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Study Guide - You've Already Got It!

How To Use Your Study Guide

Whether you are teaching a class, leading a small group, discipling an individual, or studying The Believer's Authority on your own, this Study Guide is designed for you! Here’s how it works:

Each study is made up of a Lesson, Lesson Outline, Teacher’s Guide, Discipleship Questions, an Answer Key, and Scriptures. Some Lessons also have Additional Information.

The teacher reads the Lesson aloud. While the Lesson is being read, each student follows along with their own copy of the Lesson Outline.

Once the Lesson is read, the teacher then facilitates a group Bible study using the Teacher’s Guide. Simply read aloud one numbered section at a time, ask the corresponding questions below, and have the group answer them. Then, repeat the process for the next numbered section. For your convenience, answers are provided in parentheses.

Except for the corresponding questions and answers, the information on the Teacher’s Guide is the same as the Lesson Outline. Therefore, the group should use their Lesson Outlines to assist them in answering the questions.

Whenever a question mentions a specific scripture, be sure to have the group look it up in their Bibles and read it together before answering the question. Feel free to interact with the group over the scriptures and points from the Lesson as time allows. Don’t let any individual dominate the discussion, but try to draw out the quieter ones in the group too. As much as possible, keep the discussion centered on the scriptures and the Lesson points at hand. Remember, the goal is understanding (Matt. 13:19).

Discipleship Questions are provided for further study and meditation. They are designed for use as “homework,” but—according to the teacher’s discretion—may be helpful during the group study sometimes as well. Each Lesson comes with an Answer Key. As a brief review before launching into the current Lesson, the teacher may wish to go over with the group the Answer Key for the previous study’s Discipleship Questions.

Some Lessons also have Additional Information. This section is geared toward the teacher. It contains supplementary information, illustrations, and/or resource recommendations for further study.

Scriptures from the King James Version of the Bible are included as another tool for reference and meditation.

For personal study, read the Lesson and review the Teacher’s Guide. Then, do the Discipleship Questions and check your work with the Answer Key. For maximum impact, be sure to utilize the Additional Information and Scriptures.

Printable files of the Lesson Outline, Discipleship Questions, and Scriptures can be found on the CD-ROM included with this book. Copies may be made for each person in the group.

Outline for Group Study:
I. Briefly review previous study by going over the Answer Key for the Discipleship Questions (homework).
II. Read the current Lesson aloud.
 A. Be sure that each student has a copy of the Lesson Outline.
 B. While the Lesson is being read, students should use their Lesson Outline to follow along.
III. Once the Lesson is read, facilitate a group Bible study using the Teacher’s Guide.
 A. Read one entire numbered section (above).
 B. Then ask the corresponding questions (below).
 C. Group looks up and reads aloud each specifically mentioned scripture before answering the question.
 D. Discuss the scripture and the answer/point from the Lesson as desired.
 E. Then repeat the process by reading the next numbered section (above).
IV. Distribute copies of the Discipleship Questions to be worked on as homework.

Materials Needed:
     Study Guide, Bible, and enough copies of the Lesson Outline and Discipleship Questions for each student.

Outline for Personal Study:
I. Read Lesson.
 A. Read Additional Information, if any.
 B. Meditate the Scriptures, as desired.
II. Review Teacher’s Guide.
III. Do Discipleship Questions.
IV. Check your work with the Answer Key.

Materials Needed:
     Study Guide, Bible, and something to write with.

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