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Take the Gospel farther and deeper.

Every day, Andrew Wommack Ministries connects people around the world to God through the Gospel. Hurting people are transformed from the inside out as they learn what it means to love and to be loved – God’s way.

When you give to Andrew Wommack Ministries you:

  • Share the Gospel of God’s unconditional love and grace through TV, the internet, books, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Give free books, study guides, and teachings to inmates and those who need it the most.
  • Raise up disciples through Charis Bible College to found churches and missions all across the globe; to influence their communities; and to help them find and fulfill their callings.
  • Disciple pastors and leaders on every continent through our Discipleship Evangelism program, sowing into their communities and feeding them both physically and spiritually.
  • Join Andrew and every minister he raises up to preach, teach, and serve. Your financial support is what makes this possible!

What people are saying

Andrew, his books and audio teachings have helped me grow so much in my spirituality. You are so good at helping people understand the truth of things. You’re anointed and it’s apparent. Please keep it up.
Sioux City, Iowa
I read one of Andrew Wommack’s book “You’ve Already Got It” which turned my life around. The book opened my eyes to understand that I have been missing out all the years I have been a Christian. I came to know that God has provided for me all that I need to have in this life, and so praying to Him to give me anything makes no sense. Since then my prayer life and entire Christian perspective changed. From then I have made Andrew Wommack’s book my best. May God bless this man, God has used him to build my Christian faith.
First off,my Husband and I are very thankful to God for Andrews teachings. We have been listening to him for a long time, he has helped us understand so much that we hadn’t before. We listen to all of his teachings but our favorite is probably Spirit,Soul and Body and teachings on the Authority of the Believer. Really it’s hard to decide because Andrew explains it so good. We are partners with AWMI and in our opinion there is not a better soil to sow seeds into… Thank you Jesus most of all and thank you Andrew and Jamie for being vessels that He flows through. 

Why Become a Monthly Partner?

Monthly Partners are an essential part of this ministry.

Partnership is the intentional sowing and watering of seed to ensure a fruitful harvest. It is the steady stream of income from Monthly Partners that allows us to plan and prepare for projects around the globe.

Your monthly commitment is changing lives and communities throughout the world – from operating an international prayer line with over 100 phone ministers to broadcasting the Gospel Truth daily on over 450 TV stations globally. None of this would be possible without our Monthly Partners!

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What people are saying

"Praise be to God Almighty. Since 2013 when I discovered Andrew Wommack Ministries Teachings, my Family has come closer to God after knowing the truth taught by this blessed Ministry. I am a happy grandmother. We have been blessed with five new members every year after many years of barrenness. I have been suffering from High Blood Pressure for 15 years and healed at the Summer Family Conference… May Yahweh continue to lead you so you can continue to enlighten us who have been in the darkness. God bless you all at AWM. I love you big."
Telemark, Norway
I want to thank God who has used this ministry to correct a lot of wrong perceptions about Him and His ways, paving the way for me to experience the fullness and miracles of God. I have seen the Word taught in a simple and practical way. l am blessed in every area of my life.
I first got the teaching on Hardness of Heart from a friend accidentally as he was sharing music audios from his phone, and from that day on my life has completely changed. Before this, all the things I knew about Christianity could be fit into a bottle top, but the Lord through Andrew has revealed not just Himself but myself to me. Thank you for being as you are.