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Submitted by: Gari Goldberg-DiStefano

On June 28, 2022

Reaching out from: Stuart, FL

Thank you Andrew for bringing a powerful Holy Spirit healing message Father’s Day at Revive Church, June 19th. After a horrendous final ‘conversation’ with my earthly non-father, Father God proved how much He loves me and healed me of spinal stenosis, herniated and bulging discs and just awfully painful arthritis. ALL GONE, PRAISE THE LORD!!! No pain meds nor anti-inflammatory meds since that night. I am calling my pain med doctor tomorrow, canceling my appointments and hoping to share my testimony with my Doctor, whom I no longer need. Hallelujah!!! Thank you again, Andrew!!!!

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Bowel healing

Category: Healing | Name: Andrea Dewsbury | From: England
Posted On: June 1, 2022

My bowels started to misbehave over 30 years ago and got gradually worse and worse. It became impossible for me to work or commit to anything where I had to keep to an appointed time. I became too unreliable to work in 2011. At the same time I have always struggled with my weight. My symptoms included even having problems with thinking properly when the bowels had played up for a few days. Before the healing conference in Walsall Birmingham, England, May 5th and 6th 2022. I had heard from God, ‘eat one meal a day.’ ‘YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL THAN YOU KNOW’ ‘STOP EATING’, I was too despondent to obey. At the conference I was ready to learn and hungry to be healed. I listened intently, prayed continuously that I would ‘get’ what God was saying, be able to receive it for myself. I am learning to make it about God and not about the problem. I now eat one meal a day, my bowel movements and associated problems are quickly vanishing and I have lost 14 pounds. Thank God and thank you.


Category: Healing | Name: Sharon Maga | From: Florida
Posted On:

I have been watching Andrew for over a year now and this is my bible study now. I have learned so much and our thinking is so much a like. I have cancer and I do believe that by his stripes I am healed. Not sure when, but I am trusting in the Lord that it will happen with prayer and belief. Thank you Andrew for your messages. Hopefully one day I will be able to get to Colorado to attend your school.
God Bless You, Sharon

Thank You!!

Category: Encouragement | Name: Sean Willison | From: MO
Posted On: May 27, 2022

Maybe 5 to 6 years ago I scanned the radio and caught a partial teaching from Andrew Wommack here in Kansas City. At the end of the teaching I thought “Hey, that was really good.” I caught him again at random maybe a few more times on the radio and each time was impressed with his teachings. Eight months ago I was at my parents house in Iowa and remembered how I enjoyed the teaching and looked up his ministry online. I listened to the first teaching “A Better Way To Pray” and my hunger for the Word of God began being rekindled. After 8 months I am now enrolled in the first year of Charis Bible College and my wife is going through Healing University. Nearly everyday I listen to Charis Daily Live Bible Study. My brother and I attended the Men’s Advance and his life is now on a solid course with God! My wife and I are now proud Grace and Foundation Partners. Big thanks for such a genuine and effectual ministry!!

Staying Full of God

Category: Encouragement | Name: Abraham Ponniah | From: New York
Posted On: May 26, 2022

I am a regular listener to Bro. Andrew Wommack teaching over the morning telecast and had been very much strengthened in my walk with God. Specially the Subject Staying Full of God had taught me many truths. I just want to thank God for his teaching. May God bless him and his ministry.

Had cancer 3 times – was healed

Category: Healing | Name: Thomas Okulovich | From: Cleveland
Posted On: May 25, 2022

I had cancer 3 times, the first 2 times I didn’t know the Lord and took extensive amounts of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. The 3rd time I was kinda accepting death at the time because I didn’t want to go through all the treatments again. But God spoke to me one day and said, “Thomas, don’t lay down and take this. The only way the devil can overcome you is if you lay down and let him.” So that’s when I starting listening to a lot of healing teaching and testimonies and I just finally decided I was healed based on Isiah 53:5 that says “By His stripes, we are healed.” Long story short, I went back to the doctors after a positive cancer scan and received a negative scan 6 months later without treatments and I haven’t had a problem with cancer ever since.

Discipleship in the Methodist Church

Category: Healing | Name: Roberta Grey | From: West Virginia
Posted On:

I recently have gotten involved with a local task force and community unity group,( I have both your disciple study guides 101 and Evangelism) I introduced them to some friends who did the same and in short they reached a Methodist church and their board and Minister wants to use them in their church to expose them to more of the Holy Spirit!!!! There is also I minister from a local Southern Baptist Church who also wants to use them in his church for the same purpose. I am so excited about all the healing testimonies that are going to come form this. Thank you for these resources! Lives are about to be turn right-side up here in this little community. Praise the Lord!!!!!!


Category: Encouragement | Name: Daisy Muga | From: Nakuru, Kenya
Posted On:

Ever Since I bumped onto your messages on you tube, my faith has tremendously increased. Ephesians 1:3 has boosted my standing in Christ.
Thank you for impacting generations to come.


Category: Healing | Name: Barbara Chavez | From: GA
Posted On:

I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit of God that led me to this ministry. I am very new to AWMI, but the teachings that the Lord has given Andrew have radically changed my life! I will never be the same again. All Glory to the Lord! I began listening to his teachings on God Wants You Well. The timing could not have been anything other than God directed. Since listening to the entire segment for weeks, and having the opportunity to travel to Woodlawn, Colorado from Atlanta, Georgia to attend Campus Days in April I am fully persuaded that God Wants Me Well and by His Stripes I AM HEALED! I am fully persuaded and will not be moved by anything that is contrary to God’s Word. As I sought the Holy Spirit for direction for my life, I felt the peace of God leading me to Healing University. I am so excited about what the Lord is doing and I eagerly anticipate being used by the Lord to tell those who are suffering from sickness, disease and infirmities that God Wants You Well!!!

giving thanks

Category: Encouragement | Name: Mary Celeste Kagarise | From: Hemet, California
Posted On: May 24, 2022

Thank you for Kicking over all the religious sacred cows. Always enjoy your teachings and how you keep it simple. Keep up the Word!!

My father flatlined three times, but God rose him up!

Category: Healing | Name: Shondalyn Atchison | From: Hawaii
Posted On:

I met my father for the first time over the phone because of back in 2019. But he had a freak accident in 2021 during Superbowl. He stepped on a toothpick, was diagnosed with cellulitis and needed surgery. This escalated to him having a heart attack and flat-lining 3 times, but God raised him up! He also suffered from broken ribs and blood clots in his lungs. He was on and off life-support. The hospital called his wife and daughters and told them a couple of times that he would not make it. They prayed. I sent him a few Healing Journeys videos and my Spirit, Soul and Body zoom video. I called the helpline 3 times for agreement which greatly encouraged me! Being a Charis graduate (2005) and helpline volunteer (mostly 1994-2005) prepared me for this! We all celebrated Thanksgiving together for the first-time last year! Thank you, you all are such a blessing to my life. If it was not for this ministry and the prayers of the saints, my father may have died. Glory to God!!!