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Featured Testimony:

Submitted by: Lil Semenchuk

On June 1, 2021

Reaching out from: Lakewood, CO 80226

I am fluent in Russian. My parents were immigrants from Ukraine. I watched Saturday’s conference to Russia twice. It was wonderful, Thank you for ministering to Russians and Ukrainians. I have been in Siberia and Ukraine ministering more than 25 times. The highlight of my life!

I have been a partner with Andrew way before he was on TV. My life has changed through his teachings. Thank you, Andrew!

Lil Semenchuk

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Weekly TV

Category: Encouragement | Name: Kim Walker | From: Reading, Massachusetts
Posted On: May 27, 2021

Hello Andrew,

I just want to thank you so much for your weekly TV program. I watch you every week! Your ministry is my new church. I thank God every day for you and your teachings. Your teachings impact me, my marriage, my career, my family, my finances each and every day. Thank you and God bless you in the name of Jesus. Amen! 🙏

Standing for Truth

Category: Encouragement | Name: Christina powers | From: Florida
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew for standing on God’s Word in our Nation.

God does work behind the scenes

Category: Encouragement | Name: Belinda | From: USA
Posted On:

I just want to say how much I am learning from this ministry. We have amazing sons, but I have noticed they have strayed from their Christian upbringing. Several months ago, I called the prayer center for prayer over our older son. I have been thanking God regularly for both son’s paths and recording my “thanking Him” in my prayer journal. Recently, and out of the blue, our younger son said he had been contacted by a Christian student group on his college campus. He said he had been joining them for Zoom devotionals every week for a month. He recently joined them for campus event and was invited to church. He enjoyed the church service and is connecting with the students in the group. God truly hears a mother’s prayers. I know he is working behind the scenes on behalf of our older son, too. I hope my story is an encouragement to all parents. Thank you for your wonderful ministry.


Category: Healing | Name: CHIP JOHNSTON | From: TEMECULA CA
Posted On: May 21, 2021

Greetings, My name is Chip Johnston 61yr Retired Fireman/Paramedic, Husband, Father and Papa. I was introduced to you all from an amazing follower of Andrew’s recently. And, I praise the Lord for her and You! I’m back in the Fire Again!! I need to find Gods Healing power! I’m a survivor of an Acute Aortic Aneurysm on 07/18 in which I had only a 5% chance of surviving the Surgery. But with only Gods Grace & Mercy I survived. People kept telling me “Chip GOD isn’t done with you!” My faith had never been so strong, I’ve been seeking GOD so hard trying to get an answer as to what is his plan for me now. I wanted to start by sharing my testimony and God’s word to everyone I came in contact with! This plan came to a screeching halt when I lost my ability to speak this last year. I was diagnosed with ALS this last month. I am again resting in Gods Grace and Mercy attempting to figure this out. Thank you for what you do AWMI!! Blessings to everyone of you!

Thricotillomania healing

Category: Healing | Name: Cindy Guerrero | From: Dallas, Texas
Posted On: May 20, 2021

After suffering from a self-injury disorder for 29 years I decided to take action and put into practice what I had learned thru the awesome teachings from Andrew Wommack. Last year in November, I came to the end of my self and that’s when I literally cried out to God and told Him I wasn’t able to handle this no more and that I gave up since I had been trying to overcome that disorder by myself. I told Jesus that I trusted on what He had done for me on the cross allready. Next day I came across Andrew’s teaching “Identity in Christ” which helped me understand that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I heard God whisper in my heart that I was healed completely and that it was over! I was also able to see chains broken on the bottom of my feet as a symbol of that bondage being broken. It’s been almost 7 months now that I’m trichotillomania free!!! God is sooo Good!!! I thank Him so often for sending a wonderful pastor like Andrew Wommack to help us understand His Word!


Category: Healing | Name: william peter baumann | From: Minneapolis minnesota
Posted On: May 17, 2021

Thank you for your prayer line. After a bad motorcycle accident last June 22-20 when a guy hit his brakes just when I turned my head on the highway, I could not stop, I rear ended him. My face hit his rear window. I was helicoptered to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. I had brain swelling and bleeding and broken bones. When I woke up in the hospital I called the prayer line and a man prayed for my healing. The next day I woke and the pain in my head was gone! I healed up like a champ too! Praise God. I had balance and memory problems for a while. You are by far my favorite Pastor.


Category: Healing | Name: RICHARDSON | From: INDIA
Posted On:

Am blessed with Andrew’s teaching.

Thank You

Category: Healing | Name: paulette Motta-Tschaikowsky | From: Bklyn, New York however, I live in New Jersey now.
Posted On:

Thank you for your daily teachings, I watch your program each day and get so much joy, love & peace. My faith is getting strong each day, but still need so much more help to continue to receive the Holy Spirit….I don’t plan to give up.

Testimony of God’s Grace

Category: Encouragement | Name: Daniel M. W | From: Kenya
Posted On:


I am Daniel Musobia from Kenya. I was in you conference in 2018 when you visited Uganda. I was living in religious mindset that made me vulnerable to wrong teachings and belief. In the midst of this I had a dream to which directed me to watch your program on TV. I couldn’t get internet or TV to watch watch but I thank God for His mercies He brought your ministry to Uganda just for me. I saw the simplicity of the Gospel the power of the Holy Spirit and Grace. Day by day I’m growing and thank God. It’s never been the same. I have hope to see me live again, advance my education, serving God and live a life in God’s Grace and Truth.

Your Wonderful Ministry

Category: Encouragement | Name: GINA MCLIN | From: Ohio
Posted On:

I used to watch your show faithfully back in the early part of this century. I recently returned to some old downloads from “A Better Way to Pray” and realized I was missing a date. After I found and downloaded the missing session from 2007, I also downloaded a few more sessions (your show really encouraged me and still does). Thank you for your ministry. Please accept my offering for your sessions. Thank you and God bless you.