congratulations Andrew on 50 years of Ministry. We thank God for you and your ministry. We saw and spoke with you on the Gold Coast in the year 2000 when you also announced you were going on TV. The most amazing moment for us was when we saw you personally minister to the sick. Something clicked in us and from that moment on we have consistently seen people both healed in their seats while we preach and experience instant manifestations of healing when we minister. Wow! We certainly caught something from you that night. We have been partners with you since around 2000. We count it a great privilege to be covenant partners with Andrew Wommack Ministries. A million thanks. We look forward to many more years of your excellent ministry. Pastors David & Lindy Sweet, Brisbane, Australia.
Linda Dees
Mobile, Alabama
March 24, 2018
Thank You
Thank you, Andrew for impacting the world with your ministry! On this day 50 years ago, you obeyed God and started really absorbing God's revelations through His Word.....Rick, myself, our family and friends have been so Blessed from your teachings.....multiple physical healings, emotional healings, financial breakthroughs and such a deeper relationship with Our Father! We now have such a better appreciation for the Ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus. THEN the revelation of Holy Spirit (our Helper) has been totally phenominal!! The Power and Authority is inside of each Believer!! Our lives are no longer ours.....we live in the JOY of the Supernatural Life!! Again, thank you and Jaime for everything you do for so many! Blessings and Favor to both of you! Rick and Linda
Sheila Murrell
March 23, 2018 Encouragement
Congratulations on your 50th. anniversary! Love and appreciate your ministry. Your teaching is right-on. Use your materials in my Sunday School class. Blessings to you and family!
Dave Brady
March 23, 2018 Encouragement
Trusting in God
I have just started watching you reading the book of Romans and you`ve opened my eyes. I am realizing things that I never understood. I always thought I had to be a certain way or God got angry with me or I had to do certain things for God to love me. You`ve opened my eyes to the fact God doesn`t love me more or less on my merits.
Jo-Ann Walker
March 23, 2018 Financial
Thank You
The ministry is always a blessing.Thank you Andrew and thank you Jaimie for your faithfulness .
Al Culp
March 23, 2018
Commuting with AWMI
Each weekday I have a 2 hour commute which has allowed me to listen to many MP3 files from your ministry. This has been a life changer. As Andrew says "I may not have arrived, but I have left...". Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you to teach us. We are blessed.
Marcea Patterson
March 23, 2018 Encouragement
I am so thankful for the AWMI 50th Year Anniversary celebration series this week. It has blessed me beyond words. I am so thankful I found this ministry and that I have such an awesome opportunity to be a blessing by sowing into this miracle. Look what God can do when you are willing to put your hand in the hand of God and say "wherever you lead I will follow, and I am taking others with me on this journey if they will step into this adventure with God." Thankful to be on the journey with God in this ministry vehicle. What a glorious ride. Andrew Wommack and Mrs. Wommack and the family of AWMI you are the friends of God changing how we see God in the earth today. Friends , I love you all. Great grace.
Nancy Thompson
Banning, CA
March 23, 2018 Healing
Healings in Yucaipa, CA
Hey Andrew, during the Yucaipa meeting years ago at Abundant Life when you taught on financial stewardship 2 people that were Deaf were healed. You asked in Portland if it was deafness or blindness. There you go! Woohoo
Nakibirige Mayanja
March 23, 2018 Encouragement
Congratulations 50yrs
Congratulations on your devotion to God and commitment to follow His prompting and leadership. Thanks for sharing especially through your candid approach to teaching the scriptures. I enjoy it very much and always strive not to miss any TV series. Keep doing what you do to make many more disciples than you will ever know. May God continue to bless you and Jamie as well as all in the ministry.
Dan and Nancy Thompson
Banning, CA
March 23, 2018 Encouragement
Dearest Andrew and Jamie, Congratulations on this 50 year anniversary!!!! We started benefiting from this in 1983 via your free tapes (hand me downs from JIM and LINDA Jones). Our foundation was Word of Faith and this amazing grace message began filling in the cracks we had! So our journey began! Thanks to the ministers conference, coming to our church, TV, conferences and an abundance of free tapes we are not just making it but our lives have been transformed, our church is solid and we are reaching people with this Gospel message. We appreciate you both so much. THANK YOU , THANK YOU. LOVE YOU GUYS, Dan and Nancy Thompson