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Alexandra Quijano
February 15, 2019 Healing
I praise God for your ministry & for who God made you to be! Thank you!
Beverly Hampton
Fort Worth, TX
February 14, 2019 Healing
I’m Healed
I'm so glad God connected me to this ministry while I was sitting in my home watching on tv. I have a different understanding of healing now. Thank you!
John Daniels
February 14, 2019 Encouragement
Give encouragement
Andrew, your teaching (Holy Spirit) has been encouraging and has opened my spiritual eyes to the truth of the Word. Thank you! God is blessing us!
Marilyn Soucie
Sterling, CO
February 13, 2019 Encouragement
Caller with encouragment
I am so encouraged that a gentleman called us today thanking us for being partners with AW. We were not able to answer the phone, and he left a message of encouragement. Thank you for being so faithful to your Partners and for caring about us and where we are in the faith walk of life. I will listen to this encouraging phone message over and over. Thank you!
Joanie Nelson
February 13, 2019 Healing
She is healed AMEN!
Through your teaching, I was able to pray for a young girl with a very large skin cancer on her back. I cursed it and told it that it had to leave, in Jesus's name. The girl's mom took her to the pediatric skin care, and he told her that it is going to fall off. First I give thanks to GOD and also give thanks to you for your teaching.
Pamela Lowell
February 13, 2019 Healing
My Healing day
I have been going to Infusion for years for electrolytes and IV fluids due to only having 2 feet of intestines in my body. I was watching the Healing is Here series last Monday, and Andrew was speaking. I prayed to God, asking for forgiveness for how I have prayed in the past. I said, "Lord I lay my electrolyte issues at your feet, and I believe I am healed in Your precious name." I would not let any thoughts of doubt enter my thoughts. I went back to Infusion as scheduled last Thursday, and I only needed half of a dose of phosphorus. So I praised God and continued to stand on His word! Then on Monday when I went back to the doctor, I did not need any phosphorus! They took my blood, and when the nurses returned, they said, "Pamela, your levels are perfect!" I didn’t need magnesium, potassium, phosphorus,or IV’s. I immediately gave God all the praise and Glory, and I was not quiet about it either! I was so happy and bursting with joy. It has been years since everything has been perfect, and I know when I go back Friday, everything will still be perfect! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!
Larry Willis
February 13, 2019 Healing
Healed from Prostate Cancer
I had prostate cancer 4 years ago. I had my prostate removed and was cancer free. Then about a year ago, the doctor said the cancer was coming back. I was discouraged after the news. I went home and prayed, and God told me I would be healed. I read Andrew's Book, "God Wants You Well", and many other books of Andrew's. I am 67 years old, and Andrew's books taught me things I had never known before. The next time I went to the doctor, I asked him If he believed in healing, and he said yes. I told him God told me I was going to be healed and the cancer was not coming back. He told me he has never seen anyone healed from prostate cancer. I told him that when I'm healed from this cancer, would he put on my records HEALED BY GOD. He said yes. I thanked God for my healing every day for a year. The PSA lab work was showing it was going up. Every time before I took my lab work, I would thank God for my healing, but the lab work showed it was still going up. I was a little down every time I got my lab work, hoping I received my healing. This October was my 6 month appointment, and the doctor's office didn't call and reminded me. I thought about calling them, but God told me to wait. Two months went by, and they still didn't call. In January, I finally went for my lab work again, but instead of praying on my own before I had my lab work, I called Andrew's prayer line and had a lady pray with me. The next day, I got my lab work report back, and my PSA report came back as normal! Thank God! I can't wait to see my doctor in April. I get to be the first patient he has seen healed! Thank you, Andrew, for having people to believe and pray for me.
Buddy Powers
Shadyhills FL.
February 11, 2019 Encouragement
Thank you
Thank you, Andrew, for teaching at Lake Side Church in Oakland, FL. It was a huge blessing to have you here. We have studied extensively the Word of God through your Gospel Truth channel for a few years, and we are being transformed like a butterfly ( Romans 12:2 ) and most importantly, we are developing intimate relationship with God through Jesus and the Word of God. We are now seeing the fruit of a foundation on the Word of God. We love you and your ministry, The Gospel Truth. Thank you for making your teaching available for free and for you and Jamie carving the path through the woods so that we are able to learn from your experiences in ministry. We love y'all!
Jaclyn Bousquet
South Berwick
February 11, 2019
Unwavering faith
Dear Andrew - thank you so much for generously sharing this life saving message about God's love and grace. I have battled chronic illness for years and now I can finally rest in what has already been done for me. Your message on overcoming doubt has been instrumental in helping me understand that I am not claiming that "I am healed" in order to get healed - but that my healing is a FACT and I am already healed. I know in my heart that God loves me and that I am healed through Jesus. I will testify to anyone who will listen.
Tracy Tallent
Franklin, NC
February 11, 2019 Healing
I'm so excited to be at the ARMI conference! I have grasped the teaching of Andrew and now am preaching and teaching this in my church. My dad was healed of brain cancer after I started teaching this message. God Bless!
Judy McEntire
Colleyville ,Texas
February 8, 2019 Healing
Authority in Christ
I just watched Barry Bennet explain the believer’s authority in Christ in a way that gave me clarity to my understanding . I had before now a question mark of how could I apply this truth to my life. I texted several friends to make sure not to miss Andrew Wommack today! This message was communicated so clearly that it was one of the 5 top messages I have heard in my life.
Mar Laj
February 8, 2019 Encouragement
Hearing again
The last few weeks, I've been listening to "God is A Spirit", from Andrew's "God's Kind of Love" series. Hearing the same word has really helped me get out of a rut.