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Submitted by: Donna Volonnino Coday

On March 27, 2019

Reaching out from: Lindsay ca

I love Andrew Wommack ministries! I watch on tv every day. Such good teaching, down to earth. Has helped me a lot as I have needed the good Lord’s strength to make it through these past 6 years helping care for my 93 yr old Father. I have been very blessed, but also lots have come up. Thank you! It is a dream of mine to go to Charis Bible college one day. I highly recommend being a partner of this wonderful Ministry! That is truest reaching the world for Jesus!

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Category: brian | Name: Laverne Newton | From: North Carolina
Posted On: April 18, 2019

I called the prayer line on 4/16/19. I was requesting prayer for my brother. My prayer partner was Brian. I was panicky when I called because my brother had to go to the emergency room and no one knew what was wrong with him, other than having severe pain. Brian prayed with me and I was instantly comforted. My sister-in-law called me later that night to say he was back home and he was much, much better. Brian prayer helped me to have faith that God can and would intervene. I am so grateful. Also, I have called this prayer line many times before and it is the first place I think of contacting for any needs and concerns. I thank God often for Andrew Wommack Ministries. Thank you.

Using the foolish things of this world to confound the wise

Category: 18 | Name: Tracie Thomas | From: Maryland
Posted On:

And we know that faith calls those things that be not as though they are. I am submitting this praise report of healing today, Wednesday, April 17 for what the Lord will reveal to my doctors on Monday April 22.

I was introduced to Andrew Wommack’s teaching ministry 18 days ago when the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and mind to receive and believe God’s word and the authority He has given me in Jesus’s name to cast out demons and heal the sick. Unbeknownst to me, that power had already been in me during the past 20 years, even when I had rebuked a tornado from coming near my family and praying for others to be healed supernaturally.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. During these 18 days of watching Andrew Wommack’s daily ministry at 6:30 am, listening to his teachings driving to/from work and meditating on the word in the evening, NOW I am standing on that same resurrecting power to bind and loose sickness out of “my” body in the name of Jesus of Nazareth! Although the medical reports say one thing, I am submitting this praise report prior to an April 22 procedure on my colon to provide a praise report of how the Lord used the foolish things of this world — like a supernatural healing in my body — despite what the reports say, to confound the wise.

Stay tuned for how the Lord used the foolish thing of this world like a supernatural healing, despite what the medical reports says, to confound doctors.

Left Ear Healed

Category: Healing | Name: Rosa Russell | From: Oxford, GA
Posted On: April 16, 2019

A few weeks ago, I had this annoying thumping in my left ear, had tried things to relieve it, couldn’t sleep, or while sleeping, it constantly woke me up. I called your prayer center, the lady who believed and ministered to me was wonderful. She left me with a greeting of “Now have a Blessed day without the thumping” Praise God! Days later “No more Thumping!!!” Hallelujah! Thank You for your team of passionate prayer warriors.


Category: baptized | Name: Willow Ilene Martin | From: Carpenter Wyoming
Posted On:

Hello, I am Willow Martin. We met after David the King of Jerusalem on April 13th and I came to you and brought you ideas. But right now I would love to tell you my testimony. Before I was saved I was an awful person, I didn’t respect anyone really, and every other word out of my mouth was a cuss word. I basically turned away from God and thought my way was better. I used God as a Swiss Army knife when He was convenient. Looking back on it, the thought breaks my heart in pieces. So December 23, 2018, comes along and my aunt and uncle invited us over to watch The Heart of Christmas and I was like great, here we go. I didn’t want to watch it; I was against it. I fell asleep through the first 30 minutes. But then God woke me up and I saw Angel Gabriel appear and he sang and something inside just flipped and I felt different. Throughout the movie, I was just watching Ivar closely and thinking about how could have God chose you to change me. I met Ivar yesterday, but only for like 3 minutes because I was way too nervous for some reason and I regret not telling him my story. I bought God With Us and I will be purchasing David when it comes out. About 2 weeks ago on March 20, 2019, I got water baptized and then that following week I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I watch your show all the time I have everything recorded. I attend church regularly and help my Youth Group regularly. God is so good!
Thank you for your time yesterday and thank you for listening to my testimony!

Spirit, Soul, Body

Category: book | Name: Brenda Murray | From: Connecticut
Posted On:

Mr. Wommack, I thank you so much for allowing God to give you the revelation on this subject. As I was reading this book, I felt that God was ministering to me. Putting things together in my mind and heart like puzzle pieces connecting together. I have never met nor have never heard of you before receiving this book, but I can truly say I love you. The revelation God has given me thru the Holy Spirit and reading your book has changed my life and my mind on life. I know as a Christian the Bible should have done that, but sometimes religion does not teach you the things that they should. I got stuck in the cracks. Thanks to your book I understand better on how the spirit, soul, body operates. Once again thank you so much.

THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category: andrew | Name: Lorraine Beverly Astrop-Scroggins | From: Columbus, OH
Posted On:

Called Call Center about between 10:30 pm (our time) and got a very positive person by the name of David who spoke into the lives of me, my daughter who was in the ER suffering from pain and seepage from her navel. She too has learned from the teachings of Andrew Wommack regarding speaking to the problem and not being moved by what she sees. I called for reinforcements because she wanted to check the symptoms. David spoke to every issue because I was tired and had to go to a job that next morning and was dealing reports about me and my son who had been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy where your heart does not pump strong enough. Last report 20% for my son and 36% for me, but I have learned the first report is not the last report.
David called the seepage back and canceled pain in my daughter Virtee’s body, the burning he ordered out of her body along with any other pain. He prayed for my strength and that I would be able to get a good night’s sleep.
After we hung up, I went back to her room, and there were discharge papers! All C-scan tests and blood work normal!
We got out in plenty of time for me to get to sleep and I awoke with such refreshing (just as David had spoken) before the alarm clock and am having a good day at work. Wanted to take this break to say thank you to David for encouraging me to speak with authority and confidence. I live for the day when I can too say with All Confidence. “This is a piece of cake for Jesus!” Thank you to Andrew and Jamie and Family; all the Faculty, Staff, Partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries for knowing what God called you to do and obeying Him. I am so grateful.


Category: god | Name: Wanda Bowman | From: South carolina
Posted On:

Just wanted to say thank you for being faithful to God, and sharing with the whole world about who God is and about his son Jesus and how he gave his life for the whole world. You share what you’ve learned in simple language. Thank you for your service to our Lord.


Category: Healing | Name: Sandy Willingham | From: Alabama
Posted On:

Just spoke with Kim on the prayer team. She was such a blessing to me. I called to request prayer and to ask a question that was concerning me. She answered my question then began to pray. While she was praying, I had such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit that I felt it in my physical body and knew that my husband was going to be fine. I am praising God for His grace and for this ministry.


Category: 29:11 | Name: Tami R Bonner | From: BUDD LAKE NEW JERSEY
Posted On:

Andrew, I have been listening to your CD teaching You Got it! I understand all about faith and the laws much better! I listen to the CDs driving. I also watch you every morning on TBN. I was struck by what you said about having a revelation. I had one when I read Jeremiah 29:11 that stuck with me and it is one I quote and carry around that message gave me a whole revelation about the life I never had before. I have been reading the bible for a year reading front back in between. I love reading it and I feel like even though the scriptures encourage me I am looking for that revelation moment that I had with Jeremiah 29:11 again. Trying to understand sometimes why I hear God say things and then nothing. I know this is a process and I am born again now for almost two years. I had an awesome experience with God; He actually used a birthday card my mother gave me. He put it in my pocketbook for me to see and it was a clear message. The birthday card said on the front “Look at you Daughter”. I woke up in the morning and found it perfectly placed in my handbag for me to see. I knew it was him! I am grateful to you for teaching and for your television show. I feel at peace watching you every day and am encouraged to live more and more in the word. Thank you, Amen

Kingdom principles

Category: Encouragement | Name: Bobby Jones | From: Georgia USA
Posted On:

Hello Brother Andrew Wommack,

I have been watching your services on tv57 Atlanta and other channels over the years from time to time and I find you to have good fruit and refreshing faith and knowledge in the Word of God.

The teachings on faith and healing and God’s Providence I have found to be real authentic truthful and refreshing.

Thank you for sharing the good news and kingdom wisdom with us in Jesus name …