Episode 44

Andrew Wommack interviews Emily Townsend as she shares her testimony.

Inside Story 43

Episode 43

Andrew Wommack interviews Janet Boynes about her ministry.

Inside Story 42

Episode 42

Andrew Wommack interviews Darey & Karen Jolley from Freedom Christian Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Episode 41

Andrew Wommack interviews the heads of two pregnancy centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Inside Story 39

Episode 39

Andrew Wommack interviews Stephen Bransford and Tim Swartz about the Charis Bible College Media School.

Inside Story 38

Episode 38

Andrew Wommack interviews Delron Shirley and Michelle Patterson about the Charis Bible College Missions School.

Inside Story 37

Episode 37

Andrew Wommack interviews Barry Bennett, the Dean of Students for Charis Bible College.

Inside Story 36

Episode 36

Andrew Wommack highlights the Charis Bible College Creative Arts School.

Inside Story 35

Episode 35

Andrew Wommack highlights the prison ministry, Inmate Bible Studies by Mail.

Inside Story 34

Episode 34

Andrew Wommack interviews David Barton, Tim Barton, and Mark Cowart about the new Charis Bible College Practical Government School.

Inside Story 33

Episode 33

Andrew Wommack interviews his wife, Jamie, along with Robert and Elizabeth Muren about their production, God With Us.

Inside Story 32

Episode 32

Andrew Wommack interviews Charis Bible Studies leaders, John May and Greg Mohr.

Inside Story 31

Episode 31

Andrew Wommack answers viewer questions about several topics including heaven, family, and persecution.

Inside Story 30

Episode 30

Andrew Wommack interviews Gary Luecke, Mark Bassett, and Mike Pickett about Charis Bible College World Outreach.

Inside Story 29

Episode 29

Andrew Wommack interviews Delron and Peggy Shirley about the Charis Bible College Mission School.

Inside Story 28

Episode 28

Andrew Wommack interviews Greg Mohr, Dean of Education of Charis Bible College and former pastor.

Inside Story 27

Episode 27

Andrew Wommack interviews Carlie Terradez and Daniel Amstutz, Directors of the Charis Bible College Healing School.

Inside Story 26

Episode 26

Andrew Wommack answers viewer questions about heaven and authority.

Inside Story 25

Episode 25

Andrew Wommack interviews the businessmen behind the Charis Bible College Business School and upcoming Charis Business Summit.

Inside Story Episode 24

Episode 24

Andrew Wommack answers viewer questions about the ministry and doctrine.

Inside Story Episode 23

Episode 23

Andrew Wommack interviews AWM Board of Directors members, Dr. Charles Byrd and Dr. Bob Nichols.

Inside Story Episode 22

Episode 22

Andrew Wommack answers viewer questions about doctrine.

Inside Story Episode 21

Episode 21

Andrew Wommack interviews Mike and Carrie Pickett, Directors of Charis Bible College Russia.

Inside Story Episode 20

Episode 20

Andrew Wommack interviews Duane Sheriff, AWM Board of Directors member and fellow minister.

Inside Story Episode 19

Episode 19

Andrew Wommack interviews Dr. Barry Burns, Director of the Association of Related Ministries International (ARMI).

Inside Story Episode 18

Episode 18

Andrew Wommack answers viewer questions about the ministry and doctrine.

Inside Story Episode 17

Episode 17

Andrew Wommack and the Director of International Operations, Mark Rowe, give an update on the Uganda Project.

Inside Story Episode 16

Episode 16

Andrew Wommack interviews Daniel Amstutz, Director of Charis Bible College Worship and Healing Schools.

Inside Story Episode 15

Episode 15

Andrew Wommack interviews Arthur Meintjes, Charis Bible College adjunct instructor.

Inside Story Episode 13

Episode 13

Andrew Wommack answers questions submitted by his online audience.

Inside Story Episode 12

Episode 12

Andrew Wommack interviews Bob Yandian about the Charis Bible College Ministry School.

Inside Story Episode 11

Episode 11

Andrew Wommack interviews Paul Milligan, AWM CEO and Director of the Charis Bible College Business School.

Inside Story Episode 10

Episode 10

Andrew Wommack interviews Stan Priest about Andrew’s Living Commentary.


Episode 9

Andrew Wommack interviews Larry Yonker, former General Manager of AWM.

Inside Story Episode 8

Episode 8

Andrew Wommack interviews Stephen Bransford, AWM Media Operations Manager.

Inside Story Episode 7

Episode 7

Andrew Wommack interviews Paul Stewart, Director of the AWM Phone Center.

Inside Story Episode 5

Episode 5

Andrew Wommack interviews his friends as they share about ministry in France.

Inside Story Episode 3

Episode 3

Andrew Wommack shares details of his visit to one of the most isolated villages in Uganda.

Inside Story Episode 2

Episode 2

Andrew Wommack shares information about the Charis Bible College Healing School.

Inside Story Episode 1

Episode 1

Andrew Wommack gives a behind-the-scenes tour of his new television set.