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Submitted by: Nora Stewart

On June 25, 2020

Reaching out from: United States

I have been watching Andrew for several years now and I really enjoy his teachings on a Better Way to Pray. Today, June 24, 2020, I noticed that my daughter’s right eye was red and watery. I asked her did she realize that it was red and she stated yes and that is was bothering her. She also watches Andrew on a regular basis. I told her that we were going to pray for her eye and I placed my left hand over her eye and my right hand on her shoulder. I prayed and spoke to her red watery eye and commanded the redness and watering to leave and for her eye to be healed. I told her body to fight any infection that may be trying to dominate her eye. I ended the prayer by saying that before the day was over that her eye would be healed. We agreed and I went on about my day. About an hour later, I looked at my daughter’s eye and the redness and watering was gone.
Thank you Andrew for teaching me a Better Way to Pray!

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Category: Financial | Name: Jeanette Lackey | From: Cleburne Texas
Posted On:

First off,my Husband and I are very thankful to God for Andrews teachings.
We have been listening to him for a long time, he has helped us understand so much that we hadn’t before. We listen to all of his teachings but our favorite is probably Spirit,Soul and Body and teachings on the Authority of the Believer. Really it’s hard to decide because Andrew explains it so good.
We are partners with Awmi and in our opinion there is not a better soil to sow seeds into. We have a small business and even during the Covid-19 pandemic we have prospered even more than before. We believe that it is because we continue to sow seed into the good soil of Awmi. God does cause his people to prosper even in a pandemic we are living proof!
Thank you Jesus most of all and Thank you Andrew and Jamie for being vessels that he flows through. Thanks for your partnership! We pray for your ministry to continue to be strong in the Lord and we are proud to be your Partners.
With Love,
Bobby and Jeanette Lackey

Free from Alcohol & Perversion

Category: Encouragement | Name: David Maina | From: Kenya,East Africa
Posted On:

I thank God for access and interaction with the Andrew Wommack resources; You have demystified ALL what I thought was true gospel.

I have been drinking since 2004, and have had encounters with death and loss of money: I was lost deep in the world.I used to watch Andrew on TV but never changed my ways. In 2014 I got saved but I still felt guilty and condemned-I joined church but was NEVER at peace-All I thought is demons were after my life so we prayed to ‘free me’.Nothing happened.

I started seeking the TRUTH and through AW resources I have been free and at peace with myself including receiving miracles of finances when everything seemed impossible. I thank AW Ministries for investing to share the TRUTH which has freed me to understand God and the Authority I have in loving Him.

I am free from alcohol and Perversion; my marriage is strong and my relationship with my 3 children has grown.

I want to learn about God and what He has freely given us; I want to serve the Lord-I will soon join Charis Bible College as I want to share this TRUTH.

Healing of digestive issue

Category: Healing | Name: Caleb Standen | From: United Kingdom
Posted On:

In early May 2019, I suddenly developed severe pain in my lower back to the point I couldn’t sit down and the doctors discovered an abscess near my anus that needed surgery and drainage. I had two operations and the third time it came back I was listening to Andrew’s teaching on Christian first aid kit. God miraculously healed me during a worship service and I became a partner with AWME. However I had severe digestive problems and fissures on my anal sphincter which used to heal and bleed over and over again. Yesterday I was listening to the Terradez’s testimony and I decided that it was the day for my miracle. I called the prayer line like I had done many times before but with lots of anticipation this time and prayed with Brian at Colorado. I began to feel better. Yesterday, 14/05/20, I was watching Andrew preach live at healing School. At the end of his message he got a word of knowledge that someone who was watching had a digestive issue and required healing. I instantly said this is for me and received it and immediately began to feel fine. it’s been 24 hours I have had no symptoms I feel great I’ve had no pain and I just feel so good. For the first time since May 2019, I feel this good. Thank you everyone at AWMI and AWME for always praying for me over and over. Thank you so much Andrew, I will now be walking in health because I understand my authority, all because you decided to preach the true Gospel. Love from Ireland!

My testimony

Category: Healing | Name: Peter Ndiema | From: Kenya
Posted On:

I first got the teaching on hardness of heart from a friend accidentally as he was sharing music audios from his phone, and from that day on my life has completely changed, before this all the things I knew about Christianity could be fit into a bottle top, but the Lord through Andrew has revealed not just Himself but myself to me. Thank you for being as you are.


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Wendy Robitaille | From: Canada
Posted On: June 24, 2020

After listening to your message, I could see that selfcenteredness has always been my problem. I have tried to be forgiving, kind, and walk the best walk I could for the Lord, but you hit it square on when I realized that so much of my life has stemed from my pride and selfish attitude. I prayed with you and with the help of Jesus I will be correcting my course…every 10 minutes if I need to. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you.

Everything came together

Category: Encouragement | Name: Marianna Lalanne | From: United States
Posted On:

OMG Andrew’s teachings changed my life!
The closest I came to this when I was listening Charles Capps but I didn’t understand fully. Then I found Andrew, I bought all his books and audibles and devoured them in a month and started over again. It cleared my head from all the misleading teachings and now everything make sense. God also told me to go to the Family Bible Conference so I reserved the tickets and the accommodation. I can’t wait to be there.
Thank you Sir, You are a blessing!

Thank you Andrew Wommack

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Judy Krank | From: Lake Elmo, MN
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew Wommack for making such a difference in my life. I look forward to watching your television program daily. I recently finished my first year at Charis Bible College. It has been awesome and life changing for me. Amen

A huge “Thank You” Andrew Wommack

Category: Encouragement | Name: Christopher Evans | From: Wales
Posted On:

Hi – I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years but since I started watching Gospel Truth a few months ago I’ve grown more in faith and in my understanding of who I am in Christ over the past 3 months than the past 25 years – it’s amazing. I am so blessed by his ministry and I thank God for his faithful walk in the Lord.

I am now speaking in tongues – something I’ve ineffectively prayed for for decades. I’ve had my spiritual eyes opened and I thank Andrew from the depth of my heart. I’m am not living under condemnation any longer and I rejoice in the love of God.

I’ve been renewing my mind – guided by His teaching and the copious scriptures he uses – and have listened to endless hours of his teaching online as well as reading some of his books. There is a wealth of teaching I’ve worked through and loads I’ve already noted that I can’t wait to get into. It now takes me about 2-3 hours to get through one broadcast of Gospel Truth.

As a result of his teaching I now know of and used my own spiritual authority through the amazing power of the Holy Spirit to heal myself. I also – through using and believing in what I have in Christ – prayed for my partner who was experiencing severe abdominal pains…. and they just disappeared. She was healed through my faith and has realised that Jesus is Lord. Hallelujah! She has confessed with her mouth and believes in her heart that Jesus is Lord.

I’ve also realised that I have a lot to learn – and I’m learning fast – about my responsibility to disciple my lovely lady and of her need to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.

I want to say a huge thank you to Andrew for his ministry and love of the Lord who has used him to bless me in the most incredible way.
Thank you Jesus.
God bless you and your ministry.

Shoulder injury

Category: Healing | Name: Art Lazarz | From: United States
Posted On:

In 2018, while exercising, I hurt my shoulder. An mri was done and showed a full thickness tear in a tendon. I went to a
doctor and he suggested an operation on it. He said my shoulder would not be the same or not as good of shape as before I injured it. I was given medication for the pain to take until the operation which would be several months from then. During this time, I usually go on walks in the early evening and talked to the Lord about the operation. I said that I would be good either way, physically operated on or by His Word. I then had a peace about it and rested on it. Days went by and I started feeling no pain in my shoulder. I cautiously tried some light push ups and felt no pain. I stopped taking the medication and called the doctor’s office and told them what had transpired. The nurse or person in the office would talk to the doctor next week and call me back. The next week I rec’d a call from the office and the nurse, after speaking to the doctor, said that he(doctor) said he would not operate since I was not feeling any pain. Eighteen months I have not had any pain. Praise God.

Growing in wisdom

Category: Encouragement | Name: Michael Okoti | From: Kenya
Posted On: May 14, 2020

A friend gave me some of Andrew Wommack’s audio teachings in 2008 and I saw a different perspective of the same word of God I had been reading for many years. I decided to take a deep-dive in the study of the word of afresh. I discovered some of what I held on as truths were traditions and had nothing to do with the true word and nature of God. Over the years I have invested in books and other materials from AWMI and I can confess that am grown in the wisdom of God greatly. I am not there yet, but my Christian life is more polished and focused than before. May the Holy Spirit continually guide Andrew and Jamie Wommack for the great work ahead. Shalom