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Submitted by: Lisa M. Roberts

On September 22, 2020

Reaching out from: Manheim, Pennsylvania

I’ve been listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachings now for probably about a year. And I have been so blessed!! Andrew’s teachings have opened my eyes to the truths in God’s Word, setting me free from the lies I was lead to believe from my past and from the modern day church. I have been learning and growing in the area of healing, and after the broadcasts on his daily TV program from the Healing is Here conference, I am now walking in freedom from migraines that had plagued me for at least 26 years, from pain and disfunction in my knees, and more!!! God has been changing me in some amazing ways, and I have this ministry to thank for getting the TRUTH out and into me and my life!!! Praise God, and may God continue to bless this ministry!!!

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Category: Healing | Name: Rev. Gordon Rogers | From: Round Lake Beach, IL
Posted On: August 20, 2020

I just want to thank you and your ministries for all your free material online and your Healing is Here last week. My wife had one of the aggressive type cancer know to mankind and she did go through chemo and radiation treatments, however it wasn’t the treatment that made her cancer free. It was claiming that by his strip she was healed. I called your prayer line last week and talked to Ann and had her pray for confirmation that she was healed. I knew last week that she was healed by also watching you Healing is Here live on YouTube. Today we spent all day at the Cancer Treatment Center all day going through several CAT scan and that afternoon we met with both doctors and as they were coming into the room I told them that she was cancer free and they asked how I knew the results. They both said yes she is cancer free! God Bless you brother.

Rev. Gordon

Healing is Here 2020

Category: Healing | Name: Barbara Nardone | From: Upstate NY ( Outside of Rocehster, NY)
Posted On:

I was introduced to the Word throught your book, Spirit, Soul, and Body when in my mid 50s, rarely having gone to church much in my life and after having a few seeds planted by my father when he came back to the Lord in his middle aged years (received Jesus during his service in WW11). I went to the 1st HIH conference in 2014 by myself from upstate NY where I first saw the Lord answer some “small” prayers during the Conference and having had it put in my heart to be a Charis student. Needing to be filled with the Word once again, I went to HIH 2019 which was awesome. I have been spending time watching HIH 2020 and I need to tell you how absolutely powerful this livestream conference has been. I have been EXTREMELY blessed by hearing more detailed exlpanations of how everyone of those speaking walked with the Word to receive what Jesus already gave us. I am finally drawing the line in the sand ( since I’ve waivered after having looked at symptoms and believing wrong). So, believing I will see the healing needed. And, restarting online Charis classes to finish first year. Once again, this conference was powerful. Praise God and many thanks!!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Kelechi Mboru Anya | From: Benin Republic
Posted On: August 10, 2020

Dear Andrew,
I stumbled into your book “Spirit, Soul and Body” on the net while searching for resources for a project God has entrusted to me on the subject. The simple, practical and down-to-earth manner in which the subject is tackled has brought enormous clarification to me on issues I have struggled with for so long about my faith in Christ which I have had for over 30years. I have read several books about what happens when we get born again and have taught in Bible studies over the years how ‘If anyone is Christ Jesus he is a new creature. Old things are passed away, all things are become new”. Yet, my continuous reality of struggle with sin and foundational demonic issues could not bring this deep truth alive in my life. Over the years I have worked with blurred understanding and appropriation of this deep truth. Now, just half-way into your book that deep-seated ignorance has been uprooted. The reality of what happened to me at age 14 when I gave my life to Christ has come alive to me. Now it’s clearer. I’m overwhelmed with joy. I feel so elated by this latest discovery about my faith that I could not wait to finish the book before sharing my joy. I appreciate you for letting God use you to bless me in this manner. And I can’t wait to acquire and read your other books. May God continue to uphold and strengthen you, your family and ministry as you labour in his vineyard.

To Achieve My Goals

Category: Encouragement | Name: Christian d Dubon | From: Honduras
Posted On:

I have been happily married for ten years, with three beautiful daughters a few years back my sister told me to listen to Andrew’s ministry. I usually feel very depressed, lonely, laughed at for being different. Four months ago I have been watching his youtube videos and they have made a difference in my life.

Thank you for Gospel Truth TV show and your podcasts

Category: Encouragement | Name: Kim Walker | From: Reading, Massachusetts
Posted On:

Dear Andrew and Jamie,
I am thanking the Lord for you both and your wonderful ministries! It is just so encouraging to listen to Andrew because he is so honest about his own life. It has helped me to have a better relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I have so many stories that are happening in my life lately since I watch your show each day and listen to your podcasts! I have been receiving so many blessings in my career, my marriage and for friends that are in need of help or healing. I thank the Lord each and every morning that He is using me to help others. Your ministries has been helping me each day to fill myself up with the word. You are such a blessing on my life. God bless you both.

I am praying for you and your ministries that God will continue to build it so that you can continue to reach others around the world in need of the word. God bless you in Jesus name. Amen.


Healed from Cancer

Category: Healing | Name: Walter Niederberger | From: New Ipswich NH and Switzerland
Posted On: August 5, 2020

So totally amazing, I have been listening to Healing school USB 2015 and 2016, totally awesome…I listen to it two hours per day, and I can listen to Andrew and his Preachers several times. I am changed and healed myself, and people around me are getting healed due to that awesome teaching in the healing school…Last week my brother in Switzerland came down with cancer on the spine, he collapsed in the house, they had to carry him out…and they called for prayer…Immediately the Holy spirit gave me a confirmation that my brother will have life…God showed me life over him..
And this week he is home and very upbeat…he is getting treatments..but he is alive …this is three thousand miles away from here, there is no distance in the spiritual roam…Praise you Jesus, Hallelujah !!
I am very very thankful that God has put me with Andrews healing school..I thank you Andrew and Jamie for this awesome work you have established going around the World…

Husband healed

Category: Healing | Name: Cheryl Goforth | From: Lubbock, TX
Posted On: July 28, 2020

Three years ago my husband’s back was healed. We were watching the healing conference and on the last night he was healed.

We’ve been married almost 40 years now and most of those years, from constant traveling with his job, my husband experienced back pain. Several years ago we were watching the healing conference and the Holy Spirit instructed me to lay my hand on my husbands back. He received his healing right then…So, I know that you don’t have to be healed in person, so to speak.

Looking forward to this year’s healing conference.

We so appreciate this ministry!

Thank you AWMI for revelation!!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Satya | From: India
Posted On:

I want to thank Andrew and the entire team of AWMI for putting out the gospel and changing so many people’s lives. I’ve been listening to Andrew and other Charis teachers for many years now. I want to thank you for helping me build a solid foundation on God’s word. The daily live bible studies have been absolutely delightful to listen to. I pray that God will continue to do great works through AWMI. God bless.

God’s Favor in Times of Pandemic

Category: Financial | Name: Mary Grace Quiocho | From: Philippines living in United Arab Emirates
Posted On:

February 2020 I came upon one of Andrew’s book titled “You’ve Already Got It” since then my walk as a believer is never the same. I learned that I am God’s righteousness because of Jesus and He’s not angry with me, I learned of who I am and what I have in Christ Jesus. I grew up in a Christian family but I never understood my God-given authority. Last March my husband resigned from his job for us to move to another country, unfortunately, pandemic happened, all flights were canceled and it made my husband jobless, he asked his boss if he can go back to work until this pandemic ends and Praise God his boss agreed and gave him an extension just for 3months. Then I applied what I had been learning in Andrew’s teaching. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and used my authority, so I keep on declaring for God’s favor and that my husband’s work will continue then came May his boss told him that he can work as long as he wants to work with him! Hallelujah!!! Their salary also decreased by 25%, I commanded, declared, and thanking God for a full salary. Then it changed to 8%, I keep on confessing for a full salary! 2months salary was delayed but it didn’t move me! I keep on confessing and commanding for a full salary! About a week ago my husband received his salary in FULL!!! plus the company returned the deducted salary for the past months. Praise you, Jesus! Thank you so much Andrew Wommack ministry for your teachings, this foundational revelation transformed my life! Blessings!

inner healing

Category: Healing | Name: charl Human | From: eastern cape province, south africa
Posted On:

The Miracle working healing power of God
Warm Greetings in Christ to you all.Thank you Andrew Wommack for your inspiring life changing teachings! God has used Corona virus and “Lockdown”(we still in it) to do the most amazing things in my life!!!! I give Him all the Honour and all the Glory and the praise!!!! God touched me, healed me and restore me in many ways since 12 APRIL 2020! One of them was your teaching on Self-centeredness part 2 ,that I came across halfway through BY “Gods”cident on Tuesday 19th of May 2020. Andrew talked about pride and that people normally see pride as exalting yourself or boasting about yourself. I don’t really have an issue with that cause I consider myself as a very humble person as one of my main gifts are to serve and be an exhorter. He then went on to say pride is also the other end of the scale. when u suffer from low self-esteem and shy which is actually self-centeredness which is a manifestation of pride!!! That where it all started for me cause I never realized that! Specially what Andrew was saying about himself.It was as he was talking about me. Then he said someone that’s watching that has such a passion for God, has been healed (which happened on the 12th April in a particular area!!), have a relationship with God and wanna share but was holding back!!! It was like a dagger was pushed into my heart and i just started crying!!!! I confessed, repented ,allowed God to just touch me!!!!! Every word that Andrew spoke, was me!!!!!! Ive had this incredible passion and love for Jesus for years but there was always a “blockage” somewhere that kept me “hostage”.I have so much to share with people ,but never really did it. Even Andrews interview the following week with John Kesh inspired me touched me and allowed me to rise up!!!! Since then God is still doing amazing things, I don’t have strong enough words to describe how my life has changed!!!! I cant stop sharing with people ! i am healed and setfree!!!
Glory to God ,Praise His name!!!!!

thank you Andrew Wommack for your sound and biblical ministry!! May God continue to bless you abundantly.