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Karen Jones
New York, NY
October 19, 2018 Encouragement
Lessons from David
Many friends and Associates right here in NY, NY really enjoy watching Andrew Wommack. Your style is so straight forward, non-pretentious and you know the word and really teach the Bible. For that we thank you. A quick little story ...I am a 58 yr old Black American lady and what drew me and others to you was that you had the same last name as a famous Black R&B soul singer. We pronounce his last name ‘Wo-Mack
Lnda Smith
October 18, 2018 Encouragement
Really enjoy the shows
Rash McNeil
BC Canada
October 18, 2018
A friend told me about Andrew Wommack so I have been listening to his teachings and he is an excellent teacher. Thank you Rash
Sharon Basson
Johannesburg SA
October 18, 2018
Dear Andrew , I have been watching you on Daystar for a long time now and enjoy every teaching. Today you teaching about David in Samuel. You spoke on criticism..well you know what I always tried to justify myself, but not anymore. I don't care what people say. I only care what God thinks about me. Keep up with your teaching. You are helping me and many other people. May God keep blessing you and THANK you
Pamela Taggart
October 17, 2018
Great teaching
Dee Hawkins
October 17, 2018 Encouragement
Thank you
thank you so much for your teachings and kindness And building this church to reach so many more people it is so much your destiny and you are so much for fulfilling it! God bless you!
Kenneth Hass
Colorado Springs, now in KS
October 16, 2018 Encouragement
Homosexual- addictions & delivered
Knew you in Manitou! Watch your program for 6years. Married 41years. Worst sinner ever delivered!! Often, on your T.V. series you state: "...nearly too good to be true..."; if I may be so bold as to offer it this way: The Gospel " seems too good to be true, but it is"!!! Be blessed and remember your testimony as you find rest in your marriage and ministry. ThankYou Lord Jesus for Andrew Wommack, and all he can be for You.
Marquedas Fanniel
Stone Mountain
October 16, 2018 Healing
Andrew Womack spokea message of criticism in the church and I
I heard Andrew speaking about criticism in the suffering of it and I knew immediately that it was God speaking directly to me. I have so many who have me of course I'm a gifted Prophetess. As Andrew made me feel like he was talking exactly to me. I knew it was God. Now I know that whatever I'm doing is working. Amen
Mariel Myers
Augusta. GA. USA
October 16, 2018
I enjoy reading your teachings and your newsletters. God bless you as you minister to the world for Him.
Judy Prouty
Beaumont, Calif
October 15, 2018 Healing
Several years ago, I had a heart attack. It was completely unexpected, and afterwards, I was left with an irregular heartbeat. I was attending Charis Bible College in Ontario, Calif when Andrew came for a visit. It was such a blessing to meet the man who has poured truth unto the lives of so many, including me! I asked Andrew that day in the hallway to pray for me, which he was very kind to do. I went on after that day to finish school and get more active in my church, Faith .Builders...where I was also being taught that I could trust Jesus with my body and just rest in Him. More recently, I was to find out through an echocardiogram that my heart was in GREAT shape! Healed! I am so grateful and just want to thank Andrew and everyone at AWMI for continuing to bring forth the truth in God's word! It's been life changing for me!
Cora Boldrey
October 15, 2018 Encouragement
First time watching you I enjoy Listening to you and I do want to learn all I can
Robert Lee wing
October 13, 2018 Healing
Thank you