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Al DeBrunn
White Bear Lake, MN
January 30, 2019 Encouragement
Who said you were Naked Study
Tonights Bible Study was very, very good. It was very good to understand how peoples conscience deceives and how we can get above and beyond our own condemnation. Thank you.
Linda Bittinger
Sherman New York
January 29, 2019 Encouragement
Finding Wommack
20 years ago I knew I wanted more. One day I found a box of misc cassette tapes. I found one Andrew Wommack. I had never heard of you, but I started playing it while I was gardening. It was from the set, Spirit, Soul, and Body. I listened at least 20 times!! This was the food I had been looking for! Then I realized there must be more! I called information and located your number and called. Called immediately and discovered there was a whole set which I immediately ordered. After we got Dish network we began to watch you on T.V. To this day we play one of your CDs as we fall asleep! Thanks! You have changed our lives!! We support your ministry and pass your CDs around so others can change!
Karen Block
Berkley, Michigan
January 29, 2019 Encouragement
I just want to thank you for your shows on "Choose Life." My birth daughter and I have been posting on FB about how I chose Adoption over Abortion when I had her. I've been getting a lot of comments about how courageous I was in making that decision 28 years ago. I really enjoyed those shows last week. Keep up the great work!
Joshua Thomas
Nashville, TN
January 29, 2019 Encouragement
Spiritual growth
I just finished reading "Lessons From David", and it was so enlightening and encouraging. I've been watching your program daily and your ministry has truly blessed me with such a great revelation from the grace of God and forgiveness to understanding political positions from God’s view. I love how bluntly you tell the truth and how firmly you stand with the Lord. Your ministry has been an answer to prayer. I have been so hungry for the Word, and you have been a great supply. I will be praying for the finances to come to one of your meetings so I can hear you in person. Thank you so much!!
gwen rogers
arlington va
January 26, 2019 Healing
thank you!
Thank you for keeping the Healing School videos up online. I had spent most of the day watching and rewatching the healing journeys online. I had been dealing with fairly severe dental and gum problems for some time and this week got markedly worse. I felt the Lord said to watch the Healing School and started to watch this past year (of 2018), but felt like the Lord nudged me to watch 2016. Right at the end of the teaching, Andrew started calling out various healings. Then he called out tooth and gum problems. Thank you, Lord Jesus, and thank you, Andrew!
Walter Niederberger
January 26, 2019 Healing
Power in the Word of God
Two weeks ago, I was at the gym and noticed a young man wearing leg braces. I asked him what the problem was, and he said that he suffered from HCL on his knees. I asked him if I could pray for his healing, and he thankfully accepted. Yesterday when I stopped at the gym, he was there with no braces. He said that it is gone, and he can now do all the leg exercises. You should have seen the smile on his face! So awesome. I never even touched his leg. I had prayed with Andrew's prayer ministers Psalm 107:20: " and he sent his word and healed them". Ah, so awesome! Praise God, the word of God is powerful and effective and is producing what it says it is doing. It will not return void. Praise God and Andrew's Ministry that is available daily with just a phone call away. When two pray, the power is multiplied, Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus, you made this testimony possible through your awesome work for us. Hallelujah!
Kathy Conradi
Grand Junction, CO
January 26, 2019 Healing
Healed finger
I just wanted to say thank you to Andrew for his teaching on healing, and especially his comments that arthritis is a weak enemy. He suggested that we stick to fighting against pain that comes spiritually instead of just reaching for a pill. The last couple of days, my finger was under a painful attack. The thought came to me more than once that it was arthritis- but I rebuked the pain and praised God and stood my ground instead of just "dealing" with the pain in the natural realm. It wasn't instant, but the pain did leave, and I know that even if it tries to come back, I have the victory, and what Jesus took can't stay on me!
Precious Lou May
Cleveland, Tn
January 26, 2019 Healing
Sovereignty of God
WOW! The "Sovereignty of God" message was JUST FOR ME. Thank you!
Crystal Rigby
January 25, 2019 Encouragement
Thank you
Thank you, Andrew, for your faithfulness and boldness. I just finished watching this week's tv programs -choose life. I so appreciate your willingness to step out and be such a strong voice for the unborn. We need more of this from the Church, and I'm thrilled to be a partner with you in this ministry. What a blessing you are in and to the Kingdom!
Alana Barnett
Stafford, CT
January 25, 2019 Healing
Completely Healed
I have been a born-again Christian my entire life but had been defeated for the majority of it. My mother recently opened my eyes to Andrew's teachings, and I learned that many physical and psychological illnesses were demonic. After I rebuked the satanic influences in my life, I was COMPLETELY healed of a long list of both psychological and physical illnesses, some of which were IBS, uncontrollable fatigue, and severe depression. Bless you, AWM, for sharing the truth of God's unconditional love, as well as the authority that Christians have over themselves and their lives. As of October of 2018, I am free of illnesses doctors had told me I would have to live with forever. I have never been so full of joy and freedom in Christ!
Peter & Susan Browne
RSA Klerksdorp
January 24, 2019
Thanks for all you're doing to get the Truth out there. We thought we knew it all; now we're starting all over getting to the Gospel Truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Blessings & Regards
Janet Weninger
January 23, 2019 Encouragement
Always on Time
Thank you for the book that arrived today! The Holy Spirit led me to open to the exact pages that I was in dire need of reading. I just felt the need to let you know how much your work has impacted my own life, which has then impacted so many other lives. It is amazing to imagine all of the people that will be changed because you were willing to be obedient and share the Gospel with the world. Thank you! God bless you and all your team and supporters!