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Submitted by: Nellie St-Germain

On February 11, 2020

Reaching out from: Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Thank you, Br. Andrew for your awesome, easy to understand teaching of the Bible. I have been listening to you on tv and YouTube for a while and I am so GRATEFUL for your teachings, they are changing my life.

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Tommie Lee Santilli | From: Bradenton, FL
Posted On: February 19, 2020

I just wanted you to know that I home school my 15 and 16 year old children and use your resources to teach the the Bible. Right now we are doing You Already Got It. They didn’t even ask to stop watching after 15 minutes, which is saying a lot! Thanks for all you do.

Spirit Soul and Body

Category: Uncategorized | Name: John Edwards | From: North Carolina
Posted On:

I’ve been watching Andrew for years, his teaching is so easy to understand. I watch him at night laying in bed, just about every night of the week. I love hearing the Word before I fall asleep. I’ve order a few of his books but I have to say the book on Spirit Soul and Body is one of his best teachings, it will radically change your life. I’ve read a lot of books on this topic but this one just draws me in and being rooted in the Word, its right on the mark. I have believed these things for a long time but couldn’t put it into words until I found this book. I turned my wife on to Andrew a few years ago and every morning before she goes to work (and I must say early in the morning) she listen to him and has ordered a lot of his materials. I told her the other day, I need to order a few of his books on this topic and give them out to some of my friends and family, I know it will lift them up as it did me and we all can renew our minds with this teaching that God promised. Thanks and God Bless your ministry.

Healing testimony/I’ve already got it!

Category: Healing | Name: Hannington Katumba | From: Uganda, East Africa
Posted On: February 18, 2020

I read this book recently, it turned my prayer life right-side up! I prayed for my 3year old daughter who had a disease on her skin and palms (they were rough and itchy and we’re peeling all the time)! I had failed to get the right medication. Now again she has the skin and hands of a real 3year-old kid. I spoke to and cursed the disease and exercised my authority with a renewed mind and knowledge and confidence in what God’s Word says! It’s amazing how simple these things are yet we are simply not taking what rightly belongs to us in Jesus. Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you Andrew Wommack.

This weeks TV

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Madison James | From: United States
Posted On: February 17, 2020

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your teaching, GOD has helped me tremendously through it, of which I pass on to others.
I totally agree with your teaching on an excellent spirit, there is too much give in the wrong direction.
HE is our strength & protection, we are BLESSED!!! Thanks for listening to JESUS & thanks for your teaching.
Madison James


Category: Healing | Name: Paul Okechukwu IZUH | From: Enugu, Nigeria.
Posted On: February 14, 2020

I am greatful to God for his grace upon Andrew. Thank you Andrew for your teachings. I listen to you through YouTube and Mp3 download. My life has taken a tremendous turnaround since 2018 that I started listening to your teachings. I have seen myself healed several times from many illnesses. I have seen my family members healed of various life threatening diseases. I have also seen remarkable increase in my finances. I have also seen changes in my relationship with God. I also enjoy authority over Satan. So many testimonies to share, I would say that I’m enjoying the total package of salvation today because God has shown me the way through your teachings. I have not arrived, but I have left. Thank you Andrew. May Grace and peace keep multiplying to you through the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus. I’m grateful Andrew. I love you so much Andrew. Remain blessed in Jesus name.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Kathy Anderson | From: Florida
Posted On: February 13, 2020

I love AWMI and Andrew’s incredible revelation of the truth!!!

Andrew’s Teachings

Category: Encouragement | Name: Will Cutler | From: Aurora, North Carolina
Posted On:

Thank you so much for your obedience to God in your ministry. I have been listening to you for about 4 years now & am hoping & praying to attend Charis Bible college in the future. God Bless you all.

Praise Jesus

Category: Encouragement | Name: Devon Fleming | From: United States
Posted On: February 12, 2020

Thank you, Andrew!! I have been listening, watching, interacting (tues night live bible study) and praying with Your team on the phones and I LOVE your teachings.. I have been blessed and started becoming a partner…I am somehow at peace.. I’ve had a lot of light afflictions but I know my identity… and have taken authority over Satan and the world.. I renew my mind each morning… I meditate on and marinate myself in the WORD…I use my imagination to conceive a new future that I have been hoping for….I magnify and glorify HIM… I’m praying to not limit HIM… to continue to open the eyes of my heart so I can SEE success in the knowledge of HIM…. I know that I have received all spiritual blessings and that it was finished on the cross 2000 years ago… so I speak to my problems….
I am starting to see the LIFE that we are promised… I have a long way to go (hopefully it won’t take 50 years) but I’m so THANKFUL to Andrew and your ministry for making me free by letting me hear the truth.
(Ms) Devon Fleming

Andrews Teachings

Category: Encouragement | Name: Darla Mae Nassif | From: United States
Posted On:

Seven years ago my bible study teacher sent me a link to Andrew’s teaching and I really do not remember what Andrew was teaching but I began watching his daily broadcast and it has changed my life. I have watched as Andrew and Jamie built this amazing property and I am so happy to be a part of this ministry. I know I will attend Charis Bible College one day soon. I have the decal for Charis Bible College on my cars back window and I do not ever put stickers on my car. I keep this one to remind me that I WILL attend Charis Bible College and I truly believe I will be working for AWMI/Charis in the near future.

The Truth has set us free

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Melburn Dale Craig | From: Farmington mo
Posted On: February 11, 2020

We just came back from Brazil, victory abounded. Lives changed, salvations, people Filled with the Holy Ghost and one lady had a demon cast out of her and she was born again. God is so good. We are all eternally grateful for the revelation of Gods love and our Right Standing in Jesus, We all can Truly say that the message that Brother Andrew has taught us has changed us forever, Praise God.
We have been delivered and the ministers that changed so many lives and the disciples that continue to share this truth, and many of the ministers were through Charis ministers conference and resources. These ministers have all had a major impact on many people and are all Charis Graduates and ministers at some level. We all continue to work together to build strong, well balanced Christians, with a fire to share God’s love and power with as many as possible. Proud to be partners with Awmi. Thank you brother Andrew and sister Jamie for giving your lives to Jesus. We are lives that are changed. Grateful friends Dale and Maryann Craig