Gospel Truth Seminars

For Andrew and Jamie, the ministry has always been about people. Andrew knows that to be effective in ministry on radio and television, he must always maintain personal interaction with those who are following and depending on the ministry. This is a fundamental principle that many ministers have forgotten. Radio and television make it possible to reach millions with the good news, but they never afford the opportunity for personal interaction that keeps a ministry fresh and in touch with the needs of people.

Andrew has taught and ministered to thousands in America and around the world, in churches and at special events. In those meetings, he always took time to minister to the needs of people and talk with them as time permitted. But it wasn’t enough, and he knew the time was fast approaching when he would need to host his own meetings.

Andrew wanted to minister the Word and healing to more people directly. He wanted the opportunity to talk with more people about their needs and how the ministry was meeting them. And, he wanted to personally thank all those who had entered into partnership with him to help fulfill this vision. To accomplish that, it required venues that could serve large numbers of people at neutral locations where all would feel welcome. It required more than a single Sunday morning or evening service to teach a message effectively. So, in 2003 the first three-day Gospel Truth Seminar was held in Kansas City at the Marriott Hotel.

That was the beginning of the Gospel Truth Seminars that are now held in major cities across America. Andrew and Jamie cordially invite you to attend a GTS in your area. Check out Andrew’smeeting schedule for listings.