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God Wants You Well

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God Want You Well


Although I don’t know everything there is to know about healing, I have grown a lot in this area, and consider it to be a real strength in my life. In fact, it’s now been almost forty years since I’ve had sickness win in my body. That doesn’t mean I’ve never had a problem. Along the way, I’ve had things attack me. One time, while I was making radio programs, all of the symptoms of the flu hit me. My sinuses stopped up, my nose ran, and I began to have aches, chills, and fever—all within a very short period of time. It took me about an hour praying over it, but then it was gone.

Probably one of the worst sicknesses that’s come against me these past forty years was the time I returned home from England and went right to work on my pond. Although I’d gone thirty-four hours without sleep, something had happened with the drain in the pond I was building on my property, so I had to attend to it immediately. Standing chest deep in cold water and working for about six hours while I was so weak, tired, and depleted was not smart on my part. Soon my nose began to run and my ears plugged up, yet I was able to overcome that runny nose in just about a day’s time. Although it took me a couple of days to get my ears unplugged, an outside observer probably wouldn’t have been able to tell that anything had occurred.

That’s the worst illness that I can remember dealing with in almost forty years. At the very beginning of this period of time, I was actually diagnosed with an incurable disease. However, within three days that same doctor pronounced me whole because I had received prayer and healing. So I’ve seen God heal me of a number of things.

Healing is a strength in my life. These truths I share in this book are working for me, and have been for decades. Even though I don’t understand everything there is to understand about healing, I know more than I’ll be able to talk about in this message. Please refer to the “Recommended Teachings” section for additional resources that will complement and expand on the truths contained here. My purpose in this book isn’t to teach healing in an exhaustive manner, but to lay a firm foundation.

How About You?

You need to consider the truths of God’s Word contained in this book. Although I’ve personally walked in divine health for a long time, it’s not because nothing has ever happened to me. I’ve been hurt, had accidents, and been attacked by sickness. I’ve had problems, but I’ve overcome them—and I’ve seen good health manifest in my own physical body for decades.

I’ve also ministered healing to multitudes of others. I’ve seen the blind receive sight. This includes both partially blind eyes that improved and totally blind eyes—that couldn’t even perceive light—opened. I’ve seen both totally and partially deaf people hear. I remember praying for people whose eardrums had deteriorated, or had even been surgically removed. God restored their hearing. I’ve seen individuals who couldn’t even talk because their larynx was gone receive a miracle and start speaking in tongues. I’ve seen thousands of people healed of arthritis and all kinds of pain. One man had a metal rod in his back that made him stand up straight. It was physically impossible for him to bend over, yet he received healing and bent over just fine. I’ve seen deformities healed, diseases cured, and people come out of wheelchairs.

I’ve personally seen three people raised from the dead, including my own son. He’d been dead for almost five hours, and had already turned black. His toe was tagged and he was lying on a slab in the hospital morgue, but the Lord raised him up—glory to His name!

I don’t share any of this to promote myself. I’m still learning about healing. There have been—and still are—times when I pray for people and they aren’t healed. But I’m getting better results today than ever before. I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left, and I’ve learned some important truths along the way.

How about you? Are you consistently walking in divine health? Are the people you pray for regularly healed? If not, then you ought to seriously consider the truths I’m sharing.

God’s Word Works

Please don’t mistake my confidence for arrogance, but this is an area of my life where I've seen results. I’ve personally ministered to probably hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve trained others and seen these truths work for them. A lot of ministers have told me how receiving a revelation of these same truths has enabled them to see many people they have prayed for healed. Some of these ministers have seen nearly every single individual they prayed for healed, including multiple people raised from the dead. God’s Word works!

I may not have it all figured out, but I know I’m going in the right direction. I’ve seen the power of God work again and again. If you’re prejudiced against healing and refuse to consider what the Word says, I probably won’t be able to help you. But if you genuinely desire to know about the divine healing that is available through the Lord Jesus Christ and faith in what He’s done, this book could literally change your life. At the very least, these truths can bring you to a level of success and victory in this area of healing equal to what God has given me. Again, I don’t claim to have arrived, but healing is manifesting itself in my life—not only just for me, but also for the people to whom I’ve been ministering.

As you humble yourself to receive God’s Word, I believe these truths will really help you too.

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