Testimony - 10/17/08
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10/17/08  —  “… there was a lack of oxygen to our son’s brain and he died…”

My wife went through extensive labor with my son. She was in labor for twenty-nine hours, twenty-seven of which were after her water broke. Because of the extensive labor, there was a lack of oxygen to our son’s brain and he died. When he came out, he was blue in color, he was not breathing, and his heart was not beating. The nurses were in a panic and frantically did CPR. But it was to no avail. If it had not been for Andrew Wommack’s teaching on unbelief and the authority of the believer, my son would not be keeping us awake at night to be fed. My wife and I declared the Word of God that Benjamin will LIVE and not DIE. And when we had prayed and taken our stand, the boy’s chest moved. The words fail me for the gratitude I have toward God, who wants only good for us, and Andrew, for taking heed to the call of God on his life. Let these two words suffice for now: THANK YOU.

J. E. Cape Town, South Africa