Episode 58

Andrew interviews Van and Regina Smith, pastors of The Solid Rock of Atlanta, about the Continuing Education Program for Ministers.


Episode 57

Andrew Wommack interviews Mike and Caroline Hoesch as they share about Mike’s miraculous healing.


Episode 56

Andrew Wommack interviews Clay Caldwell, Charis Recruiting Manager, a prodigal son who returned to his heavenly Father. Clay has been dramatically changed by Andrew’s teaching and Charis Bible College.


Episode 55

Andrew Wommack interviews Bryan and Sue Nutman.

The Inside Story: Episode 54

Episode 54

Andrew Wommack interviews Paul Milligan, CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Director of the Charis Bible College Business School, and Billy Epperhart, Board of Directors Member of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Instructor at the Charis Bible College Business School.

The Inside Story: Episode 53

Episode 53

Andrew Wommack interviews Jeff Serio, founder of European Initiative.


Episode 47

Andrew Wommack interviews Lance Williams as he shares his testimony.