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God's Word must be the foundation of everything a Christian believes. When it's not – when we doubt His Word – the foundation of our faith cracks. God's Word is the incorruptible seed of His kingdom, intended to combat unbelief and produce a life of stability and fruitfulness.

We all have a system of thought and a lens we see the world through. A Sure Foundation will help you discover how to see your life through the lens of the Word of God!

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A Sure Foundation Online Course

Establish your footing on the firm foundation of God's Word and start experiencing life as God intended!

A Sure Foundation covers Andrew's teaching The Integrity of the Word, expounding on the truth, surety, and infallibility of God's Word. You will also study Andrew's teaching called Christian Philosophy, which shows us that we all have a system of thought, but challenges us to examine if it is according to the Word or the world.

A Sure Foundation Offer Includes:

  • Complete downloadable self-paced 8-lesson course
  • Teaching on The Integrity of God's Word and Christian Philosophy
  • Login credentials to the Charis Online system where you can take the exam and receive the course credit upon completion.

Price: $120 $0 (FREE)*

*Offer is valid until March 23, 2018. Content is downloadable for 12 months.

Charis Campus Days

At Campus Days 2018, held in Woodland Park, Colorado, join hundreds who have decided to stop and get a taste of Charis. For three days, April 4-6, 2018, experience rich teaching from Charis instructors, intimate praise and worship from the Charis Worship team, camaraderie of like-minded believers and Charis students, and an atmosphere saturated with the presence of God.

Grace Partnership

All of this is possible through Andrew's partners who have been impacted by the message of God's love and grace, and are now sowing into this ministry so that we can continue to reach as far and deep as possible with the Gospel. If you have been blessed by this ministry, consider becoming a Grace Partner today!