John Kimani Destiny Story

John Kimani

It’s the same all over the globe: change your life, change your world. That’s the story of John and Grace Kimani, ministers from Kenya who left everything to attend Charis. Now that they have returned home, find out how they’re spreading the good news of God’s love and grace.

Dottie Haymond Destiny Story

Dottie Haymond

After graduating from Charis Bible College, Dottie Haymond was called to mother and disciple children in Kenya, Africa. Today, children who were neglected or unwanted are being cared for and taught the love of God.

Carrie Pickett

Mike and Carrie Pickett

Carrie went to Russia as a young single girl after graduating from Charis Bible College. She found her American husband-to-be, Mike Pickett, in Russia, and they married in 2006. She has been directing our Bible school in St. Petersburg for the last seven years.

Nicola Appelbe

Nicola Appelbe

Nicola graduated from Charis Bible College and joined the team at the Charis Bible Training Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. She fell in love with the Russian people and learned the language. Nicola started Hope for Tomorrow, a ministry that reaches out to orphans and the elderly.

Leland Shores

Leland Shores

Leland, a successful businessman, heard God speak to him in 2004. He followed the leading of God to sell all he had, resign from his current job, and move to Colorado where he attended Charis Bible College. There he received God’s call to minister to the people of Uganda.


Jeff and Autumn Nakkula

When God gives a promise, He fulfills it in His own way and timing. It can even be surprising how He does it. Read the story of two Charis graduates, Jeff and Autumn Nakkula, and watch God bring them together to fulfill their destiny at Charis Bible College.

Destiny Stories


Destiny Stories tells the true stories of ordinary people whose lives were completely transformed in the pursuit of their destinies. They came from diverse backgrounds and, but share one common desire: They all longed to know their purpose in life.