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Submitted by: Sunitha Joseph

On March 30, 2020

Reaching out from: Ireland

I ring Andrew’s prayer line whenever any problem comes in my life..and there’s always been a deliverance. First thing I get when I ring is a WORD and that living word acts on my situation and instantly deliverance happens..I may not feel it or see it then and there but I always found out later that “the problem was dried up from the root” instantly!! Praising God for Andrew and his ministry team!!

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Johnson Chukwu Ekeleme | From: Nigeria
Posted On: April 5, 2020

I entered a WhatsApp group that supplies e-books. I read one of Andrew Wommack’s book “You’ve Already Got It” which turned my life around. The book opened my eyes to understand that I have been missing out all the years I have been a Christian. I came to know that God has provided for me all that I need to have in this life, and so praying to Him to give me anything makes no sense. Since then my prayer life and entire Christian perspective changed. From then I have made Andrew Wommack’s book my best. May God bless this man, God has used him to build my Christian faith.

Your recent word on the corona virus

Category: Encouragement | Name: Debra L Randall | From: California
Posted On:

Hi Andrew, I was just complaining to my husband I sure wish one of these many christian tv stations would give us some hope and encouragement concerning this virus. I have been watching you now for maybe 3 years and record you every day to listen each night just before going to bed. I was so very thankful that you interupted your teaching this week to give that awesome word! It blessed me so very much and gave us hope that everything will be ok. Thank you and thank you for your positive and uplifting attitude towards this whole strange occurrence. God Bless Debra

“You’ve Already Got It” Teaching

Category: Healing | Name: Jackie P | From: Maryland
Posted On:


I wanted to share my testimony from listening to The Gospel Truth – You’ve Already Got It! My faith was ignited after listening to Andrew Wommack’s teaching that all I need I already have through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ that’s in me.

I had been suffering with menopause symptoms over the past year and half. I started watching on YouTube the “You’ve Already Got It” teaching from the beginning. I felt convicted to pray and declare that my menopause symptoms cease. Within a few days, the symptoms were less and less but had not completely stopped.

In one of the teachings, Andrew Wommack stated that sometimes it takes the body time to catch up with what you declare in the spirit. So I kept speaking the Word over my body.

Today, I have NO symptoms of menopause! Praise God!!! I thank Andrew Wommack for his teaching and ministry!! To God be the Glory!!!


Category: Healing | Name: Emanuel Jared Lyimo | From: TANZANIA
Posted On:

Well, the holy spirit has just reminded me to share my testimony with you andrew Womack ministries on this sermon of “God wants you well”. I’m in Africa Tanzania. Last year after watching this sermon on daystar channel, i remember Andrew emphasized on speaking out loud the scripture that said “i shall not die, i shall live & declare the works of the LORD”. On the same year there was this elderly man who is our family friend had 3 stomach cancer operations. After the third one the situation didn’t get better so he was admitted for another operation, which was delayed almost 3 times because he was not fit for operation. The day we went to visit him, i shared with him the same scripture while he was laid on bed with catheters & a lot of nutrition drips and other types of drips. I told him to speak out that he shall not die, he shall live & declare the works of the LORD. He spoke it out, declared it & hallelujah the scripture manifested to the extent he was fit for the operation & came out of theater room declared how great are the mighty works of the LORD through speaking out his word of LIFE. In the name of JESUS I PRAISE MY LORD, MY YAHWEH, MY SAVIOR LORD JESUS FOR THE WAY HE WORKS THROUGH THIS MINISTRY, as it is written in Ephesians 3:20. I declare blessings and expansion of this ministry to the whole remote corners of the world because the truth of Jesus that flows through this ministry is life giving, life changing & life transforming.

The power of partnership

Category: Healing | Name: Emma Hinks | From: England
Posted On: April 3, 2020

Thanks to Andrew Wommack’s teachings being made available for free, my life radically changed. In 2011 and after many years of trying to have children and believing the doctrine that God controls absolutely everything, a friend gave me one of Andrew’s teachings. Truth was presented in a way i’d never heard before. I wanted to hear more and was blessed to discover I could listen to all his teachings for free, thanks to the generosity of partners. So after several months of listening to hours and hours of teaching I got a personal revelation of the sovereignty of God. That changed EVERYTHING. I then knew that God wasn’t witholding children from me. My relationship with God became so close and personal after that, because I could believe that He really is a good loving father, not a God ‘allowing’ me to suffer. I was then in a position to believe and receive. God spoke to me that I was going to conceive and 3 months later I did. My husband and I now have 4 beautiful children. We will always be thankful to Andrew Wommack ministries and are honoured to sow financially into this amazing ministry and be partners. Thankyou Andrew and Jamie. Thankyou partners.


Category: Healing | Name: Peggy Greco | From: Lenoir City, TN
Posted On:

Thank you for your educational and encouraging words on the right way to pray for healing. Not only was I recently given a cancer diagnosis I have several friends that have recently been diagnosed with cancer too. I feel strongly about learning God’s will for healing and want to know all His words on healing. I thank Andrew Wommack for making this possible through his book.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: BRENDA SAMUEL | From: HOUSTON
Posted On:

I have listened to Andrew Wommack teachings for approx 15 yrs. or more, before downloads became popular, I physically ordered one by one CD case teachings, audiotapes & books, Andrew is one of the “BEST” teachers I have ever listen to. GOD has used this man to change lives & ways of thinking, how we view GOD, etc. (I AM ONE OF THOSE PPL HIS TEACHING HAS TRULY HELPED) THANK GOD FOR ANDREW WOMMACK. PLS KNOW THAT YR MINISTRY IS AWESOME & SOOOO NEEDED! BLESS ANDREW WOMMACK & YR ENTIRE FAMILY & STAFF 🙏🙏

Authority as a believer

Category: Encouragement | Name: Joyce Holmes | From: Columbus, Ohio
Posted On:

I am enjoying the teaching on healing and being reminded of the authority I have been given by God as a believer.

Signing Guestbook 🥰🌝💖

Category: Financial | Name: Sandy Richemond | From: The Bahamas
Posted On:

Pastor Andrew Wommack’s teachings are amazing.
We Bless GOD for his ministry.
Give me in your prayers. Blessings


Category: Financial | Name: Carolyn Alonzo | From: Va.
Posted On: April 2, 2020

I attended one of Andrews’s seminars in WA and was truly blessed. I really enjoy his teachings