Tim & Nikki Abello

Tim and Nikki Abello

Once the Abellos returned to Colorado, nothing went according to plan, and that included their finances. For the first year and a half, the Abellos, a family of seven, relied on credit cards to survive. They plunged into debt like a rock sinks in a pond.

Judy Knox

Judy Knox

After receiving a revelation on giving from the Financial Stewardship series, Judy and Allen Knox purposed to give faithfully and intentionally into the Kingdom of God. Watch how God supernaturally intervened to sell their house and bring them to a place of prosperity.

Sandy Harmon

Sandy Harmon

Sandy spent two years attending Charis Bible College, saturating herself in the Word of God and being equipped for a life of ministry in the marketplace. Her mornings were spent in class and her afternoons were filled with business opportunities.

Judy Rhodes

Judy Rhodes

Business owner, Judy Rhodes, had a great spiritual awakening as she entered her “golden years.” When she was in her mid-sixties, Judy found herself forced into a position of self evaluation.

Kevin & Rachel Dowling

Kevin and Rachel Dowling

Kevin and Rachel lay huddled together in a cardboard box to stay warm. It was a chilly spring night in New York, but not cold enough for shelters to open their doors to overnight homeless guests. The Dowlings would have to remain in their box for the night.

The Barretos

Kurt Barreto

The Barretos appeared to be doing well. Underneath, however, Kurt’s social drinking was becoming a dependency, his then adolescent daughter, Nicole, was struggling with issues at school, and Kurt was leveraging his entire family’s financial future.

Leonardo & Iselsa Jimenez

Leonardo and Iselsa Jimenez

The Jimenez family struggled financially, to the point that their lack of money was in the way of their advancement. While Leonardo worked for the hospital, Iselsa worked as a dental assistant, but she wanted more. “I didn’t feel comfortable where we were.”

Rick & Mitzi Pudlo

Rick and Mitzi Pudlo

Although he enjoyed his job, Rick could not stop thinking about owning his own freight forwarding company. After much prayer and consideration with Mitzi, Rick decided to take another step of faith.