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Take the Gospel farther and deeper.

Every day, Andrew Wommack Ministries connects people around the world to God through the Gospel. Hurting people are transformed from the inside out as they learn what it means to love and to be loved – God’s way.

When you give to Andrew Wommack Ministries you:

  • Share the Gospel of God’s unconditional love and grace through TV, the internet, books, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Give free books, study guides, and teachings to inmates and those who need it the most.
  • Raise up disciples through Charis Bible College to found churches and missions all across the globe; to influence their communities; and to help them find and fulfill their callings.
  • Disciple pastors and leaders on every continent through our Discipleship Evangelism program, sowing into their communities and feeding them both physically and spiritually.
  • Join Andrew and every minister he raises up to preach, teach, and serve. Your financial support is what makes this possible!

What people are saying

"Praise be to God Almighty. Since 2013 when I discovered Andrew Wommack Ministries Teachings, my Family has come closer to God after knowing the truth taught by this blessed Ministry. I am a happy grandmother. We have been blessed with five new members every year after many years of barrenness. I have been suffering from High Blood Pressure for 15 years and healed at the Summer Family Conference… May Yahweh continue to lead you so you can continue to enlighten us who have been in the darkness. God bless you all at AWM. I love you big."
Telemark, Norway
The other day I burnt my fingers very bad and was in excruciating pain and I knew that I would be in pain for probably 45 minutes….I began rebuking the pain and declaring my fingers were healed and all pain disappeared in approx 1 minute time! I was on cloud 9….thanks to Andrew for teaching me the true gospel, it has truly changed my life.
"OMG Andrew’s teachings changed my life! …I found Andrew, I bought all his books and audibles and devoured them in a month and started over again. It cleared my head from all the misleading teachings and now everything make sense. God also told me to go to the Family Bible Conference so I reserved the tickets and the accommodation. I can’t wait to be there. Thank you Sir, You are a blessing!"

Why Become a Monthly Partner?

Monthly Partners are an essential part of this ministry.

Partnership is the intentional sowing and watering of seed to ensure a fruitful harvest. It is the steady stream of income from Monthly Partners that allows us to plan and prepare for projects around the globe.

Your monthly commitment is changing lives and communities throughout the world – from operating an international prayer line with over 100 phone ministers to broadcasting the Gospel Truth daily on over 450 TV stations globally. None of this would be possible without our Monthly Partners!

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Other Ways to Give

Did you know that you can sow noncash gifts into the kingdom? You can give assets such as stocks, IRAs, cars, real estate, and more.

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What people are saying

I have been watching Gospel Truth program for a couple years now. I received revelations that set me free Thanks to your clear direct teaching. Since the current virus craziness, Andrew, you share Gods truth and you are a living example too. I greatly appreciate the many ways you reach out. When I need some encouragement, I can access your wonderful resources. Thank you for your heart.
McMinnville, OR
"I thank God for access and interaction with the Andrew Wommack resources; You have demystified ALL what I thought was true gospel… I am free from alcohol and perversion; my marriage is strong and my relationship with my 3 children has grown."
I read this book recently and it turned my prayer life right-side up! I prayed for my 3 year old daughter, who had a disease on her skin and palms (they were rough and itchy and we’re peeling all the time)! I had failed to get the right medication… I spoke to and cursed the disease and exercised my authority with a renewed mind and knowledge and confidence in what God’s Word says! It’s amazing how simple these things are, yet we are simply not taking what rightly belongs to us in Jesus. Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you Andrew Wommack.
Uganda, East Africa