Inside Story 40

Episode 40

Andrew Wommack interviews Daniel Amstutz and Marcia Alverson of the Charis Bible College Worship School.

Inside Story 39

Episode 39

Andrew Wommack interviews Stephen Bransford and Tim Swartz about the Charis Bible College Media School.

Inside Story 38

Episode 38

Andrew Wommack interviews Delron Shirley and Michelle Patterson about the Charis Bible College Missions School.

Sanctuary 3D Flyover

The Sanctuary 3D Flyover

This video shows a 3D rendered flyover of The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado. This video gives a sneak peak of Andrew Wommack’s vision for the Charis Bible College campus.

Inside Story Episode 16

Episode 16

Andrew Wommack interviews Daniel Amstutz, Director of Charis Bible College Worship and Healing Schools.

Inside Story Episode 12

Episode 12

Andrew Wommack interviews Bob Yandian about the Charis Bible College Ministry School.

Inside Story Episode 11

Episode 11

Andrew Wommack interviews Paul Milligan, AWM CEO and Director of the Charis Bible College Business School.

Inside Story Episode 6

Episode 6

Andrew Wommack interviews Charis Bible College Director, Gary Luecke, as he shares his personal testimony.

Inside Story Episode 2

Episode 2

Andrew Wommack shares information about the Charis Bible College Healing School.


CBC Weekend

CBC Weekend March 12-14, 2009 on “The Importance Of The Word.”