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The Christian Survival Kit is based on Jesus’ instructions to His disciples the night before His crucifixion. This teaching is a must for all Christians.


In 1987, a number of my friends were in critical situations. One man had terminal cancer. During a trip, he became so sick that he was hospitalized, and the doctors said he would never live through the night. After hanging on for a week, the doctors allowed him to rent an ambulance and come home.

His wife called me and said, “He’s not expected to live through the night, and he wanted you to pray.” She put the phone to his ear, and I said, “Don’t you dare die until I get there.” I went over to see this man, along with my associate Don Krow. We began ministering to him nearly daily for about three months. We would go by and just share the good news of God’s Word with him.

It was amazing what the Word did. When we first saw him, he couldn’t move or even hold a phone to his ear. Finally, he began walking around, eating, and even getting about in the car. The Word of God worked. All I did was share very basic principles from the Word with him.

During this same period of time, a woman in Monument, Colorado called. She was critically ill and was supposed to have surgery in three days. She was given no chance of living without surgery and less than a 5 percent chance of living with it. I shared the same truths with her and she lived. Praise the Lord!!

Here were two totally different people. The man, already baptized in the Holy Ghost, fervently seeking the Lord; while the other had never even heard of the Holy Ghost. Two totally different people, with totally different circumstances, yet both of them needed the same truths from God’s Word. I had taken many different things the Lord had taught me and applied all of them to these crisis situations, and the results were miraculous.

I began to pray about this, “Lord, it would sure be nice if all these different truths were compiled in one place in the Bible. Then I could just teach people from those scriptures on what to do in a crisis situation.” The Lord answered that prayer by leading me to John 14, 15, and 16.

What you’re reading is the result of what the Lord taught me through those scriptures. May God bless you in reading it.

Andrew Wommack
Colorado Springs, CO

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