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Alistair Porter

Alistair Porter’s Healing Journey

Believing God’s Word over Man’s

“His head was so swollen and misshapen, he was almost unrecognizable. His eye was so swollen and purple and black, it looked as if someone had taken a tennis ball and put it underneath his eyelid.”

When a freak roofing accident left Alistair Porter barely alive in a coma, his wife, Trina, had a choice. Would she choose to believe the doctor’s report that he would not survive, or would she believe God’s Word?

Prior to this decision, Trina had taken on the burden of getting her best friend, Linda, healed from cancer. It was during this time that she came across the teachings of Andrew Wommack when he visited a church near her home in Glasgow, Scotland.

“We went forward with the idea that Andrew would pray for Linda,” Trina shares. “Before we even got there, Andrew had turned around, and he walked over. He pointed at me and said to me, ‘You’re not responsible.’”

Although Andrew’s word of knowledge was a hard pill to swallow, Trina knew firsthand that he was a man in tune with the Holy Spirit, and she desired to learn more from him. Trina says, “I got hold of more of Andrew’s teachings, and that put flesh on the bones of what I’d already experienced.”

Unknown to Trina, Andrew’s teachings were actually preparing her for a different war, an attack that would take place on her husband’s life. This battle did not start with a trumpet blast but with the ringing of the kitchen phone; Al had fallen off a roof while working. Unable to pray for himself and unable to believe for his own healing, Al’s life became Trina’s responsibility.

Trina immediately sought God in prayer. “So, I just said to God, ‘Al’s fallen off a roof. What’s going on?’ and God just said to me, ‘He’ll be all right.’” God’s response put Trina’s mind at ease, until she arrived at the hospital.

“I wasn’t prepared for what I saw,” Trina says. “Al had fallen approximately thirty-five feet from the top of the apex of the building he was working on, and he’d fallen headfirst onto concrete.” She continues, “His head was so swollen and misshapen, he was almost unrecognizable. His eye was so swollen and purple and black, it looked as if someone had taken a tennis ball and put it underneath his eyelid.”

Trina stood there in shock as the doctors told her that the fall should have killed her husband instantly. As they explained that he had three embolisms on his brain and that surgery would only result in either permanent brain damage or death, Trina quietly had her own conversation with God. “In my head I said to God, You said he’d be okay. And God very clearly said to me, ‘And I haven’t changed My mind.’”

Trina knew what her choice was. In the middle of the chaos, she boldly told the surgeon, “You’re a very clever man. I don’t think you get more clever than a brain surgeon, but God told me he would be all right. So, I want you to do the surgery.”

To the doctor’s amazement, Al survived the surgery that night. As far as the medical staff could tell, the operation was a success, so they moved him to another ward. However, Trina could see that Al was deteriorating.

“I went and I said to the nurse, ‘I don’t want to be difficult. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I’m insisting now that you get the surgeon back up.’” Trina continues, “The doctor came back in, and he just took one look at Al and he said, ‘Get him into the emergency unit again. We’re losing him!’”

Before operating on Al, Trina had to sign a form, granting the surgeons permission to remove the front part of his brain so that they could access the embolism further back. Although the doctors did not have much hope for Al’s survival, Trina knew that God wanted her husband well. She refused to say otherwise.

“The doctor said, ‘We have no idea what the contraindications will be,’ and again I said, ‘God said he will be all right. So, you go in there, and I promise you, this will be the best day’s work you’ve ever done.’”

As Alistair was prepped for surgery, Trina did more praying. “I said, ‘God, I need more than this. I need physical scripture in front of me,’ and He gave me Psalm 91.” Trina continues, “I said to the few people who were with me in the room, ‘Here it is; this is God’s word to Al. This is God’s Word. And if you don’t believe it and you don’t believe he’s going to make a full recovery, you can get out now. This is it: Psalm 91.’”

It was a long night for both the surgeons and the Porters. Instead of meditating on how one wrong, tiny slip of the surgeon’s hand would cost Alistair his life, Trina focused on God’s promise in Psalm 91:16: “With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.”

As Trina remembers that night, she says, “We were all in the family room, and the surgeon came to the door. It was the middle of the night—about four in the morning—and he just leaned against the doorjamb. He was still in all his greens [with] the little mask around his neck.” Trina continues, “He just smiled, and I said to him, ‘Best day’s work you’ve ever done?’ and he said, ‘Yep.’”

With the three embolisms removed, Al awoke from his coma and recovered at a supernatural pace. There was no permanent brain damage to be found, and just three weeks after the accident, Al was ready to be released! As Alistair describes the opinion of one consultant, he says, “He was pointing to heaven, and he said, ‘Someone likes you up there; you are a walking miracle.’”

Thanks to the friends and partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries, people like Trina are learning their true identity in Christ, and walking miracles like Al become reality.
While sharing his gratitude, Alistair says, “I want to say thank you to all the partners of Andrew Wommack because I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you today if it wasn’t for them.”