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Gospel Truth Conferences

Join Andrew Wommack and one of our featured guest speakers for a free Gospel Truth Conference!

Expect to receive a new and profound revelation as you hear the truth of God’s Word taught with clarity and an emphasis on God’s unconditional love and grace for you. Register or find event details below.

Upcoming Events

Texas Gospel Truth Seminar

May 2nd, 2019 - May 4th, 2019

Washington D.C. Gospel Truth Conference 2019

Sep 19th, 2019 - Sep 21st, 2019

Phoenix Gospel Truth Conference 2020

Jan 2nd, 2020 - Jan 4th, 2020

Chicago Gospel Truth Conference 2020

Jul 30th, 2020 - Aug 1st, 2020

Experience Truth

The Gospel Truth Conferences will provide a special environment where you can be refreshed in worship and saturated in God’s Word. We aim to reveal the truth about who God is and to encourage you in your relationship with Him. As you gain a revelation of who God is and His unconditional love for you, you can expect to be healed, set free, prosper, and have a positive impact on those around you.

Featured Speakers

Andrew Wommack

Speaking in all locations

Duane Sheriff

Speaking in Orlando, FL

Greg Fritz

Speaking in Phoenix, AZ

Jeremy Pearsons

Speaking in Washington, DC

What Attendees Are Saying

“It’s such an important teaching, and it’s one you could hear over and over and over again. The way Andrew teaches and the impact he’s had on my life is building and reinforcing me in faith.”

Deanne Gissel

“I couldn’t raise my left arm any higher than my shoulder. Prayer ministers prayed, and I could feel something loosen. They asked me how I felt, and it pulled a little. So, they prayed again, and that’s when I started smiling. I could lift my arm up, and it was completely healed.”

Gaylan Attena

“It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. The atmosphere and praise and worship are just different than watching online, on TV, or on DVD.”

Laurel Tucker