Who Told You That You Were Naked? - Book

Are you struggling with fear of the future? Do you constantly see yourself in defeat? If so, your conscience is showing its face.

Every person has a conscience, but not everyone knows how it operates. Because of that, anxiety and guilt are taking over many people’s lives. But your happiness and success are God’s best, and His Word can show you how to live in freedom.

In his book Who Told You That You Were Naked?, Andrew uncovers the lies you’ve heard and shares truths to overcoming them once and for all. You will understand your conscience and where it came from as you learn how to choose freedom instead of condemnation.

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The Heart of Christmas - DVD

An original musical that has premiered on stages around the world, The Heart of Christmas is a story within a story. Ruth, a young girl who escapes World War II in Europe, finds a new home and family in America. She learns about Christmas for the first time as her new grandmother reads her a book called The Servant King, a family favorite passed down from generation to generation. You can now get The Heart of Christmas on DVD! Enjoy the music and traditions of an American family Christmas that are a joy for all ages.

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