Episode 52

Andrew leads a walking tour of the Phase 2 construction progress and shows 3D renditions of the future property end state.


Episode 51

Construction continues to progress at a steady rate. New exciting prospects have arisen for the parking garage and student housing.


Episode 50

God is doing great things and we’re making a lot of construction progress. In the Phase 2 Auditorium, most of the concrete has been poured and most of the steel studs have been installed. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work continues.

Construction 41

Episode 41

Andrew continues construction on the new office spaces.

Construction Update 40

Episode 40

Charis Bible College is growing rapidly and construction is set to finish in the Summer of 2017.

Construction Update 39

Episode 39

Partial construction is underway to build our Communication Center and offices. Windows have been completed.

Construction Update 38

Episode 38

Although construction has been paused, all of the windows were already ordered and are being installed.

Construction 37

Episode 37

Much of the sheet rock is done and the roof is almost finished but most construction has been temporarily suspended.


Episode 36

The flat roof is finished and plastic is raised to begin pouring the floor of the building.

Construction Update 25

Episode 35

The steel is being fire-proofed and plastic is being raised to begin weather-proofing the building.

Construction Update 34

Episode 34

Construction is ramping back up. Concrete is being poured and the roof is being installed.

Sanctuary 3D Flyover

The Sanctuary 3D Flyover

This video shows a 3D rendered flyover of The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado. This video gives a sneak peak of Andrew Wommack’s vision for the Charis Bible College campus.

Construction Update 33

Episode 33

The roof will be completed by the end of October 2015 and praise God, we’re doing it all debt free.

Construction Update 32

Episode 32

The steel is complete and Andrew shares the financial condition of Phase 2.


Episode 31

Andrew walks us through Phase 2 of the construction process.

Construction Update Episode 28

Episode 30

Andrew gives an update from the newly poured auditorium balcony.

Construction Update

Episode 29

With exterior walls now raised, Andrew gives a break-down of the new building layout.

Construction Update Episode 28

Episode 28

Andrew narrates a drone tour of the property and construction progress.

Construction Update Episode 27

Episode 27

Walls are being erected at the Sanctuary during Phase 2.

Construction Update Episode 26

Episode 26

Much of the below-ground Phase 2 construction is now complete.

Construction Update Episode 24

Episode 24

The Phase 2 foundation and walls are starting to be poured and Andrew updates us on the financial status of the project.

Construction Update Episode 23

Episode 23

Andrew shares the progress of Phase 2 excavation and highlights other projects around the property.

Construction Update Episode 22

Episode 22

With the building footers now paid for, Andrew shares his needs for Phase 2.

Construction Update Episode 21

Episode 21

The Andrew Wommack Ministries staff outline where the next building will be erected in Andrew and Jamie’s first construction update for Phase 2.