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Submitted by: Renske Geertsema- van Dijken

On September 3, 2019

Reaching out from: The Netherlands

After years of renewing my mind, with the help of Andrew’s teachings (and later other teachers of Charis Bible College, live Bible studies, healing school and recorded conferences), I declared my heart was healed of what was done to me in the past. I named everything Jesus did for me at the cross by name. After that, I saw very painful things of the past, but without pain. And I forgave the one who did it and blessed the person. That was a miracle! Then I felt a heaviness fall from me and a fresh energy filled me. I am free of something profound, and it’s because of the revelation that Jesus already healed my heart. Thank you, Andrew, for helping me receive that revelation!

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Patrick C Fish | From: Canon City
Posted On: September 19, 2019

First of all I have been listening to Andrew for many years (probably over 20 years ) and have always been blessed by his message. About a year ago I had been watching on you tube men like Andrew, Todd White, Dan Mohler, Robert Morris and others when I heard then Lord tell me I was like a reed blowing in the wind and was not getting the fullness of what he wanted for me, he told me to choose one and stay with him. So I chose Andrew because his teachings are life giving and powerful, not that there is anything wrong with the others but I felt Andrew was where God was telling me. So I started the correspondence courses at Charis Bible College and getting books and study guides. I have been so blessed and have started to get the word deeper into my heart that I am totally changed. I was so done with church and had no desire to attend one until last fall. Now my wife and I are attended a life giving church and are getting back involved. We also started giving to AWMI on a monthly basis as I felt it was very good ground to plant seed. God has blessed my wife and I so much, she has gotten a pretty good raise and even though I have not gotten a raise my income has increased as well, I work on commission and our dealership has been doing very well. I really thank you and your ministry very much.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Sam Hostetler | From: Wooster, Oh.
Posted On: September 18, 2019

I want to thank Andrew Wommack ministries for BLESSING us with the book The True Nature of God, which was sent to us by the ministry without us even asking for it, which has given us a new understanding of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m buying additional books for my children.

Prayers & Gratitude

Category: Financial | Name: Shevon Suggs | From: Chicagoland
Posted On:

Hi there Andrew Wommack Ministries, I was prompted to go online, especially after receiving some material in the mail. I have sent a gift or two years ago, but have always loved the encouraging, life-changing positioning that this ministry has touched in my spirit and Christian growth. I am very grateful for these teachings!

A better way to pray

Category: Encouragement | Name: Christan Oguwike | From: Nigeria
Posted On:

Calvary greetings Pastor Andrew Wommack, it’s with Jesus joy I write you.

I have watched a couple of your teachings Via DStv here in Nigeria. I got a book written by you titled ‘A better way to pray’ this book had been in my possession for over four months without me flipping a Page of it. Because i was finding it very hard to believe that all the prayers over the years went unanswered and my faith and Christian Life nose-dived. I became angry at God because my sister and mum died before my eyes and I sincerely prayed hoping they would come back to life but they didn’t. Those incidents shook my faith.

But as I began to read this book though it was tough to swallow the BITTER TRUTH and change what traditionally we grew up to know as Christians, I took Courage to read and digest the book. I actually finished reading it Yesterday, during the cause of the reading am finding PRAYER more and more interesting and comfortable with. Your book thought me what pray is and the way around it.

Honestly speaking, am enjoying my Christian Life now and am grateful to God who used you to be instrumental to that, all praises and Glory to him alone amen.

I really hope that someday i would have the privilege of being under the same roof and hear you teach. It would be a great blessing.

I thank God for your life and ministry Sir.

More Grace,
Christan Oguwike

Our daughter was raised from the dead!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Linda Cabrera | From: Hughson, California. United States of America
Posted On: September 17, 2019

We have been partners with AWM for over 10 years now. We have studied with Andrew, learned from Andrew and grown in our faith with Andrew. We even had the pleasure of meeting him once in Phoenix, AZ, and saw him again in California at one of the events.
Our daughter Katherine is wheelchair-bound since she suffered the effects of a seizure when she was 16 months old.
Saturday night I was giving our Daughter Katherine a little snack before bed. After her fourth bite, she just stopped breathing. I called for my husband and we unstrapped her to lay her on the floor.  She was very rigid, still no breathing. We laid her on the floor. All of a sudden Katherine’s eyes rolled back, her heart stopped, she went totally limp. And I saw her spirit leave her body. I kept yelling NO NO NO! And my husband yelled COME BACK, COME BACK, when her spirit was about 3 feet away from her body, I yelled, “Katherine-you come back in your body in the name of Jesus!” There was nothing, she was gone, just a shell. I looked up at her spirit again and I said: Katherine, do you hear me? Get back in your body NOW, in the name of Jesus!” I watched her spirit come back down and into her body, as it filled her body, she took her first gasp of air, her color started to come back and her eyes came forward. Our sweet daughter was back!
It took the ambulance at least 12 minutes to get to our home. When they arrived we had Katherine up on the couch. Her color was better, she was breathing better. We told the four men that came to help exactly what happened. One man seemed to believe us, two men looked at us like we were nuts and I am guessing that the fourth man became a Christian by the end of his shift. They checked her vitals and they couldn’t believe it. They said you told us your daughter died at 11:57 pm and she was raised from the dead around 12:02 am. We got here at about 12:10 am. Her blood pressure is perfect, her pulse is perfect and her oxygen is between 98-99%. We put Katherine back in her chair and took her to the ER, we totally believe in divine appointments so we told everyone what had happened, what really happened. The doctors and nurses were amazing. Katherine still sounded junky in her breathing so they had the respiratory team come in, they did what is called a deep suctioning, they pulled out a mucus plug, which is what blocked off her airway. All I can say is, Saturday night our daughter Katherine died and Sunday morning she rose from the dead. Yes, she was dead and now she is alive. Thank you, Jesus, for saving our sweet daughter and thank you, Andrew, for teaching us A Better Way To Pray! <3 We will never forget what happened. And we will never stop praising the Lord for bringing our daughter back to us. God bless you all.

Thanks you pastor

Category: Encouragement | Name: Gbenga Peter Olatunji | From: Nigeria
Posted On: September 16, 2019

Dear Pastor,
It is with delights I wish to write you. Thank you for answering the call of God. Your materials and books have been impactful in my life, family and Ministry. It is giving me a mind shift.
Am currently reading your book title ” How to become a Water Walker-Lessons in Faith”. Since I received Jesus Christ, I never knew one can both have faith and unbelieve at the same time. Thanks you sir for putting down your glorious teaching in that materials. I and my wife have taken the responsibility of praying for you and your installations.
Thank you once again.
Best regards
Gbenga Olatunji

Thank you AWMI

Category: Healing | Name: Satya | From: India
Posted On: September 13, 2019

I would like to thank Andrew, Jamie, and everyone at AWMI for helping me get a deeper understanding of the Word of God through your teachings. I believe that God is faithful and He will fulfill all that he has promised. I stand on the promises of God and declare that I am healed (have perfect vision) in Jesus name. Amen!


Category: Financial | Name: Obiora Egbuna | From: United States
Posted On:

I have been seriously blessed with Andrew Wommack’s messages on YouTube. I listen to him every time in my office. He really opened my eyes concerning so many spiritual issues.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Brenda Nyachwech | From: Jinja - Uganda
Posted On: September 11, 2019

I bless the Lord for granting me the opportunity to learn daily His word through the teachings of His servant Andrew Wommack.
The first time I interfaced with some of the teachers from Charis bible college, the teachings sounded too untrue, but with deeper study and listening to teachings on the TV, am getting liberated and recognising that God isn’t mad at me and that He is not responsible for the bad things that happen in my life. My perception about my identity in Christ Jesus has totally change. Oh glory to Jesus. Am now enjoy my walk with Jesus.

Long time listener/viewer

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Nita Brown | From: United States
Posted On: September 9, 2019

Just wanted you to know I’ve been a regular listener since years ago when you were just on the radio and I was a Baptist girl. Figure that was about 30 years ago, as my son, who’s now 38, was 5 years old! I have learned a lot from you over the years. I spoke with Connie from your ministry a few days ago, and she suggested I let you know I was a long time listener! Thank you for all you’re doing to disciple so many – me included. I am deeply grateful for your teaching.