Character Studies
A Place Called There
The Lord told Elijah to hide by the Brook Cherith. He HAD commanded the ravens to feed him THERE. His provision would be found where God told him to go. Here is one of the greatest lessons of Elijah’s... More Info

David And Bathsheba
David was a great man of God, but he blew it as badly as any person in Scripture. The Bible very candidly reveals David's sin and its consequences so that we can learn how to avoid the same mistake... More Info

David Wasn't God's First Choice
It is encouraging to see how wonderfully God used David and yet realize that David wasn't God's first choice. In this teaching, Andrew proves that Saul was not a "fill-in" until David grew up — he was... More Info

Elijah's Downfall
Elijah succeeded as no other prophet. He started and ended a drought, multiplied food, raised a person from the dead, called fire down from heaven, and caused an entire nation to turn back to... More Info

Elijah's Translation
At the end of his life, Elijah only did two of the three things God asked him to do. Yet, he was translated into heaven by a whirlwind, escaping a natural... More Info

Holy Fire
God’s miracles always have a purpose. Elijah capitalized on the miracle of the drought to challenge the whole nation to a test. Who was serving the true God? What happened next teaches volumes... More Info

How To Become A Giant Killer
There wasn't any physical trait that gave David the edge over other Israelites; it was his heart and trust in God that allowed him to kill Goliath. Here, Andrew reveals several things that made David... More Info

Joseph As A Prisoner
Joseph was a man of integrity, but in his case, it landed him in prison. If there was ever a man with reason to be bitter, it was Joseph. Have you ever felt justified in your actions or attitudes because... More Info

Joseph As A Slave
Joseph was sold into slavery, but he wasn’t a slave. He had something on the inside that couldn’t be bought or sold. He knew what God had declared about him. You may be surprised at what that was. If you have... More Info

School Of Hard Knocks
You can learn things the way David did—through hard knocks—but it’s not recommended. Or, you can choose to learn from David’s hard knocks and save yourself the trouble! David thought... More Info

Success: The Greatest Temptation Of All
It’s easy to seek God when times are tough. But most Christians relax when things are good. It could have happened to Joseph, because in one inspired moment, God took him from rags to riches and from... More Info

Three Kings
This teaching contrasts three kings: Saul, David, and Absalom. Of the three, David was the only one with God's favor. This wasn't because God sovereignly chose David and rejected the others. Saul was... More Info

Tough Love
Sometimes love may not seem very loving. God had something He wanted to accomplish in the lives of Joseph’s family, and Joseph would be the tool. What may have seemed harsh was really an act of love. Listen as... More Info

Widow of Zarephath
This is a powerful story. Both Elijah and the widow woman received provision by faith through obedience. The lessons in this story will help you believe God when there is nothing in the natural to support... More Info

You Must Have A Dream
Joseph’s life began with a dream. There was power in that dream; it kept him focused through difficult times and restrained him when faced with temptations. Do you have a dream (vision or... More Info