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Welcome to Andrew’s library of life-changing teachings! Whether you prefer to learn by watching, listening, or reading, this page is sure to contain the answers you need from the Word of God.

Best of all, our online resources are completely free. Why free teachings?

Relationship with God

The Effects of Praise
The True Nature of God
The War is Over
How to Hear God's Voice


The Balance of Grace and Faith
Grace: The Power of the Gospel
The Power of Faith Filled Words
Grace Encounters


God Wants You Well
You've Already Got It
A Better Way to Pray
Healing Journeys

Holy Spirit

Spirit, Soul and Body
The New You
The Holy Spirit
Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit


Financial Stewardship
The Power of Partnership
Financial Breakthroughs

Victorious Living

The Believer's Authority
Don't Limit God
How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will
Living in God's Best
Destiny Stories

Why Free Teachings?

In 1974 my wife and I were pastoring a very small church in Texas, and we were struggling financially. We had gone two weeks without food, and Jamie was eight months pregnant! We went to a conference at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas and heard a man speak about how it was God’s will for us to prosper financially. This was news to me, and we soaked up every word.
When the meeting ended, we went to the product table and saw teaching materials that could change our lives, but we couldn’t afford them. I looked at Jamie. She was carrying our first child, and she was hungry (both spiritually and physically). She had a tear in her eye because we couldn’t get the help we so desperately needed.
At that moment, I made a promise to God in my heart: “Lord, if You ever show me something in Your Word that could help other people, I’ll never deny them access to it because of finances.” When I promised that, I had no idea that I would someday put out teaching materials. But years later, when people started asking for my teachings on cassette, I gladly supplied them free of charge. And my promise remains just as strong today.