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Submitted by: Rachel Philbrick

On December 12, 2019

Reaching out from: Maine

I wanted to reach out and take a minute to let you all know how much you have blessed me, and the way the Lord has blessed me through your ministry recently. For the past couple of months, I have been spending time trying to learn more about who God really is. How he thinks of us, how he cares for us, and how he loves us. When I would pray, I would tell God I wanted to truly know Him, and to help me get the scriptures, resources, anything I needed to help me have this revelation/understanding.

About two weeks after I began to really come to the Lord with this, I came home to a mailer from Andrew Wommack Ministries on my kitchen table. I hadn’t made a special donation or requested any sort of materials anywhere around that time, so I had no idea what was inside. When I opened the envelope, I was completely blown away by what had been sent to me, ‘The Nature of God’. I was so taken aback and humbled by God’s love and care for me, and that He was able to use the generosity of this ministry to bless me so directly and supernaturally; it brought me to tears.

It is because of you all that I received this book, and I have loved reading every page of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ways you have blessed my life, and those of millions of others, The Lord uses you all to prosper and bless God’s family of believers, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.


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Category: Healing | Name: Gina Dicarlo | From: South Carolinia
Posted On: January 17, 2020

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during my second pregnancy. I was dependent on medicine. I continued to take the medicine after my child was born because of the doctor, but didn’t have peace about it. I really didn’t want to be dependent on any medication. I continued to seek God in prayer regarding the issue and not knowing what to do about it. One day after pleading with the holy spirit he told me to get off the medicine. The very next day, I quit taking it.

Over the next few days, I kept getting the distinct feeling I needed to watch healing videos on YouTube. I blew the thoughts off a few times then decided to give it a try. I came across a conference from Andrew regarding healing and was baptized by the spirit that night. I felt an incredible sensation enter my body. That was the first time I ever felt the power of the holy spirit.

Then on Nov. 23rd as I kept believing God had already purchased my healing I heard a man call out an issue of thyroid disease and throat problem. I immediately felt the presence of the holy spirit all through my chest and knew at that moment, I had been was healed. I have been off my medicine for 4 months now and just had my thyroid levels checked. My levels are within the NORMAL range. Praise God. I told God I would tell everyone and anyone about what God has done.

We do not have to just accept what the doctor says, praise God! I am so thankful. ALL to God be the Glory. Thank you so much for getting the truth out there!!! What a blessing you are.


Category: Healing | Name: Elaine Csire | From: Canada
Posted On:

About 2006 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I prayed, I found naturopathic teaching to help me follow a better diet and lifestyle more suitable for a person with this disorder. My doctor told me the good news was that it wouldn’t kill me, the bad news was that it couldn’t be healed. I am the kind of person who will fight to improve my life and my health…so I researched, and followed the naturopath’s advice. I lived with this disorder for a few years…disabled and unable to do much. During this time I found Andrew Wommack’s tv programme and was instantly drawn to his clear and truthful way of teaching God’s Word. I have been watching him almost daily for years, I have purchased some resources and have led a small group with them; I have purchased and shared healing DVD’s. A couple of years ago, I was listening to his teaching, “A Better Way to Pray”…and as I received this…I was healed! My foggy brain became clear, my fatigue was gone, and I have begun to live an active normal life. I have told my healing story often…sometimes people don’t believe me…but I now am chair of the board of directors at our church…so that is proof that my mind and energy are restored as I am now able to serve Our Lord as He leads me. As I have been listening to his teaching this past week on You’ve Already Got It, I am in full agreement that our faith is not the problem in seeing healing…I agree that it is our unbelief. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ to receive this teaching and strengthen their belief…

RE: Stand with me in believing for total healing

Category: Healing | Name: Jacqueline M. Reilly | From: Providence, Rhode Island
Posted On: January 15, 2020

Good Morning Brother Andrew,

I came across your teaching one day as I was surfing the web. I must say that your teaching has been such a blessing, I highly persuaded that God is using mighty to teach his word. My belief in the word was diluted by traditions, religion and worldly thinking. Have listened to your teaching has forced me to deeply examine my way of thinking about what God’s Word says. I believe that God led me to your teaching in preparation for what lay ahead. A week ago I had gone into the ER with severe abdominal pains, they ran tests and the results came back that I had cancer. Instead of being fearful and panic which is what I would have done in the past, I felt at peace.

You see weeks of listening to your teachings on healing had given me the confidence and assurance that by Jesus’ stripes I am healed and also I have his spirit within me the same spirit that rose Christ from the dead, hence I have all I need for Godly living.

So as the doctors kept declaring the bad news and asking me if I truly comprehend what they were telling me, I kept reiterating that yes I had heard them, the fact was they had discovered cancer, the Truth was that there is one who is greater and mightier than cancer. I told the 3 doctors who came to see me that my God who I serve is able and will dissolve the tumor. One made an offhanded remark “well in this situation we are going to need all the prayers we can get and walked off”

So despite what the enemy tries, I am still standing and believing in God to dissolve the tumor. Surgery is scheduled for January 24th at 7:00 am. I know I have my healing, praise be to God.

Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Sister Jacquie.


Category: Healing | Name: Orlando Mena | From: Kissimmee florida
Posted On: January 14, 2020

Pastor Andrew Wommack, my name is Orlando Mena. About two months I had an open heart surgery in which I could not work. I was really sick. All I had to do was to pray to God and read his work. I mean the Bible. Less than a month ago when I order your book called You’ve Already Got It! I receive the book less than a week ago. I am on the third chapter and I watch your teachings every day. It has helped me a lot of the problems on my heart have healed. Also, God gave me an opportunity to have a new job. Thank you pastor Wommack for your teachings.

God knows what we need before we even ask

Category: Encouragement | Name: Libby Dara | From: Kansas City, MO
Posted On: January 13, 2020

In my 20+ years in US, I have listened to many teachings and attended many christian conferences, but never heard about Andrew Wommack. September last year, some of my friends told me they were going to Andrew Wommack conference. I was saddened that I couldn’t go with them due to a conflict with my work schedule. The whole time they were gone, I was feeling that I should have gone with them, but I was still peaceful about staying because I know that work is worship too if I do it as one being on God’s assignment.

When my friends came back to Kansas City, they shared things from the conference. I was then curious to learn more about the ministry. Because God knows how to bless His people, I came across Andrew Wommack’s teaching series that blessed me in a way that is changing my life; that is “The Power OF Faith Filled Words – “The Creative Power of Words””. Now I’m more aware of my speech and ask God daily for the grace to say what is pleasing in His sight and what is encouraging to those who listen. I’m practicing to pray rightly and I’m expecting my mountains to move by the words of my mouth as the Lord reminded me of that power at my possession. I can’t wait to share the testimonies.

May God keep blessing you mightily as you impact the world.

God’s whisper

Category: Encouragement | Name: Julie Shaw | From: United States
Posted On:

Thank you AWMI.
I have been listening for about 8 years now to Andrew’s teachings. I remember when I first began listening and thinking to myself that he is so radically different from other ministers I had heard before.
I thought if he doesn’t conform to traditional ways he won’t last. But I kept watching and feeling my heart move to a fullness that I never felt before. In fact, I know that God whispered to me to “Go and join Charis Bible school, be a helper and all of my heart for the rest of my days would remain full”.
I am reconnecting with AWMI thru his latest teaching “You’ve already got it.” And it is drastically changing my thoughts to a better way of believing.
So Thank you again for your Faith and Ministry.
Someday, maybe I will come for a visit.

Thankful and Blessed

Category: Encouragement | Name: Brenda Martin | From: United States
Posted On: January 10, 2020

Praise God for this Ministry. I look forward to the learning experience. And Thankful for your guidance. May God continue to Bless your Ministry!!

A Truth that set me free

Category: Encouragement | Name: Marilyn Lajoie | From: N.Y. (rural)
Posted On: January 9, 2020

I was delivered from the feeling of dread, (even first thing in the morning, ugh!) Andrew’s teaching: “Who told you u were naked?” is great for people like me, having trouble with ‘sin conciousness’. (My mistakes prevailed in my mind, until I went back to hearing that teaching again). Comforting, & my energy levels are also better now. I hope it will bless others in the same way today.

Stage 4 cancer healed

Category: Healing | Name: Grace kimani | From: Nairobi
Posted On:

You are God sent Dr. Andrew Wommack!
Thank you for your obedience to the calling…your selflessness has impacted many lives!
Just recently, a sister who had stage 4 cancer got completely healed after reading A Better Way To Pray and listening to your daily t.v programs!!!
We thank God for you and pray that you will continue in good health….

For Andrew ;)

Category: Encouragement | Name: Debbie McBee | From: Salem,OR
Posted On: January 8, 2020

LOVE YOU ANDREW! XOXOXOXOXOXOX! Debbie, Salem, OR ; ) Standing with you all always THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!