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Chicago GTC 2018

It was a joy to see and hear what God is doing in the Chicago area through Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College. We know you’ll be blessed by these testimonies!

Washington, D.C. GTC 2019

The 2019 Washington D.C. Gospel Truth Conference gave people the chance to experience the presence of God and go deeper into His Word. People who have been set free from many kinds of bondages came to hear truth-filled messages and to fellowship with other believers. From emotional, physical, and mental healing to deliverance from addiction, attendees shared powerful testimonies of how Andrew’s teaching has transformed their lives. We’re sure you’ll be blessed as you learn how God changed their lives.

Healing is Here 2019

Thousands of people experienced the power of healing firsthand at the 2019 Healing Is Here Conference. Restored through powerful prayer and filled with the Holy Spirit, many people received their wellness report from Jesus Christ. We heard testimonies of lives completely transformed, and we are excited to share them with you.

Summer Family Bible Conference 2019

The 2019 Summer Family Bible Conference brought families together from across the United States and around the world. Children and youth were encouraged through programs designed especially for them. Adults enjoyed inspiring worship, teaching, and fellowship. We heard testimonies of healing and lives completely transformed and we’re excited to share them with you.

Atlanta GTC 2018

Miracles and testimonies in an environment filled with faith and excitement marked the 2018 Atlanta Gospel Truth Conference. You’ll enjoy reading the stories below from attendees who did not settle for less than God’s best. They will never be the same. Enjoy!

Charis Business Summit 2018

The practical teachings delivered at the 2018 Charis Business Summit were transformational! Men and women came together from all walks of life to learn godly business principles from successful Christian leaders. One attendee discovered he had some big gaps in his business toolbox, and several others planned to use Dr. Radtke’s Maximum CEO system to improve their business processes. Yet another is prospering and reaching prisoners for Christ. Read on and be inspired!

Washington, D.C. GTC 2018

God is on the move in Washington, D.C. In these interviews, you’ll read about healings and how a Nepalese pastor and some missionaries are using Discipleship Evangelism to transform lives in many cities of Nepal. You’ll also learn how Andrew impacted one woman who went on to attend Charis Bible College and become the director of Charis Washington, D.C. All this and more awaits. You’re going to be blessed!

Men's Advance 2018

The 2018 Men's Advance was a powerful time for men, young and old, to come to Woodland Park, Colorado, and be transformed by the Word. Guest speakers Tony Dungy and James Brown joined Andrew in sharing the message of grace and faith with men eager to see God's power in their lives. Enjoy these real stories of transformation from the Men's Advance!

Campus Days 2018

The experience at Charis Bible College’s Campus Days is a turning point for many people and prospective students. Attendees of all ages dip their toes into the Charis experience and have the chance to see what student life is really like. When students in Colorado and worldwide enroll, they get a solid foundation that’s built on the Word of God and gain the direction God is leading them in. Learn from these testimonies and let your story begin!

Healing is Here 2017

At the 2017 Healing Is Here Conference, we heard testimonies of healings from muscular dystrophy and ovarian cancer. One person received a gracious financial gift from a total stranger during the conference. And a Charis Bible College graduate and her husband inistered healing to a wheelchair-bound attendee from Hong Kong. Only God can do this, and that is why we at Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College keep doing what we do!

Freedom Christian Center Camp Meeting 2017

We had a wonderful time at the 2017 Freedom Christian Center Camp Meeting! We had the privilege of recording the amazing healing journey of Gloria and Troy Akins’ youngest son, Colt. In addition, we interviewed other attendees with wonderful healing testimonies. Praise God for people who have received Andrew Wommack’s teaching for so many years at Freedom Christian Center. We know you’ll be blessed by their stories!

Ministers' Conference 2017

Ministers come from all over the world for this event. It’s the fellowship, the atmosphere, and the ministry of the Word that they can’t get anywhere else. They come hungry, ready to be renewed and filled with the Spirit, expecting a fresh word from Andrew and other leading ministers. This year’s event was power packed with all this and more. Read the stories below of some who attended and what they experienced. You will be blessed!

Chicago GTS 2017

The 2017 Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar was a time of great encouragement and learning for all. Andrew taught on the importance of magnifying the cross, not your loss. There were testimonies of healing of all kinds, freedom from depression, deaf ears opened, and all-around encouragement that nothing is impossible with God. Enjoy!

Fort Worth GTS 2017

At the 2017 Gospel Truth Seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, Andrew taught on the life-changing topic of the incorruptible seed of the Word of God. Through Andrew’s teaching, many people were healed and transformed supernaturally. While learning to take their authority through the promises of God, they are experiencing amazing results.

Phoenix GTC 2018

At every Gospel Truth Conference, attendees share amazing testimonies about God's love, grace, and power. The 2018 Phoenix Gospel Truth Conference was certainly no exception. Read the healing journey of one Andrew Wommack Ministries partner who triumphed over acute myeloid leukemia.

Campus Days 2017

Enjoy these testimonies in the words of those who experienced amazing transformations. Find out how Charis Bible College changed their lives and why they partnered with this ministry. We know you’ll be inspired by these latest Impact Interviews!

Summer Family Bible Conference 2017

The 2017 Summer Family Bible Conference drew people and families from all over the U.S. and from places like the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Scotland. During this popular event, we interviewed youth, Charis Bible College students and directors, and other conference attendees.

Charis Business Summit 2017

The Charis Business Summit attracted people from all over the U.S. and even countries like the Congo and Holland. Attendees were encouraged not to limit God, and they received invaluable business training with a biblical foundation. Enjoy meeting a few of them and hearing about how they were blessed to be a part of the 2017 Charis Business Summit.

Washington, D.C. Gospel Truth Seminar 2017

It was fun to be in Washington, D.C. We didn’t see President Trump, but we are definitely involved in making America great by changing people’s opinions about God. Enjoy the fruit of Andrew’s teaching through these testimonials about healing, financial blessing, and tapping into God’s plan. They will inspire you to a more focused relationship with God.

Riverside Gospel Truth Seminar 2017

The Riverside Gospel Truth Seminar was an extraordinary one. We were honored to interview a number of people with some amazing healing testimonies. It is a blessing to know what the true Gospel produces when it is preached. We thank God for the lives that have been redeemed and changed forever by the grace and power of our God!

Men's Advance 2017

Excitement was in the air from the beginning of the Men’s Advance. Right away, forty seats were reserved for Pastor Steve Dinkel and his men, who were there for the seventeenth year in a row! Also, an exclusive interview with James Brown took place at this conference. Men young and old from all over the United States came out to the 2017 Men’s Advance and left changed by the power of God.

Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar 2017

At this year’s Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar, many gathered under one roof for a timely message and powerful ministry. These are the stories of people who have been touched by Andrew Wommack Ministries. Hear from them what it means to come full circle in a life changed by the truth of the Gospel!

Healing Is Here 2016

There was an atmosphere of hope, healing, and restoration at the Healing Is Here Conference in 2016. People were healed and transformed by realizing who they are in Christ and what He has given them. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed interviewing the people who shared them.

Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar 2016

At the 2016 Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar, Andrew shared his powerful new teaching, The Present-Day Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College are impacting people’s lives, whether they are attendees of the conference, Charis students, alumni, or directors. People expressed their gratefulness to Andrew for teaching the simple truths of the Bible, for being obedient, and for starting Charis. They are forever grateful and forever changed!

Ministers' Conference 2016

At the 2016 Ministers’ Conference, we heard firsthand accounts of God’s power at work in people’s lives. He healed bodies, mended families, set captives free through inmate Bible studies, raised up ministries to heal the brokenhearted, and much more. Enjoy!

Freedom Christian Center Camp Meeting 2016

The friendly and helpful staff of Freedom Christian Center hosted the Andrew Wommack Ministries crew during their 2016 camp meeting. On the frst day, Troy and Gloria Akins were interviewed about the miraculous healing of their young son Colt. In another interview, Craig Holmes shared his journey of supernatural recovery as a former quadriplegic. And the testimonies continued. May your faith soar as you read!

Campus Days 2016

At Charis Bible College’s Campus Days 2016, prospective and current students were interviewed. Those who attended this event were of different ages and came from various walks of life. Andrew Wommack’s team discovered from the interviews that as the guests decided to focus on their relationship with God, old habits and ways of living began to drop off.


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