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Questions About Monthly Updates

How do I install Monthly Updates?

  1. Open the WORDsearch app
  2. Right-click on “Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary” in the library
  3. Click “Update Book” from the menu that pops up
  4. Click on “Update From Internet”
  5. Click “Yes” when it asks if you’d like to install the book now.

What if I miss an update?

Simply install the latest update; past updates are included in the current month’s file.

What are the monthly updates?

Andrew is continually studying the Bible and writing new Commentary notes. The monthly updates contain these new notes.

How many new notes will I receive each month?

The number of new notes varies depending on how much time Andrew has to write them each month. The average for the last eight years has been about 100 per month.

Can I download at work and install at home?

Yes, the updates can be downloaded on a computer at work or school and then installed on your computer at home.

How can I tell if the update worked?

In the Living Commentary, go to Genesis 1:1, and click the green “previous chapter” arrow. This will take you to the title page. It will show in big blue text the month you have installed.

What do the updates cost?

There is no extra charge for the updates, they are free to all Living Commentary owners.

How long will you be doing monthly updates?

Andrew plans to produce new material for the Living Commentary for the foreseeable future.

How often do I need to update?

Since Andrew publishes new notes every month, we recommend updating on a monthly basis.