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Ken Wood

Ken & Virginia Wood

- Ken’s Healing -

Virginia Wood
Virginia Wood

One day, while passing time waiting for her husband to finish working, Virginia Wood came across Andrew’s radio program. It didn’t take long for Virginia to realize that her spirit was bearing witness to the truth of Andrew’s message about God’s goodness. Although she didn’t know at the time, it was Andrew’s teaching of God’s unconditional love and grace that would help her through a devastating season…

Worn from working consecutive weeks of overtime, Ken Wood, Virginia’s husband, was noticeably tired as he headed to his job to work an all-night shift. That night, in addition to the late hours, his responsibilities required him to commute 70 miles further than normal. As he headed out the door with the keys to the family’s small car in hand,

Ken Wood
Ken Wood

his daughter Amber caught a glimpse of how tired he looked. Feeling like it was a safer option for her father, she insisted he take his truck instead. The family would soon realize that Amber’s suggestion was indeed divine.

After working all night, Ken called Virginia and told her that he thought he was too tired to make the drive home. However, after he stopped for breakfast, he called again and said he thought he could make it. A short time later she received a third call, this one to inform her that Ken had been in an accident.

Ken had fallen asleep and been in a head-on collision. After two jaws-of-life were used to free him from the wreckage, he was taken to a small local hospital. Upon examining the extensive injuries to his chest and legs, preparations were made for him to be transported via helicopter to a major hospital in Texas where Ken was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Ken Wood Truck
Ken’s one-ton pick-up truck after the
devastating head-on collision.

Ken’s condition was evaluated on an hourly basis in the ICU. The hour-by-hour life that Virginia found herself living was almost too much to bear. When she thought for sure she couldn’t take another minute she cried out to Jesus and He answered her by saying, “I have delivered you from the lion, I have delivered you from the bear, what is this Goliath to you?” Virginia explained.

Just as Virginia found the strength she needed to carry on, Ken stopped progressing. The doctors grew concerned that he was no longer improving. Virginia did not give up. Instead, she continued talking to Ken and encouraging him. One day his eyes popped open, and he was totally alert. Virginia took the opportunity to tell Ken that Jesus wanted him to be well.

Ken Wood Hospital
Amber, Ken’s daughter and Virginia
visit bedside in the hospital

She asked him to agree with her that he would indeed live. Just before Ken dozed off again, he nodded in agreement.

“I chose to live, and that is when things started changing,” Ken remarked.

Shortly after making the choice to live, Ken began the process of rehabilitation, spending time in multiple hospitals. The first was where his mental faculties would be evaluated and he would be weaned from the harsh medications in his system. The second was a physical strength facility. Doctors in each hospital anticipated the process would take between six months and two years for him to talk, walk and relearn other functions.

Ken Wood Cat
After miraculous release from several
rehab hospitals, Ken progressed from
a wheelchair to a walker to a cane.

Ken however, full of faith in God’s healing power, left each rehab facility just three weeks after being admitted. With continued rehab at home he progressed from relying on a wheel chair, to using a walker, to a cane. While doctors deliberated about whether or not he needed additional rehab, Ken and Virginia decided to visit Colorado Springs for Andrew’s Summer Family Bible Conference. During the visit, they both enrolled in Charis Bible College, so that they could study the Word that had already changed their lives so dramatically.

Over the course of Ken’s days at CBC he continued to regain mobility, relying only on a cane. As time drew near for Ken’s second year mission trip, he was still using the cane. However, he made the decision to leave it behind when he left for his trip, and he hasn’t used it since!

Ken Wood AWM
Ken at work ministering to
callers in the AWM Phone Center.