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The Answer’s Simple—Obedience Is the Question

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Have you ever wondered why people genuinely find the answer to that question puzzling? “And God created…every living creature that moveth…and every winged fowl after his kind…. [22] And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply.” Genesis 1:21-22a, emphasis mine The answer is only puzzling if…

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Can a Vacation Save Your Family’s Lives?

Recently Eileen Quinn, a writer for Andrew Wommack Ministries, sat down with Carlie Terradez, the AWM conference manager, to talk about the upcoming Summer Family Bible Conference, July 4-8, in Woodland Park, Colorado. Eileen Quinn: Themes always say a lot about the conference. What’s the theme for this year’s Summer Family Bible Conference? Carlie Terradez:…

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The Charis Campus Days Experience

Greg Mohr, the new director of Charis Bible College, sat down with Eileen Quinn, a content assistant in the AWM Publications Department, to discuss Charis’s upcoming Campus Days event. Eileen, now a Third-Year Ministry Track Student, made a decision to come to Charis Colorado after hearing God’s call at Campus Days 2013. Eileen Quinn: Hi,…

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