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Submitted by: Sunitha Joseph

On March 30, 2020

Reaching out from: Ireland

I ring Andrew’s prayer line whenever any problem comes in my life..and there’s always been a deliverance. First thing I get when I ring is a WORD and that living word acts on my situation and instantly deliverance happens..I may not feel it or see it then and there but I always found out later that “the problem was dried up from the root” instantly!! Praising God for Andrew and his ministry team!!

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Category: Encouragement | Name: Amanda Rae Marsan | From: Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, United States
Posted On: March 20, 2020

I am so thankful for the free resources your ministry offers. Chaplain of Union Gospel Mission and my friend, Ron Stice, has been partners with Andrew Wommack’s ministry for quite some time.

I hold his opinion in high regard. Ron suggested I apply at Charis Bible College, knowing my heart and the call placed on my life. I’ve been accepted for Fall 2021(though still unsure of how the provision for tuition will come about). If it’s God’s will, it is His bill:)

Currently, I am in a 24-month, faith based, life recovery program at Union Gospel Mission in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. My rehabilitation consists of full-time participation in classes, counseling and other, in house, assigned responsibilities. I plan on completing an internship before Commencement in June 2021.

Listening to Mr. Wommack has opened my mind and slaughtered a few sacred cows in my life. Receiving revelation from his God given wisdom has completely wrecked me, in the best way possible. And to have these teachings all readily available for free is amazing!

I can’t stop listening. I absolutely love it!

Thank you for being apart my journey! I know the future will far exceeds anything imagined. It is all for His glory and this story has just begun.


Category: Encouragement | Name: Tinashe | From: South Africa
Posted On:

Thank you so much Andrew, my name is Tinashe am from Zimbabwe but currently am in cape town am a Pastor. Your message has changed my life for the best l can not explain the joy and understanding that l have now of the word of God. I have been a Pastor for sometime ministering wrong things to people your messages has shed a lot of light that has opened my eyes to see a lot of wrong things that l was doing. I was also a student of Charis cape town last year even though l didn’t finish, l did buy a lot of your books that am recommending our congregants they are so helpful people’s lives are changing. Thank you so much may God continue to use you we are the living testimony of the word you are preaching
Pastor Tinashe cape town: Grace life church

Video of staff emailed to me

Category: Encouragement | Name: Stephen Paul Beetz | From: Mendota, IL
Posted On:

I just watched your video of talking to the staff that was emailed to me. I’m in the 3rd day of a 3 day fast called thru Lou Engel on Elijah List. As a former “Charisite” I have been walking in divine health the last few years, and have healed various sick. I’d heard the John Lake thing, but while I knew I wouldn’t get the corona virus I was concerned about the possibility of transmitting it to others. This morning as I listened to your message I realized I was now at that place — I knew the virus could not live on me… my unbelief had diminished!
Thanks for your faithfulness. You are a Blessing!
Steve and Svetlana Beetz
Mendota, IL (formerly of St.P., RU)
PS Sent $100 to the ministry.


Category: Healing | Name: Penninah Njeri Miano | From: Kenya
Posted On: March 18, 2020

I want to thank Andrew for his books especially, you’ve already got it. We have experienced healing in all areas of our life. My son could not walk, he walked, he was pronounced dyslexic but we believed God for healing and he has done it. My husband had a heart problem, he is healed, my daughter was fainting, she is healed. The messages of Andrew are enlightening and truth liberating. I thank God for him. God bless him. Since I started listening to him am unable to listen to any other preacher.

Prophetic words

Category: Financial | Name: Elke Smith | From: Austria/Europe
Posted On: March 12, 2020

I called the prayer line in February 2019 concerning the severe scoliosis of our 12-year-old daughter. The prayer minister gave me Isaiah 66,14 (your bones shall flourish like grass) to meditate on….I did and a few months later I finally understood that her “idiopathic scoliosis” is caused by a lack of sunlight (vitamin d), vitamins and other nutritions, due to poor diet, gluten/lactose intolerance as well as listening to the worlds opinion. Like a plant that cannot grow properly when it does not have all the required nutrients, her bones stayed weak.
Praise God he revealed this to me – she is improving and I am confident all the symptoms will disappear in a short period of time. She is already healed of gluten and lactose intolerance as well!
Since this revelation and since I rely on God`s wisdom all my family improved in health issues and I cannot thank the Lord enough for this. My husband’s winter depression he had for decades – gone!! The Lord is indeed the light of our life and he is so good!
I also want to thank AWMI for the free materials you provide – I still listen to Andrew for hours every day and I am so blessed by it and therefore also the people around me.

Thankful Heart

Category: Financial | Name: Barbara Miller | From: Longview, TX
Posted On: March 11, 2020

I want Andrew to know that I agree with his teachings of “The Word Became Flesh” and “Harnessing Your Emotions” and they have blessed me so much. I am deeply thankful for all of his teachings.

God’s provision

Category: Financial | Name: Rachel McJunkin | From: Burdett, Kansas
Posted On: March 7, 2020

Have a BIG praise report! In January I had a CT scan, praise God it was OK…but, I knew that a big bill was coming. My husband and I are Charis Bible College students (currently online, next semester – on campus!) and have been learning how to stand on the Word that says “My God shall supply our needs.” We know the Word and trust God to do what He says. Today the bill came. It was the CT scan and it was over $3,000! BUT GOD did it! The insurance company – for some reason – paid half of the CT scan price and “wrote off” the other half of the CT scan!!! What a relief to not have to pay the $3000 bill! Wow! I’m so overwhelmed with praise. With us getting ready to move to Colorado, schooling and housing…praise God for His provision!


Category: Uncategorized | Name: Susan muthoni | From: Kenya Nairobi
Posted On: March 5, 2020

Am very thankful grateful for Andrew he’s been a blessing to me. I have learned a lot. I now know the truths abt God’s word and His will in my life. I listen every day at 11.30 am local time.’you’v already got it’ changed my life how I view things. I am a partner coz ‘iv learned the art of giving. May God continue to use Andrew to spread the gospel. I love you Andrew your a blessing in my life.

A miracle

Category: Uncategorized | Name: Kristie Smith | From: United States
Posted On: March 4, 2020

I have heard u speak about how u respond when u got bad news about ur son,u respond in faith. i got a call from my daughter that my 2year old granddaughter got ran over, NOT hit but ran over by a car Saturday 2/29/20, i immediately remember what ur response was, i say THANK YOU JESUS, she shall live&not die. i got instructions from the HOLY SPIRIT& i went laid hands on her & demanded her body 2 b healed, the drs was talking about she might have 2 have surgery on a tare in her intestines,sunday3/1/20 i went 2 church& gave GOD GLORY 4 ALL JESUS HAS DONE,I got more instructions 2go back & lay hands 4 total healing in her body, Monday 3/2/20 they released her from the hospital with minor injuries a fractured wrist, NO broken bone or any other issues. GLORY 2 GOD 4 HE IS GOOD, JESUS PAID THE PRICE 4 US ALL EVERYTHING WE NEED JESUS HAS ALREADY PAID THE PRICE IN FULL, TRULY THANKFUL&GRATEFUL😇💜

daughter’s healing

Category: Healing | Name: paula pope | From: Texas
Posted On: March 3, 2020

In 2014 my daughter was a junior in high school and a track athlete, specifically a pole vaulter. She was injured at a track meet with a hamstring tear. We went to the orthopedic doctor and he took x rays and saw that she did tear her hamstring pretty severely. Also, on the X ray was a 5.1 x 2.5 tumor in the top of her femur. She had to have an MRI and was sent to a pediatric orthopedic to have a surgery to extract the fluid out of the large tumor. She was very disappointed since she was very talented at pole vault and was told she would never be able to vault again due to the displacement of the bone tissue.
I was reading Andrew’s GOD WANTS YOU WELL and was very new to the idea of healing…so very green!! I laid hands on her leg and prayed the prayer out of the back of the book not really expecting anything but obeying what Andrew taught. I also SPOKE to her the morning of the surgery that wouldn’t it be great if they got in there and it was GONE!!
Well , that is in fact what happened!! It was gone in a matter of several weeks between the MRI and the surgery. The doctor said he had never seen this happen in his career!! UPDATE: In 2015 the next year she won 8th in state for women’s pole vault and went on to vault in college earning a conference ring!!
PRAISE GOD and thank you Andrew!!