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Bianca Vlastuin

Bianca Vlastuin

- My Fight for Sight -


Gert and Bianca

Imagine having to take in a gorgeous sunset one cloud at a time, seeing the world through a straw. Welcome to a life with Rod-cone Dystrophy, a rare and incurable disease that usually leads to blindness. This is the story of Bianca Vlastuin, a young woman in Norway, and her fight to see.

“When I was a child, I could see everything,” recounts Bianca. “However, the field was going smaller and smaller. Eventually, I only had vision in the center part of my eyes. In 2008, I had an examination, and they told me that there was only ten to fifteen percent of my vision left.”


Robert and Elizabeth Murin

During this time, Bianca and her husband Gert attended a small church where they met Robert and Elizabeth Murin. Bianca was instantly attracted to Elizabeth’s Christ-centered confidence and had to know her secret. Bianca shares, “She gave me her visit card, and then she wrote on the back side, ‘Go to the website of Andrew Wommack. It changed my life, and I think it is what you need.’

“We started watching Andrew teach on Spirit, Soul & Body. When I heard it, I thought, Why did I struggle for twenty years to figure this out? It was a big revelation, and it totally changed our minds and our lives. After that, we went online and started listening to some of the audio teachings, including God Wants You Well and You’ve Already Got It.”



This paid off one day when Andrew’s revelation finally became her own. “I realized that I already had it,” she recounts. “I just started to praise God about it and thank Him for everything He’s already done for me.

“Andrew taught us to speak to our problems. So, I started speaking to my eyes, and I said, ‘Eyes, you were healed in the name of Jesus, so you must see.’ Then, I opened my eyes, and it was clear and then unclear, coming and going. But I just kept praising God and spoke to my eyes again. I reopened them, and they were totally clear. I could see everything!”


Bianca reading a book to her familyA whole new world began to open up for Bianca as she experienced what she once only dreamt about. “I thought, Wow, this is so amazing! I could see the trees outside, the flowers, and everything!” she gushes. “I went to see Gert at work, and I brought him outside. I pointed to a car about twenty meters away and read him the numbers on the license plate. He was amazed and asked, ‘What’s happened?’ I said, ‘I’m healed!’”

Bianca received her complete healing that day. However, in the days following, she experienced her vision slipping back to their old, ugly ways. “I was mad because it was like the devil was knocking to see if I’d open. I said, ‘No! I am closed. I am healed. So, eyes you must see in Jesus’ name.’ And just like that, they opened again. That happened a couple more times at first, but now it’s fine and has never been a problem again.”


Bianca and her family have been forever changed after Andrew’s teaching pointed them to the true Gospel. Not willing to keep this to themselves, they share Andrew’s message with their church every Tuesday, often accompanied by Robert and Elizabeth. Bianca and Gert are also starting a ministry to help struggling, young mothers in Norway keep their babies as an alternative to having an abortion. From seeing life through a straw to vision clearer than she could ever dream, Bianca now views the world through eyes of love and compassion. Thanks to the free teachings made available by Andrew’s partners, Bianca has had both her physical and spiritual eyes opened. She now uses her testimony to help others see the free gift of God’s unconditional love and grace.