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Julieann Hartman

Julieann Hartman’s Healing Journey

From Fear to Freedom: Overcoming Fibromyalgia

Julieann Hartman always had a busy schedule. However, it wasn’t because she was a full-time fitness instructor and mom. She was both of those things. But it was because Julieann chose to live her life in perpetual motion to escape the fear that took root in her as a child. This suppression of fear eventually caught up with her in the form of fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and mood swings.

“It started with a lot of lower back pain, . . . pain in my legs, pain in my hands, and then it felt like I had the flu 24/7,” Julieann says. “I was used to working out five, six hours a day, six days a week. When I started not feeling well, I couldn’t do any of that.”

Without the ability to work out, Julieann lost her main diversion from fear. Instead of just being physically crippled from fibromyalgia, she was now emotionally tormented as well. As her husband, Butch, recalls, “It was really shortly after she stopped that I started noticing a huge change. The word despair is the word I would use.”

Being a successful Hollywood producer, Butch could afford to send Julieann to all the best doctors in Los Angeles. Since fibromyalgia is scientifically incurable, they turned their attention to alternative doctors for a solution. “My day planner was filled with doctor appointments—$300,000 on alternative doctors [and] holistic doctors.” Julieann continues, “They just kept saying, ‘We don’t know what to do. Here, take this pill. And here, take this.’ This went on for three years.”

As time went by with no improvement, Julieann found herself in a similar situation to the woman in the Bible who’d had the issue of blood for twelve years (Luke 8:43-48). Just like that woman, who’d spent everything she had on doctors but to no avail, Julieann was desperate for a cure. It was around that time when she came upon a man on television she hadn’t noticed before.

“I was home a lot and I would leave the TV on, and it would constantly play every ministry possible,” Julieann recalls. “Well, this man came on and he was really boring.” With the remote in her hand, Julieann was ready to turn him off, until something caught her ear.

“I don’t know what the teaching was, but it was him saying that there was a man who had Parkinson’s. And so Andrew says, ‘So, I say to him, “Just tell your hand to stop shaking.”’ . . . So [the man] said, ‘Hand, stop shaking.’ And it did!” Julieann continues, “So, I’m watching this going . . . what? But there was something about it that . . . just caught me.”

Intrigued, Julieann went on Andrew’s website, where she began soaking up all his teachings. Butch explains, “I watched her as she watched every Andrew episode. She downloaded everything online she could get.”

In addition to Andrew’s teachings, Julieann found inspiration in the healing journey of Niki Ochenski. “All the symptoms she had of being sensitive to cleaning solutions, hair products, lotions, perfumes. I couldn’t be around anything that had a smell. She was the same way!” Julieann says. “To watch that girl sit in a bedroom at the end that was painted was . . . a miracle!”

Determined to get the same results as Niki, Julieann dedicated even more of her free time to listening to Andrew’s teachings and studying God’s Word. “There was a two-week period where I was, like, that’s it. I’m not moving out of this house. I’m canceling everything, and I am just going to listen,” Julieann says. “When I listened to God Wants You Well and You’ve Already Got It!, I’m like, wait. This isn’t God holding out on me; this is me not receiving what God already did for me!”

From that revelation, Julieann started claiming the healing that already belonged to her. “I walked through my hallways going, ‘In the name of Jesus, stop being numb. Numbness, you are dead. You get out of my body now in the name of Jesus! Get out of my body! Pain, back pain, get out of my body! I don’t care what’s been spoken over me or whatever anybody told me or said I have. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke all of that and, body, you come back to life now!’”

Although Julieann said all the right things, her healing did not come all at once. Undeterred, she continued to press into God’s Word until, little by little, all her symptoms melted away. “It was a progressive healing, but the only reason it was progressive is because I made it progressive.” Julieann continues, “It wasn’t just the healing on the outside. It was teaching me about who I was in Christ, and that was the missing link.”

Today Julieann still has a busy schedule, only this time it’s packed with her and her family spreading God’s love in multiple areas of ministry. Their nonprofit organization, Hartman House, builds homes and provides food, education, and spiritual growth to families fighting poverty all over the world. Additionally, Butch’s mobile app, the Noog Network, infiltrates the world of entertainment by providing children with safe and fun entertainment.

Through her experience, Julieann feels especially called to help women apply Christ’s atonement in every area of their lives. “The world dictates to you that, as a woman, when you get older and you go through menopause, basically you become this emotional crazy person and then your insides dry up and you die. . . . I know that through the Word of God [and] through Andrew’s teachings, . . . He will show you who you are,” Julieann says. “That’s important for women my age to know. We don’t have to succumb to what the world says is supposed to happen to us as we get older.”

From being paralyzed by fibromyalgia and fear to being on fire to free others, Julieann Hartman found her freedom not in her wealth or medications, but in the truth of God’s Word found in free teachings provided by the friends and partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Julieann says, “I started adding up all of [the] bills, [and] they were over $300,000. But Andrew’s teaching was free!”

Lance Weldgen

Lance Weldgen

Lance’s Healing

Lance Weldgen Fireplace
CBC graduate, Lance Weldgen was healed
from the oppression of Fibromyalgia.

Today nearly one in every 50 Americans is afflicted with a condition known as Fibromyalgia, and Lance Weldgen was one of them. For years Lance juggled seventeen different prescription medications in order to manage the chronic pain and fatigue that consumed his body. Lance however, stands apart from many of those suffering because he is now completely healed from the disease and free from all of its pain and oppression.

Lance Weldgen Prescription
Lance was dependent upon 17
different prescription drugs.

Lance went to many doctors, and although he and his wife, Gerri prayed for healing, they still relied on medicine to manage his symptoms. Gerri grew increasingly concerned about the quantity of medications her husband was taking. She recalls coming home after work and frequently finding him in his easy chair suffering. Gerri remembers the stark contrast between seeing him housebound and those memories of all of the things they once did together; the full and happy lifestyle they once shared. She was devastated.

Before the disease attacked his body, Lance was a counselor at the El Paso County Community Detox Facility in Colorado Springs. He had recovered from a life of alcoholism and had a passion to help other men overcome their struggle with addiction as well. He continued to work until he was incapacitated by the pain of his disease and was forced to quit.

Lance Weldgen Studying
Mike and Rose Gonyer often studied
together at the same coffee shop
Lance frequented.

Every few weeks, in an effort to change his scenery and get some fresh air, Lance would take his medications and then make his way to a local coffee shop. He would hang out there for an hour or two before he would have to head back home—back to bed. During one of his visits, Lance spotted Mike and Rose Gonyer, who at the time were students at Charis Bible College (CBC) and frequented the same coffee shop. The Gonyers, who later went on to become staff at CBC, had their Bibles open and were studying and preparing some lessons. Lance walked by their table and commented on their reading material, and the three of them chatted for a bit. It was obvious to Mike and Rose that Lance was hurting.

Lance Weldgen Computer
Even though he was heavily medicated
Lance visibly struggled with pain.

On a separate occasion, the Gonyers ran into Lance at same coffee shop, Mike approached Lance and gently asked him about his obvious pain. Although Lance was surprised that Mike had taken any interest in him, he shared some details and asked some questions of Mike as well. Mike was able to share with Lance some of the revelation that God had given him regarding His will for health and wholeness. Mike took the opportunity to tell Lance about CBC and invited him to sit in on some classes. Mike also mentioned to Lance that he and Rose would like to pray for him at the conclusion of the school day.

Lance’s pain hindered him from making his first appointment with the Gonyers. Despite the enemy’s attempts to keep Lance bedridden, he finally did make it to CBC, where Mike greeted him and accompanied him to the classroom. Once there, Lance began to listen to teaching he had not heard taught elsewhere. “It was all fresh news to me,” Lance said.

Lance Wedlgen Jumping
After Mike and Rose ministered to Lance
and he received his healing he ran
around the CBC hallways praising God!

After the fourth and final class of the day, Mike and Rose brought Lance into an empty classroom and spent some time further ministering to him to explain what the Word says about God wanting him well. Before they prayed, Rose, prompted by the Holy Spirit, asked Lance if she could pray specifically for issues in his heart. He allowed her to pray. Realizing his feelings of unworthiness as she prayed, Lance let go of his oppressive feelings and received the revelation that he was indeed worthy because of Jesus. Mike then began to pray and take authority over the pain and sickness in Lance’s body. When he was finished, he asked Lance to stand up and see how he felt. “My pain was completely gone! And I just started shouting to the Lord and praising him!” Lance said. Lance went home and shared the news with Gerri, and the two rejoiced in Lance’s new found freedom!

Lance Weldgen Working
Lance has been restored to a
position of counseling with Springs
Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs.

Soon after he received his healing Lance enrolled in classes at CBC. He graduated two years later with the class of 2009 and is now employed as a counselor at the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs. Lance finds fulfillment in his role serving at the Mission and is grateful to be able to minister to the men in his program. He regularly leads men to receive salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and frequently sees miracles of healing and restoration through his daily work and ministry.

The Lord has restored Lance—spirit, soul and body! From Lance’s introduction to two CBC instructors who lovingly ministered Jesus’ healing and restoration to him, to attending CBC for himself, to ministering to others in need of restoration, Lance’s Healing Journey has come full-circle.