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Featured Testimony:

Submitted by: Tolani

On September 16, 2021

Reaching out from: Logos, Nigeria

Thank you Andrew Wommack Ministries.

I watched the Healing is Here Conference online. Pastor Greg during his session said different types of urinary tract infections are being healed. I knew it was for me although at the time all I was aware of was that I had symptoms of an  infection. I called the prayer lines and had a prayer minister agree with me. The infection is gone. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you for the helpline and prayer ministers. I have called several times for the prayer of agreement against attacks on my body.

Thank you Mr. Andrew for all your teachings. They have transformed my life. God bless you.

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Jacqueline Y Cherry | From: Houston Texas
Posted On: October 14, 2021

January 16 2021 I was diagnosed with Covid-19 along with my 30 year old son. We were put in the hospital together but separated. I got better but my son passed away on February 3, 2021 the same day I was released to go home. I went home and my son went home to Glory. After being home for a couple of weeks and watching movie after movie I began to get bored so I told my friend Sharon I can study my Bible, and I began to study but it wasn’t enough so I searched the internet for Bible study online and I came across Charis and click and Ricky Burge was teaching. I was over joyed, So the next day I watched Ricky again then Duane the next day Andrew Wommack as I heard him teach, he was saying things that I had never heard before but it was true. As I studied everyday online at 11 with different teachers I was overwhelmed and excited, but I still wanted more so I began studying in the morning and afternoon. Now I study morning noon and night with Charis. Andrew Wommack I thank God for you.

My husband healed from COVID

Category: Healing | Name: Connie Jost | From: Boerne Texas
Posted On:

My husband was hospitalized for 27 days in March for covid. When I called the doctor had told me they were going to put him on a ventilator the following day. I was so encouraged by the prayer counselor telling me they had many reports of people being healed of covid. I told the ICU doctor that we are a family that believes God works miracles and that we expect that he will be healed. They had even gave him four rounds of remdisivir that often shuts down kidneys. God turned that around and healed him. My husband even saw a vision of many praying for him and God asked him if he wanted to be healed. My husband is fully healed now and we rejoice every day that we’re together. Being able to talk to a prayer counselor daily was such a lifeline to my son and I as we prayed together and kept believing. We want to thank you for ministering to us and providing this prayer coverage and thank God for healing him in a powerful way. No damage to kidneys to otherwise.

So excited to have found this ministry

Category: Healing | Name: Caroline Traxinger | From: Nottingham Maryland
Posted On: October 11, 2021

I had decided I wanted to find a church but hesitated because of past bad experiences. I was flipping channels early one morning and found Andrew Wommack and I was thrilled. He was so easy to follow what he was saying so down to earth and real! I finally have found a place that I feel at home and a part of rather than just a body in a pew.

I have always had a strong faith but now I feel like I can now study and understand and share with others when they are ready to listen. I feel am so blessed to have found this ministry.

Healed of Breast Cancer

Category: Healing | Name: Bola | From: Nigeria
Posted On: October 10, 2021

I am grateful for your ministry. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2019. I was in a very bad place, I knew God can heal me but I wasn’t sure if it was the will of God for me to have take conventional treatments which might damage my chances of having children. I started seeking God for direction, looking for testimonies of people who had been healed without medicine. Then I stumbled into the healing journey of Cornie (the artist) and that was the first time I heard the name Andrew Wommack.

I bought many of his books and watched and listened to many of his teachings. I became convinced that God wanted me well and my healing was already done.

Never went back to the hospital and didn’t do surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. I just held on to the words God had spoken in my spirit and kept declaring my healing.

By December 2020,new report showed no evidence of cancer just abscess which can be drained.


Prayer Partner

Category: Encouragement | Name: Julie A Bruschi | From: PA
Posted On:

I called in for prayer today. It was a spiritual attack on my mind. A woman prayer partner prayed for me and that tormenting spirit was gone. I have to stand on my authority in Christ, to take every thought captive and bring them unto the subjection of Jesus Christ . {Tell it to go in Jesus name.] We have heard the teaching on The Believer’s Authority and I am going to listen to it again. Thank you for all the free teachings and being able to download. There are several things your ministry does. We have been blessed with the Gospel Truth TV, which we are subscribed to. There are different ministers and ministries on there. We have been blessed with Relationship University, Healing School, and the conferences.

God Bless,


Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Vermell Tucker | From: New jersey
Posted On:

Saw you in Woodlands, NJ and seeing you on television changed my life. Your new book, the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, baptized in Holy Spirit. My Healing, I believe it and receive it in Jesus Holy Name. Thank you for being here. Your ministry, changed my life. Everyday I watch your
television show. Always learning from your teaching. What things ye desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them ,and ye shall have them. My new life, by his stripes, I am healed of all sickness and diseases.

God bless you.


Healing Testimonies

Category: Healing | Name: Chioma Eberechi Okoli | From: Ashford Kent, UK
Posted On:

Your teaching brought me out from darkness to light and as a result I have received the following healings: Back ache, high blood pressure, bad odour, blurry eye sight, I have not mentioned all here. My children have also received healings because I stood on the word of God, I have completed my first year online Charis Bible School, hoping that one day I will start 2nd year.


Praise Report

Category: Healing | Name: Barbara Ann Pass | From: Atlanta, Georgia
Posted On:

I have received healing in my body. I had been having serious pain in my knees so I went to the doctor and I received a report I was not expecting to receive from my doctor. I begin to just thank God for my healing because I knew that the doctor report could not override the word of God. I have been searching my heart to make sure I don’t have any unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart. I have been studying the word of God with more faith since I received the report. My knees have gotten so much better and stronger. I am so thankful to God for all the prayers and words of encouragement I received from this ministry.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Eden Dieuveil | From: Brazzaville, Congo
Posted On: October 1, 2021

Hi Andrew! I’m an eighteen-year-old boy and I believe that my entire life is now changed by knowing your television program on
EMCI TV since the 9th of March. I thank you for all of your teachings that you’ve made available on and it still blessing
me because now I know that God loves me, God has a plan for my life for reaching my country with this message of his grace and unconditional love for us that I’ve learned from your teaching! AWMI is not already known in my country like it is in Uganda, Zimbabwe, and others and I believe it will! But grandfather thanks you from all my heart for your obedience to the Lord, glory to god!! I never know English before but by hearing your teaching like a miracle God gave me this ability to hear him speaking to me by a language that I never know before! I’m blessed every morning in I write this to tell you how my relationship with the Lord takes another direction and I found god’s will for my life! Thanks!!

Praise Testimony

Category: Encouragement | Name: Jacob Inoue | From: Moonachie
Posted On:

I really appreciate Andrew Wommack Ministries and CBC and Online Family for joining us for Destiny Conference 2021.  I got baptized at my other church on December 20th and my lead Pastor was putting oil on me and I was healed.

Thank God For CBC and Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Really appreciate Lan and Chengetai for hosting.

Love Jacob