Episode 52

Andrew leads a walking tour of the Phase 2 construction progress and shows 3D renditions of the future property end state.

Construction Episode 49

Episode 49

A lot is being accomplished inside the building, work on the auditorium is really moving along, and we are believing God that we will be able to continue at this pace.

Construction Update 48

Episode 48

65-70% of construction is complete and we’ve occupied about 25% of the building, but a decision needs to be made in January 2017 regarding the pace at which we are building.

Construction Update 46

Episode 46

Great progress is being made on the auditorium.

Construction Update 45

Episode 45

We are now occupying about 25% of our Phase 2 building.

Construction Update 44

Episode 44

We are about 10 days away from moving in to a portion of our Phase 2 building.

Construction Update 43

Episode 43

Our Communications Center is almost finished and we hope to occupy a portion of Phase 2 by July 31, 2017.

Construction Update 42

Episode 42

We’ve come a long way. Walls are being painted and ceilings are being put in in Phase 2.