Fruitfulness in Uganda

Over fifteen years ago, God opened the door for Andrew Wommack Ministries to begin touching lives halfway across the world through Lighthouse Television. There, in the African country of Uganda, Pastor Herbert Kiwanuka desperately needed an encouraging word from God. He had received a revelation of the Gospel of grace and for several years had faithfully preached it in the face of harsh criticism. But he was getting tired.

“I was [close to] giving up. [I thought,] How can it be only me who is right and all others are wrong? I had started drifting away.” Then, one day, Paster Herbert heard a man on television preaching the message of grace. It was like enjoying cold water in the midst of a desert. “I [finally] found a man who spoke the truth. At least [now] I knew I was on the right track.”

Hearing that broadcast became a turning point in Pastor Herbert’s life. He longed to hear more from this man and perhaps to meet him, but that dream felt like a fairy tale. “As the show was closing, I rushed around to get paper so I [could] write down his contact [information]. By the time I [was ready], the show was done.” Herbert wondered how he was to meet a man he didn’t know how to contact, but God assured him that “he would meet [Andrew Wommack] and work with him.”

Andrew preaching with Pasor Herbert at Glory Church of Christ

In 2006, Andrew visited Uganda and held his first Gospel Truth event in Kampala. There, he met with Pastor Herbert, and the two began a fruitful partnership. Since that time, thousands of people in Uganda have heard the true message of the Gospel and are being discipled through churches like Glory of Christ (Pastor Herbert’s church outside Kampala) and Charis Bible College Uganda.

After meeting with Andrew in 2006, Pastor Herbert’s vision expanded beyond the four walls of his church. His desire to transform his community by “raising up godly leaders and establishing businesses that glorify Christ” was birthed. And he got started right where he was.

The church began improving its infrastructure to include a paved road, designated parking, and “western” toilets with the goal of becoming a valuable resource to the community and a source for jobs.

In 2011, they opened a medical center as a “tool for presenting the love of Christ to the sick through health services and prayer.”

Before and after, the church gets an upgrade of tarmac for the parking lot.
Before and after, the church gets an upgrade of tarmac for the parking lot.

The medical center during a community immunization project.
The medical center during a community
immunization project.

Thanks to the support and connections of Andrew Wommack Ministries, this center has become a fully functioning, affordable healthcare option for the community.

In recent years, they have begun other outreach projects as well. They currently run an IT department that serves both church and community, a children’s fund that provides educational grants, a microfinance center that provides members with loans to start their own businesses, and a farm that provides the entire community with the education and practical skills they need to make a living off the land.

Through connections like Billy Epperhart (with Tricord Global) and Mark Rowe (AWM’s director of international operations), Pastor Herbert is seeing his vision come to pass and is developing these programs into ones that can be replicated throughout Africa.

Offering computer repair and software training is part of the larger vision.

Dynamic children’s ministry.
Dynamic children’s ministry.

Your partnership is helping us reach farther and deeper with the Gospel than ever before. Thank you!