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Charis World Outreach

The message that the Lord has given to Andrew has the power to change the way the body of Christ sees God. Thousands have already experienced tremendous change, but there are millions who have not yet heard.

Even with the power of radio and television, Andrew can’t do it alone. Hundreds more must be prepared to proclaim the message. Andrew said it this way, “I firmly believe that any ministry which is not reproducing itself by making disciples (Matt. 28:19) is failing to do what the Lord told it to do.”

That is one of the primary reasons he founded Charis Bible College. And now, CBC has become a powerful outreach as extension colleges are launched around the world. It’s the perfect training ground for the preparation and development of ministry teams. These graduates multiply many times over the impact Andrew could ever have as an individual.

Charis Bible College is the perfect training ground for the preparation and development of ministry teams. But once they are trained, they must be sent.That is why Andrew has recently launched CBC World Outreach.

This arm of the ministry, (it is not a separate non-profit organization) provides the funds to help launch and support new extension schools. It also offers the invaluable wisdom of seasoned and experienced ministers to encourage and help those working on the mission field. Administrative, accounting, and other practical services are provided as well.

If you would like to be a part of helping send these great people around the world to proclaim the message of God’s unconditional love and grace, then become an CBC World Outreach Partner. Only eternity will tell how many lives were changed because of your commitment.

National & International Charis Extension Schools

In 1997, Charis Bible College-U.K., our first extension school, was founded in South Chard, England. The school moved to Coventry in 2000, and in the fall of 2005 opened the doors at the new facility in Walsall — a facility capable of handling the tremendous growth we are now experiencing at CBC-U.K., and housing the offices of AWM of Europe.

Charis Bible College-Russia is located in St. Petersburg, Russia and was our second extension school. Other international extension schools have opened as well, with many more to come. People from every continent are hungry for the truth of the Gospel, and with your help we will be there to train and equip local leaders who can effectively reach the people of their native countries.

Charis Bible College of Chicago began in 2003 and was our first CBC extension school in America. In 2005 we opened the doors of CBC Atlanta and have plans to launch many more in the future.

Extension schools are patterned after the Colorado college, with the same vision, mission, and curriculum but retain the flexibility to adapt to their location and culture.

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