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Submitted by: Joseph McCullough

On July 9, 2021

Reaching out from: Denver, Colorado

I am not only a partner as I also tithe to AWMI, because Andrew has became my primary source for education I start my day everyday with his current teaching on Roku TV. My life has been and continues to be charged as I learn the Gospel Truth as explained by Andrew, getting to meet him in person is at the top of my bucket list. Thank you for blessing all of us…

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Thank You

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Rachel Napoli | From: Florida
Posted On: July 30, 2021

I am beginning to listen to your teaching. It is different. I like it and believe you are teaching correctly from God.

Transformed Life

Category: Encouragement | Name: Seb Lannuzel | From: London, England
Posted On:

I became a Christian at 19 through a powerful encounter with God. I had a difficult upbringing in a single parent family in a poor housing estate, was sexually abused and bullied a lot as a kid. I didn’t do well at school, and started to escape life through drinking and smoking marijuana etc. So after becoming a Christian I thought that was that, but I became worse, so I was up and down for about 3 years giving up stuff then going back to it. A friend of mine gave me a teaching cassette by Andrew Wommack called ‘Who You Are in the Spirit’. I was so overwhelmed with revelation as I listened, I had to keep stopping the tape and rewinding it. My life dramatically changed from that day on. Fast forward a couple decades, I’m now married with 2 beautiful daughters, have my own business, bought a couple houses, an elder in the church and get to preach the same truths that have changed my life. I thank God for Andrew Wommack Ministries and the teachings on the love of God, Grace, Faith. Got loads more testimonies, but not enough space lol.

Victory in Jesus

Category: Encouragement | Name: Edwin Ray jones | From: sevierville, Tn.
Posted On:

Looking forward again this month to writing a check to AWM so nearly too good to be true good news can reach further than ever before. After living nearly a lifetime of fear, defeat, and bondage am free at last in large part due to bro. Andrews obedience to our Lord Jesus. Once again this morning sitting as Mephibosheth did at the Kings table with Bible in hand. And as Sampson finishing well by faith. Thank you Andrew, Jamie, staff and disciples at AWM.

God is Faithful

Category: Healing | Name: Renesha Holmes | From: Columbia, SC
Posted On: July 19, 2021

I would like to thank Andrew and the prayer ministers! I had a really tough couple of months and was able to call in for prayer and ministry! I happy to report that God’s word will not return to him void and after a CT scan all is well! I have a colonoscopy on Wednesday and when I called to give my testimony I was encouraged again by Brother Tim who read to my Nahum 1:7-9. I didn’t even tell him about the upcoming test! I told him that was an on time word and was actually the 2nd time I received that word! Glory to God!

Thank you

Category: Healing | Name: Kjell Arne Haldorsen | From: Norway
Posted On:

I called you some days ago about a friend, his name is Lars, who was told by the medical doctor that he had only two months more to live. He had a terrible cancer issue. He is better after treatment, and no cancer is now found. The medical report says that he is not completely free of cancer, even if it is not seen at present.

We continue to thank the Lord for what he has done for Lars. By His stripes Lars is healed!

Thank you so much for your prayers when I called you. We continue to claim full recovery, and appreciate that you can join us in this proclamation!
Lars has many intercessors also here in Norway. He is a believer, in his thirties, is married and has two children.

Many greetings from Kjell Arne

Teaching on Book of Romans

Category: Encouragement | Name: Miriam Ruth Rogers | From: Bermuda
Posted On:

I am so thankful to God for Bro. Andrew’s teachings. Although I thank God for allowing me to grow up attending a full bible-teaching and believing Church, Bro. Andrew’s in-depth teachings on the book of Romans are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. They have been a tremendous blessing to me. Also, the day before these teachings began, I sent an email to my 10 year-old grand-daughter saying that we will discuss her concern that she “slipped-up” in reading her Bible. She is a high-achiever and my concern was that she may not understand that God does not expect her to be perfect. So when I heard your teaching the following day, I listened twice before deciding to send her the link. She may not be able to understand everything, but I think it will introduce her to the concept which she can build on over time. We plan to discuss this issue and your message during our Zoom meeting tomorrow. Her parents are unsaved and do not take her to church. But she began to believe in God from reading a daily devotional that I gave to all my grandchildren back in 2019. She has such a strong faith in God that she even shares it at her school and online. So, I’m am so happy that I can guide her to Bro. Andrew’s teachings which are so simple that even a child can understand. So I thank God for Bro. Andrew and his team, and for all those who support this Ministry!

Summer Family Bible Conference

Category: Encouragement | Name: Becky Hansen | From: Savannah, GA
Posted On: July 15, 2021

Just returned home from the conference and wanted to say I was so very Blessed. Thank you so very much to everyone involved! Of all the Blessings I received (and there were many), I wanted to address two things that stood out for me personally.

1) Barry. He is such a blessing to me on such a huge scale, that mere words cannot convey. So I will just say, “Thank you. Thank you so very, very much!”

2) Carlie Terradez and Butch Hartman. Take it from someone who has spent literally thousands of hours on the floors of public libraries and bookstores over the years, reading every single word of many, many children books before allowing children to read or hear the stories published – your book, “Hannah and the Beanstalk!” is AWESOME!

There is a huge niche in the market for you both! Please, please, please continue in your endeavors in this area! You make a fantastic team! Just imagine all the young hearts that are and will be Blessed by your words and illustrations!

Thanks again to all involved in the conference!

Becky Hansen


Category: Healing | Name: Sunil Fernando | From: sri-lanka
Posted On:

I have read several books authored by Rev. Andrew, it’s all an inspiration to my ministry.

Enjoying AWM

Category: Healing | Name: Will Peyton | From: Rockford, Illinois
Posted On: July 13, 2021

Just wanted to sign the guestbook to let you know that I am enjoying AWM.

Opened my eyes

Category: Encouragement | Name: IAN D STRUTHERS | From: San Jose , ca.
Posted On:

I am very thankful for Andrew! His approach to the Bible and Jesus is my belief too! I am lacking the belief in myself to let God bless me with riches beyond belief. Through Andrew’s teaching , I know I can find the belief in myself to accept what God has done for me!

Thank you Andrew, and thank you Jesus !