Lisa Paxton's Testimony

Lisa Paxton's Testimony

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At our Helpline, prayer ministers often pray with callers for healing. As a result, we receive good reports of God’s faithfulness. We want to build your faith by sharing testimonies of God’s healing power.

In January, a woman called to request prayer for her son who had been shot in the head. She later called back to report that her son is back home and doing great with no side effects. Recently, a man called to praise God for his healing. He had previously prayed with a Helpline minister about a tumor. The tumor immediately began shrinking and was almost gone after two weeks.

A woman called to agree in prayer for a baby born with viral pneumonia. The baby was on 100 percent oxygen and was not eating. She reported back that the baby was healed, eating on his own, and going home soon. The doctors and nurses all said it was a miracle.

One caller reported, “A prayer minister prayed with me in February for healing of two herniated disks. The prayer minister told me how to pray and believe. Two nights ago at church, I received my healing. I am completely healed. I took off running at church with no pain, and I couldn’t do that before.

One of the most miraculous testimonies ever heard at AWM is the story of Lisa Paxton, the wife of Cecil Paxton, former director of our Helpline prayer center. Lisa was born with cerebral palsy. She was affected in her legs and in her eyes. She had double vision and couldn’t focus with one eye. She could not walk until she was about nine years old, when she began walking with the aid of braces and crutches. She also struggled with dyslexia, a learning disability.

At 16, she was living with her family on a farm near Duluth, Minnesota. Her older sister came to visit and gave her a word from God. She told Lisa, “Before I leave, you will receive Jesus as your Savior, be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and God will begin to heal your body.” Lisa had some church background from Lutheran and Catholic churches, but she didn’t understand what her sister was talking about. She began to read a tract her sister gave her about heaven and hell; and she began to question God. One day, she left the farmhouse and went up a hill behind a barn to be alone with her questions. She began to cry out to God saying, “If You are real, You have to show me.” She knew she was making a decision to turn away from God if He didn’t show Himself to her. God gave her an answer immediately. As she walked across a field, she was hit by the power of God. She went flying through the air and landed on her back and was pinned to the ground. Not sure of what was happening, she cried out to God, begging Him not to kill her. When she got up, she began to cry from deep inside, and the peace of God flooded her. She knew she was forgiven. As she opened her mouth to thank God, she began to speak in tongues.

After her dramatic salvation experience, God began a tremendous work in Lisa’s life. She graduated from high school, which was not expected because of her learning disabilities. She then went to college to study communications. One day she passed out during a class and woke up in an ambulance. She was having severe muscle spasms, which is a symptom of cerebral palsy. She was hospitalized and put in traction to keep her body stable. There was extensive damage to the vertebrae and any movement could cause paralysis. Her brother began to call her daily, telling her that Jesus would heal her and she wouldn’t need surgery on her back. He had a dream one day and a vision from God telling him that Lisa would go to Christ for the Nations Institute for one year, and then God would send her to a foreign country to give her testimony. Lisa didn’t understand because she was on her back and unable to move. Lisa eventually reached a point where she knew that she didn’t want to be in this condition any longer. She told God that she would rather die than live like this.

At a family dinner after her brother’s wedding, Lisa was sitting propped in a corner of the room. A couple came into the room, walked over to Lisa, and the man said, “So you’re the one who ruined my vacation.” The couple had been on a vacation in Canada, and God told them to go to Kansas and pray for Lisa. Although they didn’t know her, the man saw her face in a vision. God had given the man specific instructions to fly to Wichita. There a man with a similar vision met him and drove him to the wedding dinner, where he found Lisa. He said that God sent him to lay hands on Lisa because God wanted to heal her. As he stood behind Lisa to pray, she began to feel heat, like hot oil, that started at her head and went throughout her body. Then the man grabbed her hand and said, “Rise up in the name of Jesus.” When he said those words, Lisa was immediately in a standing position, and she began to take small steps. The pain was gone and she was walking. Her mother fainted when she looked up and saw Lisa walking.

Lisa’s healing is still in progress today. While working as a prayer minister, her left eye was healed. She now sees clearly and sees colors where she couldn’t before.

Lisa’s complete testimony is now available in booklet and audio form.

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