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Healing Series

There are many objections to, and questions asked about, the revival of divine healing that has occurred in the last few decades. These teachings will systematically deal with the objections and give scriptural answers to every one. Plus, there is a practical application that will allow you to experience God's supernatural healing. This is an excellent series to share with those who are skeptical about healing.
Healing Is In Christ's Atonement
Did the death and resurrection of Jesus provide more than forgiveness of sin? According to the Scriptures, it did. Listen as Andrew explains. Healing was not only included in the sacrifice, but it’s... More Info

Healing Scriptures
This teaching is a collection of healing scriptures with soft background music. As you listen, your mind will be able to relax, and your faith will be built to receive your... More Info

Laws Of Faith
Laws govern the spiritual world just as they do the physical world. The power of electricity has always existed, but it’s only been in recent history that we understood the laws that allowed us to... More Info

What About Paul's Thorn In The Flesh?
In this message, Andrew teaches what Paul’s thorn in the flesh really was, and it wasn’t sickness. You won’t want to miss this... More Info

Why Isn't Everyone Healed?
If it’s God’s will to heal and if He has already made provision for healing, then what’s the problem? That is a universal question that Andrew addresses in this teaching. The answer will set you free... More Info

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